How to put banks

Medical banks were a rather popular means of treatment for some more 20-30 years ago. But today they are significantly subsided, and this is a real effective and safe means of traditional medicine. Let's deal with together when and how they need to be put.

Types of cans

Bronchitis, cough, medical banks, traditional medicine, put banks, cold

You probably need to begin with the fact that in the 21st century there are two main types of medical cans. The first is, of course, traditionally «Babushkina» Glass cans. Their main disadvantage is impracticality, because it is so easy to damage them, and because of the minimum chip, it is necessary to throw out such banks.

Banks intended for vacuum (or cannon) massage are the second major view. They are made of polymeric material and resemble very tight rubber. Despite its fairly high cost, they are very popular at the expense of their versatility. Because with their help you can be treated and massage.

Indications and Contraindications for use

Our site warns: it is very important to remember that such a type of self-medication is able to harm you, especially if it is incorrectly held. Before starting the course, it is very important to consult with a specialist.

Bronchitis, cough, medical banks, traditional medicine, put banks, cold

To start, all banks need to rinse, wipe well and examine for the absence of even the slightest chips. If everything is fine, we put clean banks on a prepared paper napkin and prepare the following items:

  • Long tweezers or medical clamp;
  • Quite a large piece of ordinary wool;
  • Medical alcohol (in no case do not use any other combustible material of the type of acetone, gasoline or kerosene!);
  • matches or lighter;
  • Vaseline or any softening oil, can be massaged;
  • Towel and warm blanket.

Usually banks are put on the back, because the patient put on the stomach, his hands should hide under the pillow. Lubricate a spin with a vaseline or butter. Catch in the clamp, dry it in alcohol, squeeze it slightly so that it does not drink, and google.

In the left hand, take one bank and for a couple of seconds, enter a burning cotton swabbone into it. Without the slightest dealers, put the jar on the skin. You will immediately see that the bank has a good skin and he changed its color: it became much rose and brighter. For an adult, it will be needed to 14 such cans, for a child enough approximately 6-8 pieces.

After that, cover the patient with a towel and a warm blanket. The time of the procedure for an adult must be 15 minutes, the child will be enough and 10 minutes.

ATTENTION! During the burning of air from the bank, do not touch her edges! So you risk warm the glass and thereby get a burn. Also follow the place where you will put banks, there was no Warts, Moles and Papillom.

How to put vacuum banks

Put vacuum banks much easier. They do not need to nor nor do it anyone to prepare. Generously lubricate your back with massage or fir oil, after which squeeze the jar tightly and put the place on it. The patient must feel pleasant warmth in the place where banks are installed.

Where to put banks

Bronchitis, cough, medical banks, traditional medicine, put banks, cold

So, if you have a disease of the respiratory system, then banks should be put on the back. If the patient is too thick hair cover, then the hair must be collected, otherwise the banks simply will not hold. It is also permissible to put banks on the chest, with which, if necessary, you also need to pre-remove all hair.

For the treatment of bronchitis or pneumonia, banks are put on the sides of the spine at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. Also, banks should be put under the blade. And for the treatment of mosite and muscle stretching, put banks directly to the sore place.

It is strictly forbidden to put banks on the field of breast glands to women, hearts, kidneys, as well as on the spine.

How to shoot banks

Removing cans can be a rather painful process if it is wrong or inaccurated. At the end of the time the procedure is needed carefully, with your left hand, take the jar to the side, and right to press on the skin of the patient. Then the air and bank will enter the vacuum «will go away» by her own.

Now from the skin you need a towel remove all residues of vaseline or massage oil. The patient is best to wrap up in a warm blanket or plaid, make warm tea (if we deal with respiratory diseases) and leave to lie down for another 30 minutes.

How often do you need to put banks

Bronchitis, cough, medical banks, traditional medicine, put banks, cold

Do not forget that you should carefully follow the condition of the patient: even after consulting and permitting a doctor for conducting a procedure, it is necessary to measure the temperature before it. When it is raised above 37 degrees, it is best to postpone treatment with banks until the body temperature is normal for 24 hours.

If any contraindications are absent, then the course of treatment should last about a week and contain about four procedures. Best put banks every other day. Each time try to put banks to new places so that they do not fall into past bruises (if possible, of course).

By the way, you should know that the hematomas will come completely only in 2-3 weeks, not earlier. Because if you have plans to go to the sea or go to a party in an open dress in the near future, then maybe such treatment should be preferred by other types, for example, the same mustard pieces.

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