Dry Eye Syndrome Treatment

Often, modern man, especially onewho spends a lot of time in front of a computer, feels an unpleasant sensation in the eyes that occurs with decreasing separation fluid lacrimal gland or when changing the qualitative composition of tears. This phenomenon is known as dry eye syndrome.

With the lack of development of the tear fluida change in the cornea. This person begins to experience a pronounced discomfort in his usual stress on the eyes. Until recently, the manifestation of dry eye syndrome associated with rheumatic diseases. And, even today, such as the pathology of Sjogren's syndrome is one of the manifestations of diffuse connective tissue disease.

Today, it is known to ophthalmologistsquite a few different factors, the presence of which the dry eye syndrome can develop. If the disease is not treatable, which has been designated by an ophthalmologist, is to eliminate systemic collagenosis patient advisable to consult a professional rheumatologist. Perhaps, in this case you will need a treatment that will assign this particular specialist.


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Dry eye syndrome can occur forvarious reasons. our website notes that trigger the development of the disease may fail at any outflow in the formulation of tear fluid. This failure can be a violation of the formation of the tear fluid, the uneven distribution of the protective film on the cornea. Often the disease is poor quality formed by a protective film, such as a reduction in the thickness of the lipid layer.

In addition, dry eye syndrome oftenformed in certain diseases. For example, in violation of metabolism of fat-soluble vitamins. The cause of this syndrome can also be endocrine diseases, various hormonal disruptions. Parkinson's disease, Systemic diseases that affectconnective tissue. In addition, dry eye syndrome may occur when taking certain medications. To reduce the release of tear fluid may estrogens, atropine, antihypertensive drugs, morphine, marijuana and antidepressants.

Dry eye can occur when using certain eyedrops. Especially it is related to drops that contain a preservative composition. Patients who have picked up the wrong contact lensesAlso face similar problems. Often, the cause of this disorder is becoming a bad environment and violation of safety when working at the computer.

The development also contributes to age syndromehuman. In particular, it was observed that the older person, the greater the probability of pathology. According to statistics 30% of people over forty years of age suffer from this disease. It was observed that in women the disease is more common than in men, due to the fact that female hormones is less stable.


eye, vision, rest for the eyes, eye, dry eye syndrome, dry eyes

In the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome is carried outvisual inspection of the cornea. This is necessary in order to identify foci dryness. To diagnosis was more effective use special coloring agents. When the lesions detected, the sample is taken and carried out a study of the tear fluid. In addition, the study is subject to the outflow of tear fluid. In the diagnosis of dry eye is desirable to have a full examination by a doctor ophthalmologist. He will conduct all the necessary research staff tears in the clinical laboratory. When carrying out the diagnosis may be suspected that the cause of dry eye is an endocrine or systemic disease. In this case, the patient is assigned to endocrinological and immunological examination.

On a comment by a doctor used some of the funds,which are designed for the diagnosis of this syndrome. In particular, the staining is carried conjunctivitis epithelium and corneal fluorescein drug. The most common first painted areas along the limbs between 3 and 5 hours. Staining may also occur between 7 and 9 hours. In addition, the staining observed point in the conjunctival epithelium canthus zone. In the early stages of the disease the epithelium of the cornea and conjunctiva usually do not have change.

Fluorescein is also used for testingthe time gap of the tear film. The film is exposed to this drug is broken in 10 seconds. If it is broken before, it is possible to present a patient of dry eye syndrome. When applying fluorescein tear film takes a dark green tint.

To embellish dystrophicchanges used rose bengal. He pretty quickly helps to identify these areas, but it should be used in moderate concentrations, as otherwise it can cause irritation. Moreover, this drug is much more difficult to find.


eye, vision, rest for the eyes, eye, dry eye syndrome, dry eyes

Pathology Treatment often chosenindividually. This is due to the fact that when assigning the identified captured therapy comorbidities. If it is found that this syndrome with nothing connected, the prescribers of substitution therapy. This uses so-called "artificial tears". The structure of such funds include polymers, hyaluronic acid and certain lipids ratios. In order for the patient's health back to normal, the patient is prescribed complex multivitamin preparations, and if there is a need, then antibiotic therapy. The patient should avoid repeated exposure to precipitating factors. Otherwise, dry eye symptoms may occur again.

Sometimes a person needs surgerysimilar problems. For this purpose the polymer obturation of lacrimal tract. This operation is usually given to patients who have a severe corneal changes or reduction in the main expressed slezoproduktsii. It is also quite efficient and low-impact is an operation in which the coating is carried out in terms of the tear by free conjunctival flap.

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