Treatment of inflammation of tendons

By creating the human body, nature has unitedmuscles and bones with special ligaments material - tendon. Inflammation of the tendons doctors feel bad sign: soon tissue in the affected area can tear, or reborn omertvet. Scientific medical sources classify this condition as tendonitis.

Tendonitis - not specific, but the general concept. When the diagnosis of this term add the name of the region, which was struck by a pathology. So, sore Achilles tendon is known as Achilles tendonitis, and a sore tendon in his knee - patellar tendinitis. Our site offers to consider ways to treat tendinitis of different locations.

Causes of disease

inflammation, inflammation of the tendons, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tendinitis

An inflammatory reaction may occur in the tendon for the following reasons:

  1. After prolonged physical exertion (especially when it comes to professional work in the world of sports).
  2. Against the background of various diseases. For example, the occurrence of tendinitis can contribute diabetes. tuberculosis or arthritis.
  3. As a result of professional activity, which is based on physical monotonous load. From tendon inflammation often suffer mechanics, musicians, artists.

Inflammation localized mostly inthe Achilles tendon, shoulder tendon, patella tendon in the ankle. Often plagued two-headed muscle and hind tibia tendon.

Signs of progressive tendinitis

inflammation, inflammation of the tendons, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tendinitis

It is essential to facilitate the patient's condition attendinitis help Cortisone injections of anti-inflammatory agent and a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Nevertheless, the patient of such treatment should be discarded. Cortisone, acting on the affected area of ​​the tendon, effectively suppresses inflammation, but also increases the risk of serious tissue damage until rupture. Speaking of tablets, they are generally not very effective: in the tendon area of ​​poor blood circulation, and to eliminate the inflammatory response will need very high doses of NSAIDs, and it threatens the patient by various side effects. These drugs are only effective in the treatment of tendinitis.

Alternative treatment of tendinitis

To mitigate the unpleasant sensations that occur during inflammation of a tendon, there are many non-traditional methods.

inflammation, inflammation of the tendons, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tendinitis

Achilles tendon.

To make your healing agentneed any vegetable oil, essential oil of lavender and fir. Mix 2 drops of each essential oil in 1 hour. L. vegetable oil. Rub a mixture of fragrant massage movements in the area of ​​the Achilles tendon, 2 times a day - morning and evening. The procedure is performed every day until it is relieved.

The tendons of the foot.

Combine 1 hour. L. vegetable oil to your taste by 5 drops of geranium, lavender and clove oils. Apply the prepared mixture on the injured part of the foot and rub with light circular movements, morning and evening. To reduce the pain of a fresh injury can make lotions. To prepare the next lotion means: Take 1 cup of cold water and add to the water 5 drops of lavender oil. Saturate the solution treatment folded in several layers of cheesecloth and apply to the affected area 5-6 times a day, keep 5-7 minutes. everytime.

The tendons of the hand.

One more very effective tool forindependent analgesia inflamed tendon - a salt dressing. To make it, take a glass of warm water and completely dissolve in it 1 tbsp. l. salt. Saturate a cloth with this solution from the gauze, wring out slightly and put in a bag, which should be placed in the freezer. Frozen tissue attach to the affected area on the hand tightly bandage and wait for the complete drying of the wipes.

Tendonitis of different localization.

Prepare infusion sumochnika ordinary: 1 tbsp. l. dried herb pour 1 tbsp. boiling water and leave for 2 hours. Dampen a fresh infusion of gauze and apply it to the sore area on the body, then pribintuyte. The dressing should be kept to dry completely.

In all cases, if the inflammation is not accompanied by complications, all the painful symptoms recede after 2-3 days.

Prevention of tendinitis

inflammation, inflammation of the tendons, muscles, ligaments, tendons, tendinitis

All tendons of the human body in equalsusceptible to inflammation. However, most often the disease affects the tendon sheath placed in the hands. In this case we are talking about tenosynovitis. Doctors believe that the main cause of disease becomes a long strain of brushes - reusable perform the same moves, for example.

If you have ever faced a similarproblem, you will most likely want to do everything possible to prevent it from happening again. For effective protection of the injured tendon to properly calculate the degree of burden on him. On the one hand, it is important not to overwhelm the weakened tendon, on the other - do not be deprived of his movements. The move should be slowly and smoothly.

To support the patient's place of useelastic bandages. In addition, this device does not allow the appearance of edema. If inflammation of the tendons of the foot was struck by the doctor's recommendation is necessary to purchase a pair of crutches or a cane.

Additionally, pain can be reduced or eliminated completely, taking non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Phenylbutazone). To prevent the re-development of the inflammatory response, you can resort to physical therapy or cortisone injections, but remember not to self-medicate, without informing the doctor's reputation. If you do not feel better after 1 week, be sure to refer to the hospital for help.

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