Treatment of breast cancer

With the pace of modern life difficult womanto fully monitor their health. But the need for this has not been canceled. The result of inattentive to their relationship can be very unpleasant and even fatal diseases. One is breast cancer. So you should pay close attention to their own health and the health of women close to you.

Treatment of breast cancer, breast cancer
With the pace of modern life with the stated"Standards" of beauty, excessive demands, trying to catch everything and everywhere, and get the most out of life, a woman is difficult to fully monitor their health. But the need for this has not been canceled. The result of this lack of attention to their relationships can be very unpleasant and even fatal diseases. One is breast cancer. The article is devoted to a greater degree of prevention of breast tumors and is probably yet another attempt to encourage women to care for their own health.

Despite the availability of modern equipment,regular conversations, free examination of women at risk, cancer in women continue to lead, entering the top three fatal diseases for over 15 years. It is no coincidence: breast cancer in the first stage very difficult to diagnose. Therefore readers of our website you should pay close attention to their own health and the health of women close to them.

Why breast cancer is so common?

Mammary cancer
Namely - daily more than 100 new cases of cancer detected in Russia, and died of his 42 women out of 100 000. The figures are given not by accident. There is reason to think, is not it?

So, the first reason was mentioned a little earlier -is careless, inattentive attitude of women to your body. Answer honestly, how many times in your life have you been in mammalogy or do a mammogram? Someone just does not know about the existence of such doctors, someone simply postpones visit "indefinitely." But this does not diminish the incidence, contrary.

Mammolog - a doctor, dealing with the problems and diseases associated with breast cancer.

Mammography - the main method of X-ray diagnostics (after doctor's hands, of course) of various breast diseases.
Further, services in recent years plasticSurgeons enjoys an increasing number of women. Of different ages. Realizing that it is harmful to health, they choose the beauty and success now, not thinking about the future. That's the second leading cause of late diagnosis and the ever-increasing number of deaths from breast cancer of women. The fact is that during the plastic correction of each doctor (from this side commendable) tries to make slits and seams less noticeable. But think of all not everyone can. It turns out that the implant is put in such a way that during a general check-up, and special survey (and mammography, and ultrasound studies) it is practically impossible to diagnose incipient development of malignant neoplasms. Even a CT scan is not omnipotent. Implants provide shade in research, so even noticing the breast, the doctor can "write off" is on the implant.

It turns out that the woman gets to the doctor only when pain began and metastases, when modern treatment can only prolong life for a short while, but not cure the disease.

Also it is necessary to list the least important risk factors:

  • a more advanced age, ie, the older the woman, the higher the risk of the disease. This is due to hormonal changes in the body;
  • breast cancer in first-degree relatives, as well as the presence of direct relatives other cancers;
  • excessive influence of estrogen - earlier menarche, lack of delivery, hormone replacement therapy.

How to identify cancer at an early stage?

Despite the difficulties in the diagnosis, an importantIt is the constant self-examination. These are the signs under which women should consult a doctor immediately (if your city is not mammalogy, first to the gynecologist, and then to the surgeon-oncologist):

  • retraction of the skin and / or nipple, which did not exist before;

  • Self-diagnosis of breast cancer
  • nipple discharge with pressure or at rest (in the absence of reliable lactation or pregnancy);

  • Self-diagnosis of breast cancer
  • bloody issues from the nipple;
  • not passing breast swelling, not associated with menstruation;
  • breast peeling;
  • and most dangerous sign is the symptom of "lemon peel" (similar to the cellulite on the buttocks);
  • we should not forget that the presence of benign disease (fibroadenoma, cysts, mastitis) May be malignant (cancerous go in).

Self-diagnosis of breast cancer

Also, our website readers should know that the malignancy has clear irregular borders, structurally solid, immovable and generally painless.

What kind of research can take place in a hospital?

So, in addition to the survey conducted in mammalogy number of instrumental studies. How many of them will have depends on the diagnostic possibilities.

X-ray mammography
Mammography, Which has already been mentioned more than once. This is the most informative method for studying breast. It is best to perform this study in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. During the mammogram, you can: accept the changes that were identified during the inspection doctor; determine the level of malignancy; sort out the forms in the second breast. Note that even at the lowest radiation dose during the procedure, the use of young women this method undesirable.

ductography - Artificial contrasting of the milk ducts. This method is used for the diagnosis of intraductal changes. It is performed in the presence of bleeding from the nipple. You can not perform this procedure in inflammation, as well as the apparent malignant breast lesions.

US It is widely used to diagnose anybreast diseases. And this method is more safe to use in younger women. But microcalcifications (tiny beginnings of a tumor) to identify the ultrasound examination will fail.

The computer and magnetic resonance imaging. These two methods are often used to detectregional metastases of breast cancer (lung, brain, bone, liver), and for detecting recurrence of breast cancer diagnosed after cure.

BiopsyUpon which is placed a finaldiagnosis. It is executed with a special needle. Despite the fact that this method is just applicable in women under 40 years (more precisely, is more informative), the effect of the procedure rather "wobbly." On the one hand, it is necessary to do a biopsy to make a diagnosis. However, any tumor "does not like" injury, ie, no one will give a 100% guarantee of absence of malignancy, such as mastitis. In such cases, an individual approach: if more signs of malignancy and the surgery is expected, then a biopsy is necessary.

Treatment of breast cancer

Normal breast (left) and breast cancer (right) pictured mammography
When any kind of survey confirmhistological diagnosis is possible only during the operation, when the axillary lymph node is excised and sent for urgent histology. Then the surgeon will view of the scale of the required operations. The basic method - a resection (removal) of tumors. If the diameter of cancer 2-5 cm, manufactured tilektomiya (removal of the tumor, ducts and tissues surrounding the tumor) followed by radiotherapy. If the diameter exceeds 5 cm, producing a complete removal of the breast (mastectomy).

Supplemented treatment tend to hormonal therapy (tamoxifen) and chemotherapy with lesions of the lymph nodes, tumor diameter larger than 5 cm and poorly differentiated cancer.

The results of treatment and prognosis

pink ribbon - the international symbol that is used by organizations and individuals that support the program of the fight against breast cancer
Certainly, the result in this caseconsidered life expectancy after treatment and its quality depends directly on histology (structure of the tumor). The dependence of the line in most cases, the earlier the cancer is diagnosed, the more likely the absence of metastasis and life span. Assessment of worldwide produced by the five-year survival rate of women.

When cured ductal carcinoma of the breastcancer metastasis-free survival rate of approximately 95-97 such%; at a tumor of 2 cm - 88-90%; when tumors up to 5 cm with metastases in the lymph nodes of 66-70%. These figures vary depending on the region because the equipment in our hospitals and clinics different. But even that should not stop a woman on the way to the preservation of health and longevity. Inner beauty is no less important than the external, visible being. Which, unfortunately, can not be corrected creams, and if negligence leads to sometimes irreversible consequences. Keep track of yourself and stay healthy!

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