Treatment of glenohumeral joint plexitis

It happens that in dreams people uncomfortableShe tucks her hand. In the morning he wakes up with a terrible pain, then it is found that more and swollen shoulder. First, in the head appear soothing thought: "It's okay, just this stretched muscles, soon everything will go." But after a few hours, and the pain and did not think to subside. On the contrary, the situation is deteriorating.

General information about the disease

orthopedics, plex shoulder joint, joints, cartilage

When pleksite shoulder joint are observedinflammatory processes affecting the nerves of the brachial plexus. Formed this interweaving of the four lower cervical nerves (or more precisely, their anterior branches) and thoracic spinal nerve (the first). Dimensions in the brachial plexus are large, and the structure is quite complex. It occupies an area of ​​extensive - a space from above and below the clavicle, from the spine to the lower zone of the axilla. In this disease, a person can not perform well their duties, and household tasks are not easy. After all, when pleksite usually impressed "leading" and significant limb - right-handed people are left without the right assistants, but the left-hander, respectively, without the left. Losing the function of one of the arms, once difficult to adapt and learn to cope with the same agility and quickness other upper limb. It takes extra time and effort. Besides having to endure the inconvenience and even severe pain accompanying inflammatory processes in the nerves of the shoulder girdle. Patients report that the pain is more intense at night. Patients difficult to hold the phone in your hand, a cup, comb, fasten the coat, the key to open the door ... Shoulder plexitis can be top, bottom or even total. In advanced cases, there is a high probability that the loss of sensitivity will develop muscular atrophy, paresis or paralysis. The disease affects both men and women, and, at any age.


orthopedics, plex shoulder joint, joints, cartilage

The main symptom - the presence of severe pain inshoulder girdle, having bursting, cutting, shooting, sverlyuschy, aching in nature. Most often, the pain begin to know about yourself at night. They may be constant or periodic. With low traffic, even if you just try to raise the limb pain worse. Rinse the affected arm may swell, numb, lose sensitivity. The strength of the muscles of the hand decreases significantly impaired fine motor skills, so it is difficult to hold a spoon in his hand, fasten buttons, turn the door handle. When an infectious-toxic pleksite weakened or completely lost reflexes, observed movement disorders. Vasomotor and trophic disorders manifest as cyanosis (cyanosis), the weakening of the pulse in the radial artery area, increased sweating, the skin looks shiny, atrophic.


Assist in the formulation of the correct diagnosis following methods may, after examination of the patient:

  • electroneuromyography;
  • X-ray examination;
  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • magnetic resonance or computed tomography.

Treatment recommendations

orthopedics, plex shoulder joint, joints, cartilage

Once an accurate diagnosis is established, and clarifiedthe causes of the disease begin to direct his treatment. It is aimed at eliminating the pain, shoulder symptoms plexitis. Medical therapy consists of a destination:

  • modern analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • drugs, reducing nerve conduction, improve trophism and blood circulation;
  • vitamin pyridoxine, thiamine and cyanocobalamin.

They can be assigned and specific drugs - it all depends on the cause of the disease.

Treatment plexitis shoulder joint in some cases supplemented by such methods:

In traumatic pleksitah, the presence of tumors, surgical intervention.

The patient should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Try to include in the daily menu of dishes from carrots, cabbage, bean, red bell pepper. When pleksite shoulder body needs large doses of B vitamins Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) in a lot of beef liver, meat, chicken, tuna, sardines, mackerel, wheat, sea buckthorn, cauliflower, cheese, bananas, nuts (walnuts, pine).

Thiamine (vit. B1) a lot is contained in brown rice, wheat germ, avocado, meat, fish, nuts, sunflower seeds, green peas. Cyanocobalamin (Vit. B12) is present in liver, eggs, fish, meat.

Traditional medicine also has some recipes in its arsenal:

  1. You can put a couple of warmed cabbage leaf at night on the sore shoulder, fixing his scarf, and then a warm scarf.
  2. Rub a few minutes alcohol solution mummy (Concentration 10%) in the therapy area. Treatment is carried out for three weeks, then a rest week and again allowed to repeat the course.
  3. At night, rub into the sore spots Propolis ointment. Starts 3 grams of propolis and well stirred with 50 grams of fat (swine).
  4. At night, rub this part: 2 tablespoons of turpentine, the same amount of ammonia (5%). All mix and add 2 chicken eggs (raw). Try to shake up the resulting mixture until a thick mass. Here it also it is necessary to rub before bed to the shoulder joint.
  5. In the morning and evening to drink a glass of tea from the flowers of camomile (the raw material is taken tablespoon and poured 200 ml of boiling water). Insisting spend 15 minutes.

To prevent the formation of contractures, it is recommended to perform the passive exercise and then move on to the active. During the disease can not lift any weight, supercool.

The complex of simple exercises

orthopedics, plex shoulder joint, joints, cartilage

The proposed exercises do standing or sitting.

  1. Shoulder lift and then lower. Repeat the movement 8 times.
  2. The blades are brought together, and then return to starting position. Exercise should be repeated 8 times.
  3. Hands push the shoulders, spreading your elbows to the sides. 6 Just make a clockwise circular motion, and then 6 more times, but counterclockwise.
  4. Try to do rotational circular motion straight arm 6 times in one direction and then another 6 times - to another.
  5. Perform flapping with two hands back and forth 6 times.
  6. Rotate the brush, do exercises for fingers.

If treatment is started promptly plexitis, thehealth and function of the shoulder joint can be maintained. Following the recommendations of the doctor will help avoid complications, to quickly return to work.

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