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Many wonderful resources nature gives manto get rid of diseases. Today will tell his readers about the mysterious and unusual material that has long been used not only healers but also qualified doctors of various specialties. And names have a lot of money - mountain balm "rock juice", "Blood Mountain." But the most famous of them - the mummy.

Many wonderful resources nature gives manto get rid of diseases. Today our site tells its readers about the mysterious and unusual material that has long been used not only healers but also qualified doctors of various specialties. And names have a lot of money - mountain balm "rock juice", "Blood Mountain." But the most famous of them - the mummy. The history of this interesting tool has many legends, facts and milestones, confirming its uniqueness and medicinal properties. A first attempt to discover and explain the therapeutic effect of Aristotle. The study of the substance involved in the different countries, including Russia and other neighboring states. And open up more and more new therapeutic properties and composition of the components. All research findings suggest mummy medicine, has many useful properties, which can be used not only externally, but also inside. Now I will share with you the basic information that is important to know about the mountain balm.

Where and how is formed mountain balm

There are many legends about the mummy. One of them says that a long time ago hunters of the king of Iran pursued a wounded mountain goat. They ran after him in the mountain cave and saw the walls adhering black thick mass, which was called "stone the juice." The animal was quickly lick the ground. In the eyes frozen in disbelief of people dragged a large wound, and the mountain goat ran away. Soldiers reported the incident to the king. Cave guarded. And once a year, collected a miracle elixir and sent to the master.

Many puzzles have not yet been uncovered in education andthe origin of this dark matter. Today, they argue about the versions of origin. Large deposits were found in the mountains of Altai, the Caucasus, Central Asia. A number of scientists are inclined to the fact that these formations are definitely of organic origin, and, for the appearance, the presence of such material as protozoa, soil microorganisms, animals, plants, microelements is required. The most healing mummy is found in limestone caves, mountains, rocks, grottoes. Near the slope should be one of the types of plants - mulberry. Here there are natiks, icicles, balls of this resin.

Application mummy

Description mummy

So how do you distinguish between the present and the natural mummyof substandard and counterfeit products when buying? The purified drug is a homogeneous mass of black or dark brown color. Consistency can be elastic, firm with a shiny surface. Outwardly sometimes it resembles resin with a specific smell, something like amber, but much sharper. I'm in a kind of catch the aroma notes of sage, juniper and resins. But the bitter taste of the drug. A quality product rather quickly dissolves in water. If dissolution is slow, it indicates that there are impurities. If you store the mummy in the kitchen or the access door of the refrigerator, it can attract moisture and become soft and sticky substance. Natural mummies shelf life is unlimited.

Chemical composition

Of course, the beneficial properties of mountain balmdue to its rich and complex composition, not yet fully understood, and it depends also on the collection and other factors place. I will mention only the main components are already studied and described in his doctoral dissertation:

  • 6 essential amino acids;
  • complex vitamins (Group B, retinol and ascorbic acid);
  • 30 minerals and trace elements, the most important - phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon, chromium, vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, selenium, iodine, iron, aluminum, lithium;
  • balsamic essential oils and compounds;
  • steroids, alkaloids, chlorophyll humic and fatty acids;
  • various resins and their compounds.

Not surprisingly, wisely chosen the very nature of the composition helps to treat many diseases.

A wide range of medicinal properties

Here is a list of just the basic medical properties mummy, experimentally and clinically proven in research centers and hospitals:

  1. Powerful adaptogenic, restorative and tonic, helping to relieve fatigue, stimulate the immune system, normalize blood pressure.
  2. Improves regeneration (renewal, restoration and rejuvenation) of all tissues of different organs.
  3. It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effect.
  4. It helps restore reduced activity analyzer centers located in the brain.
  5. It protects the body from toxins, poisons and radiation effects.
  6. It improves blood formation.
  7. It has a diuretic effect, removes toxins and decomposition products.
  8. It accelerates fracture healing.
  9. Helps body recover quickly after a protracted illness and surgery.

In ancient sources we find information that helped heal mummy "elephantiasis of the limbs."

But the anti-tumor effect has not yet been studied in full.

We learn from the works of Avicenna, that the doctor considered the most perfect mountain balm medicine.

Application mummy


The remarkable properties of medicines allow doctors to prescribe it in the complex treatment of patients suffering from illnesses such as:

  • conditions after injuries, bruises, fractures, sprains;
  • ulcerative processes in the stomach or duodenum;
  • Men of the disease - adenoma. prostatitis, Decreased potency;
  • diabetes;
  • damage to the kidneys, bladder, and liver;
  • heart disease, heart attacks, hypertension;
  • changes in the joints - arthrosis. arthritis, Gout, deposition of salts, osteomyelitis;
  • obesity, metabolic disorders and hormonal, allergy;
  • gum disease, eye disorders (glaucoma) And inflammation of the ears;
  • mastitis, gynecological diseases (erosion);
  • burns, boils, sores, acne, neurodermatitis, stretch marks on the skin that occur in women after pregnancy and childbirth.

Learn more about tablets mummy

Currently the most common and convenientform for patients receiving a package of pills. If you often have a cold, suffer from rhinitis and inflammation in the mouth and lungs, suffer from skin rashes, want to improve the functioning of the heart, intestines, kidneys, visual function and in general to strengthen the body and energize, then the dark pills with a specific odor you will be a good helper. Do not do without this medicinal product and fractures, Injuries, tuberculosis, Allergies, nervous disorders, permanent headaches and even insomnia. The exact dosage and duration of admissiontell the doctor. Altai mummies from the package in the photo must be taken three times a day during meals (as supplements) 1 tabletochku. It is better to drink a glass of water, so as not to remain in the mouth a bitter taste. The course is usually 30 days. No special storage conditions, such packaging is not required, it is sufficient to dry and the place was dark.

Application mummy

More mummies may be administered in aqueous solutions with different concentrations, masks, creams.

Contraindications and precautions

In this unique properties of drugs, toothere are certain contraindications - it's pregnancy, lactation and age to 10 (and in some sources - up to 12) years. The fact that the effect on the fetus mountain balm and body of a child has not been studied, so it is better to imagine yourself not to experiment pregnant and lactating women. And children at an early age not to give this medicine. Observe caution in urolithiasis, and in the first days of admission, as may become apparent idiosyncrasy composite components, although it is extremely rare.

If someone from readers of our site decides to undergo treatment mummy, I recommend to remember a number of useful tips and guidelines:

  1. For starters sure to get advice from your treating doctor.
  2. During the course of treatment refrain from drinking coffee and strong tea.
  3. During reception mumiyo alcohol is contraindicated in any amount, even in the composition of medicines, for example, pharmaceutical or tinctures "korvalola".
  4. Never heat mummy above 40 degrees, you'll lose valuable components.

Here is a remedy is occurring inour home medicine cabinet. Adhering to the data in the article tips and advice, the correct dosage and course of treatment, will get the expected result - the body stronger, cells and tissues will be updated, and illnesses will recede.

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