The reasons for the meager monthly

Scarce monthly is a disorder inwhich disrupted menstrual cycles and monthly flow can be reduced to three days. When such changes occur in girls, they do not cause fear, but in women in adulthood meager monthly stipulate about health problems.


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Scarce monthly medicine are namedgipomenoreya. The disease is expressed in violation of menstrual function, resulting in a woman A negligible amount of mucus blood during menstruation. This deviation in the menstrual cycle due to a violation of ovarian function, which can serve as the presence of various diseases or the effect on the female body to external factors.

With a delay in menstruation, menstruation can berather meager. This phenomenon is more often observed with the development of tissues of the genital organs in insufficient quantities (especially if this type of development is accompanied by ovarian failure). In addition, scanty periods can also be caused by the inferiority of the uterine mucosa, which can occur as a result of inflammatory processes.

When the menstrual cycle comes to an end,then the upper layer of the endometrium begins to be rejected in the uterine cavity, resulting in monthly bleeding from the vagina. Such discharge is a mixture of mucous membrane, rejected uterus, vaginal secretion and cervical mucus. Ideally, menstruation is painless or with a slight discomfort. Blood discharge during normal health of a woman should last from three to five days with an interval of 21-35 days. The amount of blood lost during menstruation should be about 50-150 milliliters, but not less. When the menstrual function is violated, the reasons for this can be very different.

Weakened menstruation may unusual condition and meager monthly, which are allocated in the amount of less than fifty milliliters, are no exception. Hypomenorrhea is accompanied by oligomenorrhea (a phenomenon when the duration of menstruation is reduced). These two phenomena often occur together, exerting a negative impact on the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle and often resulting from the occurrence of amenorrhea - a rarer menstruation or its absence.

Lean monthly primary can occur inadolescents who are prone to congenital malformations of the reproductive system. In such cases, meager periods may be accompanied by a delay in general or only sexual development. In the secondary syndrome, for meager monthly periods, a sharp decrease in the duration, volume and frequency of menstruation, which previously went absolutely normal, and no malfunctions in the menstrual cycle, was characteristic.


gynecology, gipomenoreya, women's diseases, menstrual cycle, menstruation, violation of menstruation, scanty menses

Different periods may indicate scanty periods.symptoms, which in some cases can be pronounced. Such discharge may appear in the form of drops, and sometimes may leave slightly noticeable marks on underwear. The color of this type of discharge ranges from light brown to very dark. If menstruation has not become plentiful enough, then their duration can be significantly reduced while maintaining a regular menstrual cycle.

Scarce periods do not affect the well-beingwomen who do not violate the usual process, but sometimes it may appear painful contractions, which is the result of uterine contractions. In addition to such cramping sensation may occur headachePain in the chest. Also, when the phenomenon is not excluded nausea, change in the characteristic of the chair, and in some cases are even nosebleeds. When a long duration of scarce menstruation in women may be significantly reduced sexual desire and increase the risk to the infertility. The result of these changes in the body is to reduce the levels of the female hormone - estrogen.

Often there are cases when with meagermenstruation in a woman there is a delay in menstruation, and after the appearance of pain, they accompany it. When such menstruation manifested itself during puberty or its decline, then the meager monthly periods are the result of hormonal changes in the body and they should not be taken as a pathological symptom. But if in the reproduction phase meager periods appeared along with blood clots, then this is the first sign of rather serious problems with the reproductive system of the body. Therefore, in any case, with the appearance of the first meager periods, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary tests, conduct a thorough examination to determine the cause of such a strange menstruation, and prescribe an adequate treatment for this type of disease.


gynecology, gipomenoreya, women's diseases, menstrual cycle, menstruation, violation of menstruation, scanty menses

To assign the correct treatmentmeager monthly, thorough diagnostics and examination of the patient should be conducted. After all, if the reasons that contributed to the occurrence of the menstrual flow is different, then the treatment will vary. For example, when the scanty menses appeared due to violation of the diet, the treatment will be slightly different than in the case of impaired physical activity or balance of mental and emotional state. Only after all the examinations and tests can be assigned to the patient a complex of vitamins, hormonal drugs, as well as various antimicrobials.

If there were scanty menses after childbirth, duringlactation and menopause, such a phenomenon does not require special attention and treat the cause of discharge is not necessary - everything goes by itself. Sometimes after unprotected sex occurrence of menstruation may be delayed, which would be similar to a pregnancy. But after a negative pregnancy test can clearly say that the inflammatory process has begun in the female body, the result of which may be scanty menses. In general, a one-time phenomenon scant month - this is normal, but when such a meager allocation began to appear frequently or continuously, then it is a sign of improper functioning of the body and reason to seek medical attention.

Frequent phenomenon meager monthly showof certain diseases, the presence of which is necessary to treat not the result but the cause of the disease. But in addition to measures aimed at the problem you also need to fully strengthen your body. But such a thing as scanty menses can be cured not only with the help of drugs. The following treatments help in this situation may be:

  1. acupressure method. To implement this method, you need to regularly massage in circular movements of the point on the tip of the big toe. This helps to strengthen the mother mucous membranes and may lead to a stable state menstrual cycle.
  2. Aromatherapy oils. It helps stimulate the release of sex hormones. It is necessary to use oil of juniper and marjoram.
  3. Contact yellow. Yellow clothes and yellow foods contribute to a better blood circulation and strengthen the mucous membrane of the female genital organs.
  4. Hot foot baths. For 8 days before the expected menstruation should take a hot bath for the feet, which enhance the flow of blood to the same exciting effect on the body.

Treatment of folk remedies

Scanty menses, which are brown and continue for a long time, can be treated by different folk remedies:

  • if menstruation stopped, for theirRecovery can take with onion broth every morning before eating. For this you need to take a decoction of two kilograms of peeled onions and pour three liters of boiling water;
  • to restore the menstrual cycle and restore menstruation, you need to drink a decoction of bone leaves;
  • with painful and irregular menstruation takeinfusion of elecampane root, for the preparation of which is necessary to pour a glass of boiling water teaspoon of root and simmer on low heat for about fifteen minutes. Then give the broth brew for 4 hours. Drink the infusion must be 3-4 times a day for one tablespoon;
  • with scant or no mensesmenstruation drink infusion of inflorescences of tansy. To prepare the infusion, you need to take a tablespoon of florets and pour a liter of boiling water. Infuse for at least two hours. Drink the infusion should be fasting, but not more often than twice a day;
  • infuse overnight two tablespoons of calendula flowers and leaves, filled with a liter of hot water. Drink tea instead of the infusion three times a day over a glass;
  • scanty periods pass from taking such a decoction: mix the leaves of the root and the golden mustache with parsley seeds and boil for ten minutes. You need to drink a decoction during the day, but the amount of liquid you drink from herbs should not exceed 200 milliliters;
  • the manifestation meager monthly need to takegolden mustache, Tangut rhubarb root, grass succession tripartite, red fruits of mountain ash, caraway fruits in equal proportions, mix and pour 350 ml of water. Put on a boiling water bath for half an hour and insist for one hour. Drink Three tablespoons three to four times a day, every 2 hours after a meal.


you need to try a preventive gipomenoreiYou can stay outdoors longer, more moving, but do not overdo it as excessive exercise can lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle and cause the appearance of scanty menses ahead of time, and sometimes the complete absence of menstruation.

Stresses have a big negative impact notonly on the condition of the female genital organs, but also on the state of the body as a whole. This is due to hormonal disorders that negatively affect the menstrual cycle. By the way! Not worth applying homeopathic remedies in parallel with essential oils, because together they can cause irreparable harm, although individually each of the drugs is quite useful.

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