Treatment of shoulder pain

Pain in the shoulder - a widespread phenomenon. And the cause of such discomfort, because of which the movements are constrained, they have to limit, it can be called a set. Most often, the pain associated with adhesive capsulitis, which leads to violations of human disability, reduced quality of life.

A bit of anatomy and physiology

shoulder pain, capsulitis, shoulder joint, the shoulder joints

Healthy shoulder joint is endowed with highmobility, it allows a person to carry out the required kinds of movements in different directions. We can say that the shoulder joint - a kind of ball joint formed by a massive round-shaped head of the humerus and a small concave type joint hollow blades. The head of the humerus in the hollow of firmly fixed by ligaments and muscles. Connective tissues that surround the joint to ensure the stability of his work, called the joint capsule. The inner surface of the capsule is lined with a synovial membrane, abundant vessels and nerves. Due to the vessels in the joint cavity provided metabolism. Status of the joint, its mobility is veryIt depends on the state of the synovium. Outside the joint capsule attached durable and elastic cords. Large capsule and muscles, tendons ending, shoulder joint allows to make free movement. It becomes clear that the range of motion is very dependent on the state of the muscle-tendon complex and surfaces lining the capsule. And if there is any damage, the entire described system can react in response to inflammation in tissues surrounding it.

What is adhesive capsulitis?

shoulder pain, capsulitis, shoulder joint, the shoulder joints

If there is no desired effect, then the doctor may prescribe injections into the joint with corticosteroids. Usually these are 2-4 procedures. It will be very useful magnetotherapy, Laser therapy, electrophoresis, Mud, paraffin, acupuncture, Acupuncture, staging leeches. In severe cases, the surgeon has to makearthroscopic surgery, the aim of which is placed the removal of inflamed and scar tissue located around the shoulder joint of the patient. Then the range of motion, it may be possible to increase.

When exacerbation starts to subside, but dailymake complex simple exercises that the doctor will recommend physical therapy. First motion made tentative, cautious, slowly increasing load. Then, these complexes are made twice daily. MirCovetov cautions readers that will first be tolerable pain - this is normal. But if the pain becomes sharp, the lower the load immediately, change amplitude. Later, of course you can develop, being engaged on special simulators.

What does the traditional medicine?

As a supplement to the basic treatment is alloweduse of medicinal plants, endowed with anti-inflammatory properties. Inside use medicinal tinctures, decoctions, tinctures. Perhaps rubbing and external tinctures, ointments, oils.

shoulder pain, capsulitis, shoulder joint, the shoulder joints

shoulder pain, capsulitis, shoulder joint, the shoulder joints

shoulder pain, capsulitis, shoulder joint, the shoulder joints

Our website offers a choice of suitable recipes for you from this list:

  1. Place in a quart jar 1 tablespoon herb spoonmarsh cinquefoil (available at pharmacies), and 2 tablespoons of horsetail (also purchased at the pharmacy). Pour boiling water over all. Cover the towel, pre-wearing cover. After 40 minutes the vehicle is ready for straining and reception. Drink it must be for a day, divided into portions.
  2. Tea from St. John's wort. Pour boiling water a tablespoon of herb is placed in a glass (250 ml). Cover it with a lid for 40 minutes. Drink infusion during the day, divided into four reception.
  3. Sore shoulder rub helpful cinquefoil tincture or golden mustache.
  4. Prepare a salve: Mix teaspoonful of honey (eg, Sweet Clover, kipreyny), baking soda, salt, mustard powder. Apply disturbing the joint, tie a bandage, apply compress paper. Wrap up with a towel or a scarf made of wool.
  5. Compress horseradish, radish, radish removerinflammation. Take any of these roots, rub on a small grater. Shoulder grease with vegetable oil, then apply a slurry. Cover with gauze, to warm towel. After 2 hours, remove the wrap. If you feel a very strong burning sensation, then reduce the duration of the procedure - Listen to yourself.
  6. Tincture for rubbing shoulder. For it will be necessary: ​​Dried (or recently plucked) flowers white lilac in the amount of 3 tablespoons, 2 pods (with the grain), hot pepper, chopped burdock root in the amount of tablespoons (dry raw materials acquired in the pharmacy). All pour a liter of vodka quality. Put in a dark place in a closed container. Three days later, a small portion of strain and use for rubbing the patient's shoulder. And let the rest continue to insist.
  7. You can buy at the store "Human Ecology" ointment or cream, which includes comfrey, Potentilla.
  8. it is recommended to apply for the relief of pain inshoulder for a few hours cabbage leaves. Only the pre-sheet for looping through a rolling pin to make it softer and singled out the juice. To shoulder the side of the sheet should be applied, which was closer to Kocani (ie, the lower side of the sheet).

Shoulder pain necessarily require recourse todoctor so that he can properly diagnose and prescribe complex treatment including medication, physiotherapy, gymnastics, folk remedies. Implementation of all recommendations will help to eliminate inflammation, restore joint mobility, prevent recurrences. Protect your joints!

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