Symptoms and treatment spondyloarthrosis

Many people associate the pain in different areasback with sciatica, rheumatism or banal fatigue. But most often it occurs because spondyloarthrosis. The disease is very common, it is concerned about the 90% of elderly patients. This illness may well develop in those who are a little more than 25 years. Let's talk more about the features of the diseases of the spine.

Understanding spondyloarthrosis

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Spondylarthrosis - a pathology in whichoccur degenerative changes of the facet joints of the spine. Facet - this anatomical unit located between the vertebrae. They are connected in series vertebral arches with each other. These formations have the environment in the form of a network of blood vessels and nerve endings, and this fact is associated with the appearance of pain in degenerative diseases. Progression of the disease leads to loss of cartilage elasticity sustavchikov, so come and grow in size spinous outgrowths. They are to blame for severe pain. More disease is the second name - facet arthropathy.

Confirmation of the diagnosis takes place in several stages:

  • general inspection (including both palpation), draws attention to posture, general physical condition, the functioning of the joints;
  • reflex examination, detection of changes in the nervous system;
  • X-rays of the spine in several projections (to determine the status of the vertebrae, the entire skeletal system, the location of osteophytes, ie build-up);
  • MRI, CT scan, electromyography.

Why develop spondyloarthrosis?

diseases of the spine, spine, back, spondylarthritis, joints

To achieve better spinal condition, prevent the progression of degenerative changes in the approach to treatment of the disease requires a comprehensive.

  1. Drug therapy:
    • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories (diclofenac, Ibuprofen and others) are appointed to relieve pain, inflammation, swelling;
    • muscle relaxants shown to reduce the additional strain on the muscular system, in order to eliminate the spasms;
    • with very severe pain are sometimes prescribed opioids (eg, codeine preparations, morphine);<
    • vitamins of group B;
    • hondroprotektory (e.g. Struktum, arthritis);
    • epidural injection.
  2. Physiotherapy (electrophoresis. magnetotherapy, Magnetic-laser therapy, ionogalvanizatsiya, modulated currents, phonophoresis).
  3. Traction therapy (the so-called spinal traction).
  4. Electrical stimulation - if the inflamed area goes to an alternating current, decrease spasms, there is an active development of the body's endorphin, a natural painkiller.
  5. Physical therapy (physiotherapy exercises), swimming inpool, pulling up on the bar, hovering at the bar. Exercises must be selected and implemented an experienced professional for the first time under his guidance. Then they will not cause harm, but will bring only benefits.
  6. Acupuncture by a certified specialist.
  7. Massage - helps to relax, eliminate spasms.
  8. Folk remedies and herbal medicine can also help in the fight against disease. Among them effective: Potentilla, comfrey, white lilac, golden mustache, birch buds, eucalyptus, blackberry shoots.

In your diet often turn aspic or jelly,cooked in a saturated bone broth containing much collagen. Useful and dishes with food gelatin (eg, berry jelly), they will contribute to the restoration of cartilage tissue.

It is important to know

diseases of the spine, spine, back, spondylarthritis, joints

Patients suffering spondyloarthrosis, we must remember the following points:

  1. It is impossible for a long time be in the same position.
  2. You can not lift weights.
  3. Do not make sudden movements, jerks.
  4. Avoid hypothermia.
  5. Try not to gain weight.
  6. During long trips better time to take advantage of an orthopedic corset.

Get rid of the advanced forms of spondyloarthrosisvery difficult. Therefore, in order to slow down its development, to avoid complications, contact your doctor promptly. Following the recommendations of the doctors will return the activity of the spine, to subdue the pain.

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