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"And your cough again?" - Sigh mother. "And mine too, worn out already, do not know how to treat, and the cough." Such conversations can be heard very often. Ill bronchitis, and children and adults. And here is how to treat this disease and how to prevent it, you tell our site.

Onset of the disease is very similar to a number of otherdiseases of the respiratory organs, so an inexperienced person can miss it and the disease enters the chronic stage. What is bronchitis? Bronchitis is when the inflamed mucous membranes of the bronchial walls. Most often, the disease does not occur out of the blue, but develops after suffering a respiratory viral infection. Cause this disease can and then, when the background of suffering SARS join bacteria infectious nature.

How to recognize

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Bronchitis, like many colds,It begins with the classical picture: headache, cough bothers the person, the body temperature rises, the person feels weak. Independently understand whether it is bronchitis - a person can not, should consult a physician. Yet, before the doctor make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe treatment, adhere to basic rules.

  1. If you feel unwell - stay home.
  2. Better to relax and spend time in bed.
  3. The room in which you will be, should be cool, room temperature is about 20-22 degrees.
  4. Indoor humidity should be about 50-70 percent.
  5. Unacceptably high temperature above 25 degrees.

How it happens

Bronchitis is divided into categories and forms. Sometimes acute bronchitis and chronic forms. In acute - bronchitis develops quickly and can last several days or even weeks. Cough It can be both dry and wet, as well as to change and be something deep, something move in the wet, with strong separation of sputum.

During disease, depending on how amazed bronchi and their permeability broken, this disease is divided into non-obstructive and obstructive bronchitis.

In the first case the disease are exposed to smallbronchi, increased mucus and swells the mucous membrane. Cough with this kind of illness intense, with a particular sound - a whistle. This cough is very dangerous for small children, because of spasms in the bronchial breathing difficult and may even cause respiratory arrest. Most often the disease spills over into the chronic form.

In the second case - a sick frequent cough,which is particularly concerned about the man in the morning. Aggravated by the turn of the season, especially when it's getting cold, and when it is hot outside and dry air - cough temporarily retreat. If the cough is not treated, it becomes paroxysmal and literally exhausting man. Among the main symptoms also secrete general weakness, sweating, color expectorated sputum may vary.

Causes of Bronchitis

disease, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, cough treatment, folk remedies, nebulizer

First of all, a patient of any age should be given maximum attention and the following general recommendations should be followed:

  • humidify the room;
  • give the patient a lot of warm tea;
  • ensure bed rest;
  • high temperature give drink antipyretic drugs;
  • If bronchitis is an infectious character - it is better to leave the patient in a hospital, under the supervision of doctors.

If a person is sick with acute bronchitis, you need treatment with antiviral medicines. If a bacterial infection is now - it is necessary to appoint antibiotics. To facilitate coughing take expectorant drugs, drinking herbal infusions, inhalations, massage chest and back.

In the treatment of bronchitis in children need to know exactly what kind of a child's illness. If allergic - drugs to treat allergy.

We treat a cough means grandmother

Simple medications - herbal infusions helpto cope with such a serious disease such as bronchitis. Special herbal infusions help to improve expectoration of sputum, possess anti-inflammatory action. And along with all of the recommendations and medical treatment, herbal infusions significantly improve the patient's condition.

Infusions can be purchased at the pharmacy herb - itThey are specially selected complete fees that you need to pour boiling water and infuse. The main herbs are licorice, thyme, lime, mint and marigold. Please note that you need to take herbal freshly.

Recipe 1.

The cough can be cured by simple means - to takefresh carrots and squeeze out the juice. The resulting juice diluted with warm water and one part juice, one part water, add sugar or honey - a teaspoon and drink a spoon 3 Specify a day before meals.

Recipe 2.

Excellent remedy for cough is onions with honey. All that is needed is chop the onion, mix it with honey in equal proportions (honey take liquid), and take after ate three times a day.

Also, the onion can be cooked in water or milk, add a little sugar and to take several times a day. A good tool when starting cough.

You can alternate these funds to another - aloe juice with honey and water - boil until thick and insist.

Recipe 3.

Take in equal proportions (for example, a cup orcup) honey, butter, vodka, juice of carrots and beets, 3 eggs. All this is to mix and infuse it in warm and cool place for two weeks. Take a tablespoon every four hours.

For children.

Not all children want to be treated and make tastelessbitter medicine. Prepare sweet medicine for kids. We need to take an ordinary chocolate, mix with butter, cocoa fat (swine). Fat is first necessary to melt and mix with the chocolate and cocoa. Take bread or sweet rolls, spread it with butter, and the top cover with chocolate mixture.

All known remedy for cough - a radish with honey. We need to take black radish, cut it in half and clean out the midway, to put the honey and leave it for several hours.

Treatment of chronic cough.

Juice aloe vera, honey, oil, and cocoa butter to melt and mix, lay in a bowl. Keep the medication in a cool place. It can be used for the prevention of colds.

Mustard. put the right

disease, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, cough treatment, folk remedies, nebulizer

Mustard well help in treatment of bronchitis. The main thing to know when they can not be used:

  • asthma;
  • high temperature;
  • tumors;
  • inflammation of the skin;
  • children up to seven years.

Before you put the yellow card, check with your doctor.

Mustard should be able to put right. Please check the integrity of the package, and then follow the instructions. Putting them on the need to back (between the shoulder blades), chest.

  1. Wipe with a damp cloth is the place where you plan to put the yellow card.
  2. Place the patient on the bed.
  3. Put the mustard in warm water, hold and apply them to the skin.
  4. Dab the excess water with a towel and wrap the patient.
  5. Gently turn the person from the back to the stomach and continue the procedure.
  6. Sinapism Leave for 5 minutes or more, each carries a different burning.
  7. Remove the yellow card and wipe the seat with warm water.
  8. Wrap the patient with a blanket.

Cough treatment nebulizer

More recently become widely used incompact home nebulizer. Doctor prescribes the necessary medications to add to the nebulizer and to carry out the procedure at home. Among the most effective drugs for the treatment of bronchitis and doctors say Lasolvan Ambrobene.

Treatment with a nebulizer gives positive results.

Bronchitis Pregnancy

future mom due to a weakened immune systemcold weather can become ill with bronchitis. The treatment in this case must be selected individually. Good conduct inhalation, herbal brew, drink plenty of fluids: raspberry tea, tea with lemon, honey, milk.

Cough treatment in pregnancy:

Dry cough:

  1. Take warm decoction of the root of marshmallow.
  2. Two teaspoons of the syrup of licorice root add to hot tea and drink.
  3. Drinking licorice tea 2-3 cups per day.

Wet cough syrup to treat Thermopsis and other drugs that are prescribed by a doctor.


  1. Do not use iodine-containing drugs.
  2. Tetracycline antibiotics.
  3. Do not take aspirin, codeine.


There are a number of exercises that can be used to help the body get rid of the cough. Gymnastics is also performed only under medical indications.

  1. Pump. Bend down and make a sharp breath nose, exhaling - to rise a little. Run 8 breaths, then break.
  2. Eight. It will quickly discharge of phlegm. Leaned forward and quickly inhale nose, hold your breath. Calculate up to eight and relax. Make 8 breaths.


disease, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, cough treatment, folk remedies, nebulizer

People who are sick with bronchitis, shouldknow what you need to harden your body, avoid sudden hypothermia. If bronchitis - a consequence of the constant contact with various chemicals, it is necessary to change the place of work, place of residence. Try to avoid places with large concentrations of people, especially during epidemics.

If you treat bronchitis properly, they were patientand recovered, remember the simple rules that will help you stay healthy in the future. Spend more time in the fresh air, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, tempers and engage in physical exercise.

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