The use of probiotics and prebiotics

It is proved that the intestinal microflora providesa good half of immunity, creates a natural barrier for the pathogenic bacteria. In addition, they are actively involved in the digestion of food, the synthesis of vitamins, neutralize toxins, protect the intestinal cells from degeneration. Underestimate the value of probiotics can not be - they can even destroy viruses.

They talked about recently. Now in any supermarket, you can find the lactic acid products with probiotics, and in any pharmacy - special ferment. Is it beneficial probiotics, tell our site.

What is a probiotic

The use of probiotics and prebiotics
Probiotics - are microorganisms friendlyperson (translated means "for life"). This may be a bacterium, and even some fungi. Scientists consider the microbial community as a natural protective barrier, "embedded" in the human body. But it was not always so. For some time, scientists could not understand the true purpose of the microflora, and even try to fight it. As a result, "sterility" led to active multiplication of various harmful bacteria and as a consequence, to a deterioration in health. The body becomes vulnerable to any disease, including in front of such a serious illness like cancer. It is proved that the intestinal microflora provides a good half of immunity, creates a natural barrier for the pathogenic bacteria (do not give them to multiply). In addition, they are actively involved in the digestion of food, the synthesis of vitamins, neutralize toxins, protect the intestinal cells from degeneration.

Underestimate the value of probiotics can not be - they can even destroy the viruses before which antibiotics are powerless.

When taking probiotics

Impaired intestinal flora suffers practically all population of the Earth. The bad ecology, poor nutrition, stress, receiving antibiotics sulfonamides and leads to a complete or partial loss of probiotics. If you often feel nervous, enough sleep, eat regularly "on the fly", returned from a trip or moved coldShould take care of the microflora.

controversial dysbiosis

The use of probiotics and prebiotics
Despite the fact that Western medicine does not recognizediagnosis of "dysbiosis", we even have special tests. Let's consider the term as the title of a situation where the friendly intestinal microflora displaced staphylococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, fungi. This may indicate bowel discomfort, diarrhea, pain in the peritoneum. When dysbiosis may occur abdominal distentionAnd even tingling inside him. In this situation, you do not get the right amount of vitamins and minerals, the metabolism and the pathogenic microflora can even damage the epithelium of the intestine and into the bloodstream. The consequences can be very different. In violation of the microflora of the body is strongly attenuated bacterial toxins. And gradually manifest allergic reactions. All can result in atopic dermatitis and complex forms asthma. Be tested for bacteria overgrowth and high blood pressure should be, and people with inflammation of the jointsAnd those who suffer from excess weight. All because of disturbed metabolismProvoked by a lack of vitamins and minerals.

How to update the microflora

The use of probiotics and prebiotics
If your fears are confirmed, and you are diagnosed with "dysbiosis", do not despair. Now it is important to repopulate intestines useful microorganisms. But the problem is that only 10% of bacteria from the capsule or drunk fermented products reach your destination - the intestines. Other die under the action of gastric juice. To the very persistent 10% settled down in the gut, prebiotics are needed. This is not the microorganisms and their metabolic products, therefore the gastric juice it is not terrible. They "set the stage" for the development and multiplication of probiotics. As you can see, the treatment should be complex, therefore, it would be better if the course will be your doctor.

How can we protect the existing beneficial microflora? Try to avoid stress, eat quality food, and sleep ... every day to drink 250-300 ml of yogurt or yogurt.

How to choose a true probiotic

The use of probiotics and prebiotics
Recently, on television wepromise to care for the immunity of various manufacturers of dairy products. Believe advertising promises are not worth it, really need to learn to choose the "right" probiotics.

When choosing a yogurt or kefir read carefullycomposition. The label should be marked that the product is natural and contains live bacteria (Lactobacillus Casei Imunitass, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium ActiRegularis). If the label has the word "probiotics", it is better to buy a yogurt - it has high content of beneficial microorganisms. Buy only the freshest milk products - probiotics are killed in a few days under the influence of lactic acid, which they themselves produce.

As for those of probiotics, which are sold inpharmacy, it is best to choose the medicines in capsules. It's important to clarify in the summary that the capsule is resistant to acid and dissolved no earlier than 3-4 hours. Only in this way all the probiotics reach their destination.

As a result, one inspection, onlyone drug Bifiform boasted acid-resistant capsule. But the advertised Linex "delivered" to the intestine is only 1% of the bacteria. What trust after this advertising.

By the way, in the stomach of small children almost neutral environment, so the question of "survivability" of probiotics so badly it is not necessary.

Regarding the use and correct applicationprobiotics debate among pundits go so far. Currently, it is proved that the optimal therapeutic effect is observed while receiving probiotics and prebiotics. If the medical form should be used on the advice of a doctor, for the prevention of perfect "home-made" milk products. MirCovetov Readers can quite prepare them at home, on the basis of boiled milk and special starters. Recent vary widely - it depends on the number of types of probiotics included in the formulation.

From personal experience I want to advise the leaven«Vivo». They are produced in Kiev, and are sold in any drugstore. I really like "Simbilakt" - it has a therapeutic effect, it is very pleasant to the taste, not slimy consistence, pleasant sour taste. With it, we three weeks "updated" gut child after surgery. Bulgarian leaven for my taste taste bitter, slightly viscous consistency.

Eat homemade yogurt with honey or can beto fill their salads. Shelf Life - 5 days. By the way, probiotics do not live in a sweet environment, therefore store sweet puree for children - simply delicious dessert. It is better to feed their households household fermented milk products - and in quality, and the therapeutic effect you'll be sure.

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