Treatment of umbilical hernia in children

Hernia in the navel - a fairly commonpathology in children. About hernia say when any body completely or partially protrudes unnaturally. In the case of umbilical hernia protrusion formed in the retracted scar that remains to us the memory of the umbilical cord that connects the fetus to the mother's body.

The hernia consists of hernia gates, the role of whichperforms umbilical ring, hernial sac and its contents. With a suspicion of an umbilical hernia, infants and children born prematurely get to the doctor.

Causes of disease development

hernia, stomach, navel, the navel of the newborn, umbilical hernia

Factors that trigger the development of a child's hernia in the umbilical region, conventionally divided into two groups. Briefly enumerate them:

  1. Factors that reduce the umbilical ring tone:
    • congenital fragility of connective tissue;
    • slow formation of the umbilical scar;
    • large body mass, bordering on obesity.
  2. Factors that increase intra-abdominal pressure:
    • cramps, Because of which the child often comes in screaming and crying;
    • strong cough;
    • intestinal problems, as a result of which the child is forced to suffer constipation;
    • the presence of certain diseases (for example, when rickets muscle tone becomes very weak).

In addition, the hernia can be congenital or acquired nature.

The clinical picture of umbilical hernia in children

hernia, stomach, navel, the navel of the newborn, umbilical hernia

Massage - an effective and safe wayelimination of hernias in infants. Suffice it every day to massage the belly of the child stroking movements in a clockwise direction from the ribs down. We are sure that the movement is performed smoothly, without sudden movements. Next, go to the light springy movements from top to bottom - should like to look like a tummy invisible speck most fingertips.

Positive results will appear withinmonths of regular massage perform. In addition, every day should be grudnichka lay on his stomach, as it helps to reduce the intra-abdominal pressure, discharge of gas, an increase in the motor activity of hands and feet baby. In general, this posture trains and strengthens the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall. MipSovetov warns parents baby, who discovered an umbilical hernia: the younger the child, the better the abnormal protrusion can be corrected with the help of massage.

Older children do the same massage, with the onlydifference that the movement can be performed more intensively. By this massage you can connect a special physiotherapy, however the exercises for the press can not do.

Physical therapy classes begin onlyafter the doctor corrects the hernia and fixes it with a bactericidal dressing. If this rule is neglected, infringement of the hernia may occur, as a result of which the blood supply to the intestine and the death of its individual parts are partially disrupted.

Surgical intervention.

Surgery is indicated in the following cases:

  • hernia in a child after the first year of life increased in size;
  • strangulated hernia;
  • after the child reaches 4 years hernia has not disappeared.

Surgery (hernioplasty)allows you to eliminate the physiological defect of the umbilical ring. During the operation, which lasts no longer than half an hour, the surgeon dissects the hernial sac, puts its contents back into the peritoneal cavity, fixes and sutures the hernial gate. Surgical treatment of an umbilical hernia is completely safe for a patient’s life. If the surgeon is satisfied with the result of the operation, the baby will return home on the same day.

Treatment of umbilical hernia traditional methods

hernia, stomach, navel, the navel of the newborn, umbilical hernia

In the case of umbilical hernia in a child is the time to recall the folk medicine as a means of its recipes can be achieved very good results.

  1. We offer you reliable and not by one generationproven way to combat an umbilical hernia in children. Take copper nickels, attach it to the navel, and firmly secure it with a bactericidal plaster. Please note that this should be done only after the doctor has the right to a hernia. The child must wear a coin on the navel for 1-1.5 months, removing it only for bathing. Practice has shown that this time is enough to hernia involved, and hernial closed. Also, do not be lazy to lay the child on the stomach 5-6 times a day for 3-5 minutes. What is the secret of this method? The therapeutic effect of copper ions have that coin nourishes baby's skin (which means that modern coins are not suitable for the treatment of hernias). In addition, nickels is the optimal size for the stimulation of the umbilical ring their edges.
  2. Pouring cold water belly. This treatment allows us to give an additional abdominal muscles tone. Pouring fit older kiddies. Perform the procedure is necessary in the morning and evening during the month. 1 tbsp. l. vinegar dissolve in 1 liter of cold water. Then put the baby in the bath and for 3 seconds. pour all the water on the area above his navel.
  3. Glinoterapiya. Clay - one of the most useful natural substances, granted to man by nature. It is famous for its regenerating and nourishing qualities, as well as a host of valuable minerals, which it nourishes the body tissues. For the treatment of umbilical hernia, take 2 tbsp. l. red clay and add to it 1.5 Art. l. water. Shape of the resulting mass and cake, wrap it in gauze. Heat cake to a temperature of 380 and attach it to an umbilical hernia. This "wrap" to hold as long as the clay starts to dry out. The procedure was repeated for 3 weeks.
  4. Oak bark. This natural material is notable for its high astringent qualities, with which you can achieve stabilization of the connective tissue. To prepare the infusion of treatment: 1 tbsp. l. oak bark, pour 1 cup boiling water, boil for the next 5 minutes, and then insist for 4 hours. The producing means is wetted with a folded in several layers of cheesecloth, and attach it to the site of the hernia, insulated. Compress need to hold about 1.5-2 hours. With the infusion of oak bark are treated for 1 month.

Prevention of umbilical hernia

hernia, stomach, navel, the navel of the newborn, umbilical hernia

To prevent the development of umbilical hernias,is attached to the child's physical education from early childhood. Especially important therapeutic exercises for children who suffer from constipation often. Before feeding these kids definitely need to lay on your stomach and fill up complex daily gymnastic training exercises aimed at strengthening the muscle belly of the complex:

  • lifting straight legs in turn and together from a position lying on the back;
  • "a bike";
  • encourage the baby to active use;
  • deflection back into the upper and lower sections of the supine position;
  • change of position lying on his back on the sitting position;
  • encourage the baby to getting up relying on an adult's hand.

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