Meteodependent, Symptoms and Treatment

Have you noticed how your mood changesmood or depending on the weather ?! It influences our lives not only notorious atmospheric pressure. How to learn to endure periods without loss of health? This will help clear understanding of their meteotipa, to determine which may be due to the symptoms that accompany meteozavisimost.

Have you noticed how your mood changesmood or depending on the weather ?! It seems that everything is fine, and the mood has deteriorated sharply, or the same, worse, after a gloomy worldview comes headache, Palpitations, well, in general, not very good state of health.

Why is one inside the "sitting" Portablebarometer, a warning of upcoming storms and the other, and does not think about the weather ?! Even Hippocrates, the "father of medicine", who lived in the 400's of BC. e., interested in this question. Now it is known that almost half of the "earthlings" feel the weather and that is not always pleasant, it produces a reaction that can literally "to knock down".

The impact of weather on health

Meteodependent, Symptoms and Treatment
What is to blame? It influences our lives not only notorious atmospheric pressure - drop when driving the impressive mass of air, but other weather events; changes in air humidity, wind speed, temperature fluctuation, and finally, caused by solar activity, magnetic storms. No wonder they represent also the term "Space weather", as the scale of the impact of these storms on the human truly cosmic.

The combined effects of all human,above, factors that can make their own adjustments in his life. The most innocuous, it can give this effect - is to reduce the time of operation, make a sharp change of mood. Serious consequences of exposure to weather conditions and may be significant health problems, and even sudden crises - suddenly appear, short-lived state that bring new symptoms or worsen the symptoms of old diseases.

hypertensivePeople with high blood pressure more often than othersbecome meteodependent. If weather forecasters promise to increase or decrease in atmospheric pressure, the high blood pressure does not hurt to review your physical activity to decrease, minimize stress, and better yet, fully protect yourself from them.

People with chronic illnesses, such asupper respiratory tract, such as, say, bronchitis, it is important to follow the sharp drop in temperature. Such temperature differences often entail a worsening in health.

Insufficiency of the cardiovascular systemIt makes people very dependent on a sharp rise in temperature. It is always associated with a decrease in the oxygen concentration of the air. Therefore, increasing the load on the heart muscle, which supplies the body with oxygenated, blood. Magnetic storms also alter the chemical reactions in the human body, causing an increase in blood viscosity. This, in turn, hampers oxygenation of the body, causing damage to health.

Meteodependent, Symptoms and Treatment

Meteodependent, Symptoms and Treatment
How to learn without loss to carry healthperiods "weather instability"? This site will help readers to our clear understanding of their meteotipa, to determine which may be due to the symptoms that accompany meteozavisimost. Find out the name of their addiction, and the weather will not be as adversely affect you as before.

You can name the seven major meteotipov.

Meteotip rheumatoid. Its symptoms: muscle pain and back pain, which is aching in nature, a sense of aching joints, skin covers the unpleasant feeling of mild tingling.

The weather is changing, and you see similar symptoms apparently "weak link" in your body - skeletal system.

Take action. First of all, consult your doctor, rheumatologist, thereby preventing difficulties associated with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and their consequences. At home, the same conditions useful to adhere to the following guidelines:

bedtime bath for 30 minutes. Add to it? kg conventional large rock salt;

visit bath or sauna. Shawl on the lower back and the warm soft socks - a simple and effective means.

Asthmatic type. Do you feel the lack of air, sharply difficulty breathing - all the signs on the face.

The sudden cold snap may show these symptoms. If bad weather conspires still wet and sharp wind, and close to the bronchial spasm.

People belonging to this meteotipu, just follow these rules:

  • possible stay in a warm, cozy room. If this is not possible, before going take their prescribed by the doctor, medicines for prevention, wrapped in a warm scarf;
  • Drink before bedtime decoction of turnips;
  • do inhalations with the addition of 3 drops of essential oil fir.

Vegetovascular meteotip. This "type" will reward you with weakness and fatigue, decreasing pressure and chilliness, headache and palpitation. Bruises under the eyes, swelling, sweating - also featured.

Aggravated cardiopsychoneurosis hypotonic type of intolerance to sudden weather changes.

Cropped symptoms of this disease can be,eliminating stress and psychological stress, normalizing your daily regime and thereby fend for themselves from overwork. It is necessary to renounce the use of alcohol, frequent drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes.

You can use vegetable neurostimulators: Rhodiola rosea, ginseng, Siberian ginseng (consult your physician).

Effective lessons in swimming and hydrotherapy.

Kardiorespiratory meteotip. If there was shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat quickened, felt tingling in the chest and under the left scapula; possibly a magnetic storm was the background for the manifestation of cardiac disturbances. Disturbed metabolism myocardial muscle tissue, causing pain.

Recommendations: drink hot tea with mint and honey; give preference to drink chicory instead of coffee and tea.

If you want to visit your cardiologist.

Dyspeptic meteotip. Poor appetite, belching, heartburn, constipation, pain abdomen. Bad weather affects the digestive system, which requires special attention in these days.


  • revise your daily diet. If possible, give up meat, replacing it with a light milk-vegetable diet. Avoid products from bread, cabbage, bean;
  • eat separately, drink clean water in sufficient quantities.

Cerebral. Signs of this meteotipa: headache, insomnia, Nosebleeds, complaints, irritability, lack of air.

The imbalance of the nervous system caused by changes in the weather. High levels of adrenalin in the blood flowing, increases blood pressure.

In such cases, help massage for hands, decoctions of herbs recommended by a doctor.

Skin and allergic meteotip. Manifested redness, pruritus, rash when exposed to sunlight or cold.

Geophysical factors affect the body, causing enhanced production of histamine, which causes allergic reactions.


  • discard citrus, chocolate, strong drinks;
  • Take a bath for 10 minutes with a decoction of herbs succession, St. John's wort, celandine, valerian root and chamomile flowers, sage;
  • Consult with your doctor about taking a decoction of calendula flower clusters.

Summarizing, we can give quite a good prognosis. To reduce the impact of adverse factors meteodependent all people should take adequate treatment to normalize their work and rest, to eliminate stress and try to bring into your life more positive emotions.

For the prevention of practice walking in the fresh air, moderate exercise, cut junk food in their diets. Be kind to yourself and others.

All good health.

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