Treatment of Haylita

Haylit - painful and nonesthetical lips. With a particular form of the disease, each of us came across. The risk of occurrence increases if the body is experiencing a constant shortage of vitamin B2 (Riboflavina).

Why lubs suffer

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The reasons for the development of Haylita several:

  1. Most often, the disease occurs on the soil of dermatosis of various origin. For example, inflammation can turn to the mucous membrane and the skin of the lips, if a person is sick of red flat on this time, psoriasis or tuberculosis.
  2. Aggressive weather conditions for unprotected lips - the second most prevalence cause of the development of Haylita. Hot and cold air, strong wind, scorching sun, long stay outdoors can cause a disease in the watch.
  3. Allergic Haleit is striking the lips when the reactive sensitivity of their cells is increasing under the influence of chemicals, ultraviolet radiation and other irritating factors.
  4. Haylit is not always an independently arising disease, sometimes this painful state becomes a continuation of the main disease. Cause the development of secondary halitis can atopic dermatitis or Neurodermit, eczema, Neurry facial nerve.

Disease varieties

Lips, Lip Treatment, Lip Care, Haleit

Ways to deal with this pathology are determined by its form and reasons that caused it, because in the treatment of almost all types of Haylita, the elimination of the causal factor is a prerequisite for recovery.

Success in the treatment of exfoliative halitis is possible only after the competent correction of the psycho-emotional state of the patient. For this, a person prescribed sedative drugs and tranquilizers. Laser therapy, introduction of hormonal drugs with ultrasound, radiation therapy is a local treatment program for this form of the disease, in parallel with which it is necessary to fill in the body of a patient with a lack of vitamins C and group in. To increase immunity, pyrogenal and prodigiosis are irreplaceable. On average, the treatment of exfoliative halitis is stretched for 1-2 months.

The ideal option for the treatment of meteorological halitis is to move to a place with more gentle climatic and weather conditions, but not all patients are ready for such a cardinal change. In this regard, the emphasis is on topical treatment, which is based on the use of hormonal ointments with such active substances as hydrocortisone and prednisone. It is very important during the period of treatment and after it is used to use creams enclosing the skin of the lips from ultraviolet.

Glandular Haylitis effectively eliminate with the help of ointments from the glucocorticosteroid group (Flutsinar). Practice has shown that the most effective methods of treatment are the method of electrical coagulation of the salivary glands and their deserted during surgery.

Atopic Haleitis, who most often suffer from children, treat hormonal ointments and creams. These drugs are well removing inflammation, itching and allergic manifestations. At the same time, antihistamine preparations (diazoline, cetirizine, Loratadine) are taken.

Treatment of macrohelite complex: the patient is prescribed immunocorrectors, antiviral drugs, desensibizers, hormonal drugs.

Treatment of diseases by folk methods

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Herbalists contributed to the treatment of Haleita. If unconventional medicine you trust more than official medicines, try to get rid of the problem with these recipes:

  1. Lubricate the inflamed places on the lips of fresh aloe juice, and after 15-20 minutes, clean the skin with a cotton swab, moistened in the rosehip oil. Repeat the procedure until painful wounds disappear from the lips.
  2. This recipe is suitable for the treatment of Haylita in adults and children. For the preparation of the medicine, take 20 g of dry marigolds and chamomile flowers, 10 g of fruits of Sophia Japanese, birch leaves and a series. Fill herbal with steep boiling water (1 to 10), then insist the means for 1.5-2 hours, then strain. During 1 month, drink 1/3 cup of medication 2-3 times a day after meals. The same tincture can be used as an applique for the affected border.
  3. Painful symptoms of the acute shape of Haylita can be eliminated by applying the lips for lips from therapeutic infusions during the week. As ingredients for making medicine, you can take the grass of the Zverboard and an oak bark in the proportion of 5 to 1 or root of heming and sage at the rate of 1 to 1.

How to keep your lips healthy

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Specific recommendations for the prevention of one or another form of Haylita do not exist. However, you can follow a number of general rules that will help protect the vulnerable skin of the lips not only on the development of the Haylita, but also from any other disease:

  1. Always remember that high immunity is the basis of strong human health. Balanced nutrition, strict day mode, hardening, sports - with this complex «Usefulness» You will never hurt!
  2. Protect lip skin from aggressive weather conditions. Oily hygienic lipstick will save gentle skin from wind and frost in winter, and high-quality lipstick will not allow harmful sunny ultravioleti to harm the female lips with a hot summer.
  3. Once and forever get rid of the worst enemy of healthy lips - smoking.
  4. 2 times a year pass the course of vitamin therapy.
  5. If you are allergic, use high-quality hypoallergenic cosmetics.

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