Application neyromultivita

To keep the body in the autumn-winter period, as well as for the treatment of complex diseases of neuralgic character, good results are made available to the drug with a complex of vitamins of group B.

Neyromultivit - this medication is aimed atstrengthen the body with vitamins group B. Available in tablet form. The cardboard package contains two blister twenty tablets each. They are white and covered with a protective sheath. Convex on both sides.

Depending on the manufacturer, the costthe drug may vary slightly. So, for example, tablets produced in Germany or Austria will have a higher cost than their counterpart (Neurobion) - the manufacturer Russia.


vitamin b, medicine, neurology, Neyromultivit

As part of the vitamin complex containing such substances:

  • thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1);
  • pyridoxine (Vitamin B6);
  • Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12).

Vitamin B1, fosfolitiruyas turns into kokarboksilazu. This substance has a beneficial effect on the formation of carbohydrate and protein processes.

Often in relation to the substance canMedical hear such terms as "antinevritny vitamin." It is necessary to take the people actively involved in sports, with nervous stress, in the treatment of gastric and intestinal diseases, taking antibiotics.

Vitamin B1 is essential for the work of the body, it helps to stimulate the brain cells and increases the human body's resistance to various infections. In addition, the substance helps improve digestion.

Vitamin B6 is often called antidepressantvitamin. Report from the body after eight hours. Vitamin does not accumulate, so you need to constantly replenish it. Participates in metabolism, improves overall health, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels, improves the contractility of cardiac muscle, promotes the natural functioning of the nervous system and liver. In addition, it stops the aging process, reduces muscle spasms.

Vitamin B12 is actively struggling with anemicstate. This water-soluble substance accumulates in small amounts in the liver. In the period of active exercise and during pregnancy the daily requirement for vitamin B12 is increased four times.

Neyromultivita One tablet contains:

  • Two hundred milligrams of B6;
  • hundred milligrams of B1;
  • Two hundred micrograms B12;
  • other auxiliaries.

This recommended intake

vitamin b, medicine, neurology, Neyromultivit is strongly recommended not to use the drug expired. In one case, it can not act, and be sorry for the money spent, and in the other - can hurt your health, because it is not known what action might have on the human body tainted medicine.

Make their own decisions about what youor your children need taking this vitamin complex, it is not necessary. Duration of the course, the dosage will depend on your condition and the duration of the disease, and it can be determined only by the doctor. It will assign the correct treatment only after examination (in some cases may require the results of tests and X-rays) and compiling a history of the patient.

Neyromultivit and interaction with other drugs

Vitamin complex may decrease the effects of drugs to relieve the patient at Parkinson's disease.

In addition, it is not recommended to take vitamins with drugs:

    vitamin b, medicine, neurology, Neyromultivit

  • the medicine used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus (biguanide) and gout (colchicine) - in most cases decreased action of vitamin B12;
  • when taking oral contraceptives may decrease the action of the complex;
  • receiving anti-epileptic drugs (phenobarbital, phenytoin and carbamazepine) may lead to a deficiency of vitamin B1 in the body;
  • while taking anti-TB drugs (isoniazid), and penicillin group of drugs decreased action of vitamin complex;
  • while taking multivitamin complexes, in particular - Pyridoxine, vitamins and pharmaceuticals group with B vitamins, a decrease in efficacy.

Not everyone is carefully studying the instructions,attached to the drug. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following. With the simultaneous use of two or more medicines need to know that their actions can be both strengthened and weakened, so do not expect the effect of receiving vitamin complex. In addition, there is a risk to get drug overdose or poisoning.

About side effects

Neurologists say that Neyromultivit generally well tolerated, but in some cases, especially when it comes to drug overdose, there may be symptoms such:

  • nausea;
  • itching of the skin;
  • violation of the heart;
  • allergic rashes;
  • idiosyncrasy.

In case of occurrence of such phenomena must either give up the administration of the drug or reduce the dosage and consult the hospital.

This should not take Neyromultivit

vitamin b, medicine, neurology, Neyromultivit

It is strictly forbidden to take vitaminswomen who bears a child, as well as during breastfeeding. In this case, the drug may have adverse effects on the fetus and even lead to fetal development defects. As for breastfeeding period - substances enter the body through the milk to the baby and may adversely affect its growth.

We do not recommend prolonged use of the drug (over a month), because it can lead to the opposite effect, and the development of neurological complications.

The drug is not administered to newborns and childrenthe first year of life - to avoid regulatory daily dose of vitamins (possible severe adverse reaction) overdose. For infants, there are other multivitamins - Multi-tabs, Vetoron.

How to store

The preparation is stored in a dark and dry place. The optimum temperature for storage of vitamins - no more than twenty-five degrees.

Also, be aware that the tablets should be placed in locations that are not accessible to children.

Shelf life is three years neyromultivita.

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