How to take Oscillococcinum

Year by year, with the beginning of spring, many schoolsclosed for quarantine, and groups in kindergartens noticeably thinning. This is due to the mass diseases of children and adults with influenza and other respiratory infections. So I decided today our website to tell your readers about the homeopathic preparation under the unpronounceable name "Oscillococcinum".

In France, which produces the drug, itIt is known and popular for over 70 years. Now, the drug has passed registration in more than sixty countries of the world. In recent years, it began to actively use and Russians.

General information about the preparation

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Shoots Oscillococcinum known company"Boiron» ( «Laboratories Boiron»). The colorful package contains 6, 12 or even 30 plastic tubes (containers) with lids. Each container is packaged on one gram of small white granules having a sweet taste. The contents of one container - this is one single dose. The composition has an extract extracted from liver and heart musk (barbariyskoy) duck. Moreover, the original substance in the manufacture of exposed according to the special technology 200 dilutions. Besides the active ingredient used excipients lactose and sucrose, necessary to bring the total weight up to one gram of granules. They give homeopathic small ball sweet taste. There was no smell in this facility there. foundation homeopathy It was described by Samuel Hahnemann in 1786. The mystery of this teaching completely still and not disclosed. The basic principle of homeopathy is based on the assumption that: a substance that can cause healthy people symptoms of the disease, can cure patients with similar symptoms. According to the canons of the antiviral properties of homeopathic Oscillococcinum is based on the effect of the new drug, which was formed in the course of such a high dilution.

From the history of Oscillococcinum

homeopathic remedies, influenza, immunity, immune stimulants, SARS, Oscillococcinum, strengthening the body

To not get infected with influenza or other respiratory infections, a dose should be taken (the contents of one container) once a week.

If there were signs SARS or flu, then rassosite under the tongue one dose of the drug, and every six hours consistently take several doses.

If the disease went on at full speed, thencontinue taking Oscillococcinum one dose for three days every 12 hours (ie, twice per day, it is better to do it in the morning and just before bedtime). If after 24 hours the condition does not improve the symptoms continue to worsen, you should seek advice for further treatment at the doctor.

Oscillococcinum can receive not onlyadults and children of all ages. If the child still can not dissolve the granules, they are first dissolved in a small amount of water (boiled, cooled down), and then the sweet solution gives the baby, including newborn infants, or from a spoon. The dose for children is not reduced, no matter how much it may be years, ie it is necessary to dissolve the entire contents of the container. The drug is absolutely safe for pregnant women. This is confirmed by numerous studies over the years the use of the drug. This means permitted to use and breastfeeding women.

On days when you are taking Oscillococcinum, it is possible to use other drugs.

Are there any contraindications and side effects?

homeopathic remedies, influenza, immunity, immune stimulants, SARS, Oscillococcinum, strengthening the body

Contraindications to the reception Oscillococcinum is not established, except for:

  • individual hypersensitivity to the components of the composition;
  • at deficiency of lactase;
  • with lactose intolerance;
  • glucose-galactose malabsorption.

Over the years, the use of this tool, peopledifferent countries, no side effects were recorded. But the manufacturer's instructions still hedged, adding that the reception may occur allergic reactions. But when they appear, fortunately, it has not been reported.

On the research of the drug

homeopathic remedies, influenza, immunity, immune stimulants, SARS, Oscillococcinum, strengthening the body

Scientists from different countries (including France,America, Germany and Russia) were studying the effects of this homeopathic remedy. It was concluded that Oscillococcinum can be considered a safe, highly effective drug that is recommended for adults and children of different ages to prevent ARVI, influenza and their treatment. Clinical trials show that patients taking Oscillococcinum quickly improved their well-being, their disease was much easier. Moreover, the earlier treatment with Oscillococcinum was started, the more effective the drug turned out to be. However, there are critics who question the antiviral properties of this drug.

In his home medicine cabinet I always try to have a supply of Oscillococcinum. He often helped to prevent respiratory infections. The main thing is to start receiving the pellets in time, as soon as a "tickle" in the nose, sneezing, soreness in the throat, body aches, feeling that the body temperature rises ... And not only when it is necessary to take Oscillococcinum, and ascorbic acid at a dose of 2-2.5 grams per day. Oranges, lemons, cranberry juice, ginger tea, too, will contribute to your speedy recovery. But if you were late with taking the first dose, the virus will multiply rapidly. Then Oscillococcinum will be able to only reduce the duration of illness and the intensity of unpleasant symptoms accompanying it.

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