The use of Eleutherococcus

What do you know about Siberian Ginseng? Most people have heard about it only from the advertising means to enhance immunity, but this is an unusual plant is capable of much more. The benefits and properties of Eleutherococcus can endlessly talk, we also single out the most important and useful.

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Many people remember the delicious sweet drinks ofpast under the name "Baikal". Domestic analogue Coca-Cola has been extremely popular throughout the Soviet Union. The reason for this has not been aggressive advertising, which today promotes even bad products, and the unique composition and taste, owes much to the presence of Eleutherococcus. It is this component gave the drink a fresh and unusual. By the way, today in Ukraine is carried out with a drink containing an extract of Siberian Ginseng root, and its popularity is almost the same as at the time of the Soviet "Baikal".

What is Siberian ginseng? Many know him by the more easily pronounceable name - Siberian ginseng. There are 30 species of this plant, which can be like a bush or tree.

only one species grows in Russia -Eleutherococcus senticosus. Yes, and it is found only in the Far East - in the mountains, valleys and forests of mixed type. Eleutherococcus can be grown on their own, but it is better not to plant at home on the windowsill, and on the edge of dacha or somewhere in Western Siberia, where all the right conditions are created. By the way, if time does not cut the weed and not landing very quickly formed an impassable thicket eleuterokokkovaya, thicker than the brambles.

Application and healing properties

drugs, Siberian ginseng, tone, fatigue, Eleutherococcus

How Eleutherococcus makes people cheerful,healthy and intelligent? When a person receives the infusion, his nervous system will run faster, he seemed to wake up and begin to perceive incoming information much clearer, more responsive to external stimuli, improved response, and so on. D. Laboratory studies have shown that people who took ginseng normalized sugar and arterial blood pressure.

People who regularly take Siberian ginseng, fasteradapt to new conditions or adverse dramatically increase physical activity. Happy "experimental" is much better tolerated adverse effects of the environment, especially in polluted cities. Their immune system will make it much more resistant to viruses and they did not suffer from the epidemic of seasonal epidemics of respiratory character with whom we inevitably face every year.

The good news for the strong half of humanity - the regular use of Siberian Ginseng increases libido and improves potentiality several times.

Eleutherococcus is indispensable for DJs and all others,who work in places with loud noises (boiler plants, factories and so on. d.), as it helps maintain the sharpness of hearing, despite the continued strong tension.

Diabetics it helps lower blood sugar if taken infusion regularly for at least two weeks.

In the menstrual cycle it is advised to take a daily infusion, diluted with water. It will help to normalize the functioning of the sex glands and regulate the cycle.

The range of influence of the miracle is not limited to plantsonly ingestion. Packs of infusion promote rapid healing of wounds. And if at least once a week to rinse the scalp and hair with a weak solution essences, you can safely forget about dandruff and hair loss.

All plants in varying degrees, haveanti-radiation effects, but Eleutherococcus creates a powerful protective barrier for those who are forced every day to be in places with background radiation. By the way, almost every citizen lives in such adverse conditions, so taking Eleutherococcus for the modern man is simply necessary.

Practical use

drugs, Siberian ginseng, tone, fatigue, Eleutherococcus

Today in every pharmacy, you can easily buyEleutherococcus tincture. It is a pleasure penny, and brings enormous benefits. Take it better for half an hour before eating 20-40 drops diluted in a little water. The taste of the infusion of specific, but certainly not nasty, so it can be safely given even kiddies.

Speaking of dosages for children. The number of drops of the drug depends on the age of the person and the disease, which he intends to heal. Before taking you must always consult with a pediatrician.

Unlike many plant preparationsorigin, Eleutherococcus tincture gives instant effect, but its strength depends on the duration of the reception. So, if you drink to have fun in the morning 30 drops, diluted with water, then during the day will wonder where you are in so much energy and vigor. If you turn the reception of Siberian ginseng in a daily exercise, then in a week you get used to the constant concentration and a high tone, become ill or less forget about rhinitis and colds altogether. A pleasant prospect, is not it?

If you are planning a trip to the hotcountry long expedition to the mountains, or just hiking for several days, do not be lazy to take a bottle of infusion. It will help to adapt more quickly to the rapidly changing conditions of life.

By the way, suffer from drastic changes can be at home,for example, when summer gives way to autumn. Many people are very keenly feel the weather change and painfully react to the change in atmospheric pressure. Eleutherococcus can help in this case!

But enough about the sores. Eleutherococcus, as has been said, has a wide range of amazing effects. It is used not only in traditional and folk medicine, but also in cosmetics. Just above our site mentioned that it helps get rid of dandruff. Scientists have found that Siberian ginseng copes even with oily seborrhea and running early baldness. Cream-based extract of Eleutherococcus can do wonders not only with your hands, feet and chest. If you rub it in his head, the result will be visible after a few sessions.

So, we found that Siberian ginseng helpsovercome illness and find the beauty, but on this list of ways to use it ends. If you try the taste of freshly picked berries of this plant, but there feeling like you chewed wad of spice. Such an effect could not go unnoticed! Do not think that if Siberian ginseng sold in pharmacies, so it can be used only for medical purposes. Many happy to add it to the food as a seasoning. It gives a fragrant and intense flavor. Of course, it is not a liqueur, but the fresh or dried plants. The leaves can be used as welding additive or tea.

drugs, Siberian ginseng, tone, fatigue, Eleutherococcus

Eleutherococcus is a food, not only people, but alsoanimals. Because it is an excellent supplement for livestock feed, birds and rodents, especially in winter, when so lacking in fresh herbs and vitamins. Try to add in the chicken feed powdered leaves Eleutherococcus, and after a couple of weeks notice that the eggs began to appear twice. Powder from the leaves or decoction of the rhizomes can be added in animal drinking, because by and large it does not matter how the nutrients get into the body. By the way, for pets it will also be useful in the winter, the main thing - to calculate the dosage carefully.

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