Rubella in pregnancy

You're lucky if had been ill with rubellain early childhood! The body can easily cope with the pathogen, the bacterium of the family Togaviridae. For adults, especially women in the position effects of the disease can be fatal.

In the disease a few names - rubella, Rubella, German measles - but the essence is the same: malicious virus can be picked up by airborne droplets or by contact, closely communicating with the peddler infection. Outside the body the bacterium feels pretty confident - she is not afraid of the temperature is below 55 degrees.

Rubella in pregnancy can seriously affect the intrauterine growth of the fetus, therefore, planning a pregnancy, a woman should be given the most careful attention to the prevention of this disease.

Immunity to the disease

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Rubella sick once in a lifetime, after whichthe immune system, "constructs" in the body resistant barrier against possible re virus attack. Therefore, if a woman suffered rubella long before pregnancy, then her or her unborn child infection is no longer scary.

However unconditionally rely on their childrenexpectant mother memories can not, because she could have had any other disease, the symptoms of which looks very similar to the symptoms of rubella. Well, if there is documentary evidence of the transferred last illness. In some cases, measles is asymptomatic, in a latent form. To rely on "maybe", experts suggest a blood test to determine the presence (or absence) of antibodies to the virus.

There are two types of antibodies to rubella - IgM andIgG. The high concentration of IgM antibodies in the blood indicates severe form of measles. If the analysis does not show, people either do not hurt rubella, or suffered it for a long time. In the first case the antibody does not appear in the second - had disappeared from the body. Immunity to the virus in humans no rubella.

Much attention is paid to IgG antibodies. After a small number of them suffering the disease remains in the body for life - this is a real immunity to rubella.

Possible results of the analysis:

  1. IgM antibodies have, IgG antibodies not - rubella infection occurred recently.
  2. The concentration of IgM and IgG is very high - an acute form of rubella.
  3. The complete absence of IgM and IgG - rubella virus in the body has never been immune to the disease either.
  4. Of IgM - negative, of IgG - positive - infection in the past, have immunity to the disease.

How to protect yourself before pregnancy

pregnancy, virus, rubella, measles in adults, immunizations, Rubella, Rubella symptoms, rash

The fact that the rubella virus is dangerous for the unborn man, everybody knows, but the extent of the potential danger of many women unknowingly often underestimated.

It is worth noting that the most dangerous diseaseI believe that the expectant mother was faced with it in the first trimester of a nine-month long journey. In the later stages of rubella for the kid practically not dangerous.

From the mother's body through the placenta virus enters freely in embryo tissue, rewarding chronic infection kid. The overwhelming majority of such cases end in spontaneous abortion. If a pregnant woman is infected during the first 10 weeksafter conception, the fetus threatens mass pathologies - from heart disease, vision and hearing to mental retardation. Even miraculously maintaining a pregnancy, a woman's risk to give birth to a dead child.

The most common disease in infants recovering from mother rubella during pregnancy:

  • microcephaly;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • Fetal dystrophy;
  • cleft palate;
  • lymphadenopathy;
  • anemia;
  • encephalitis.

Rubella can manifest itself already during childbirth: due to a virus disrupted labor, it may be blood poisoning and revealed severe bleeding. Mom and all her family members must be delivered by physicians aware that the infant with congenital rubella, a few months after birth is dangerous to others who may be infected by it.

Abnormalities of the baby can not be shownimmediately, and turn into a time bomb. When the child reaches six months, the impact of rubella will know about yourself exanthema chronic, relapsing pneumonia and vasculitis. 70% of cases end with fatal for the baby.

If transferred measles mother did notimpact on her child's health after birth, it should be remembered that the potential danger will chase the kid still at least two years - that is how much the virus lives in the body.

When interrupt pregnancy

pregnancy, virus, rubella, measles in adults, immunizations, Rubella, Rubella symptoms, rash

When infected women in early pregnancy, when major organs are laid all future child, the risk of complications in the fetus is very high, and the doctor will recommend the patient to do abortion. Infection at a later date is dangerous, butpregnancy is interrupted only when there is evidence of fetal pathology of the fetus, in other cases there is a chance of having a healthy baby. If the expectant mother "lucky" to encounter the virus after 28 weeks gestation, pregnancy definitely left, but the patient is transferred to a group of continuous monitoring by experts.

Treatment of the disease

When rubella infected pregnant womanno radical methods of struggle with the disease do not take, and treat disease is only symptomatic. The patient is advised to rest as much time as possible, drink plenty of fluids, take a multivitamin complexes. When the temperature rises and pain for use antipyretic drugs and light painkillers.

Closely monitor and the status of the child: doctors perform restorative therapy to prevent the development of fetal hypoxia, Placental insufficiency, lower the risk of miscarriage.

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