Bleeding during pregnancy

Very accurate and simple words I heard fromyour obstetrician-gynecologist: "All will be well. But if the water recede, start fights, or, God forbid, will the bleeding - you call me right away. " Then special attention to him, I did not pay. Now everything is different. It is extremely important time suspected violations in the course of pregnancy and quickly eliminate them.

Bleeding during pregnancy
"Congratulations, you are pregnant" - the long-awaited for many women to doctors. Yes, for many people, because it does not cease to grow year by year, the number of female infertility. The reasons are many, but so as not to be distracted by them (because the article is devoted to the ladies "in position") is necessary to reflect on the course of pregnancy and, more precisely, on its affluent flow.

Very correct and at the same time simple words Iheard from her obstetrician for a week before giving birth: "All will be well. But if the water recede, start fights, or, God forbid, will the bleeding - you call me right away. " Then special attention to him, I did not pay. Now everything is different. That is why it is so important in time to suspect violations in the course of pregnancy and as quickly as possible to remove them.

Thus, any bloody issues during pregnancy is a cause of immediate treatment to the doctor.

And for a more accurate diagnosis and understandingthe importance of the issue, I invite our site readers to understand what bleeding during pregnancy can be associated with and what their consequences may be. Initially, we will determine that bleeding means spotting of any volume, from a few drops to profuse.

Haemorrhage in early pregnancy

Unfortunately, in early pregnancybleeding opened in 18-23% of women, and the predominant part of their pregnancy ends miscarriage. The reasons for the final result in this case, quite a lot, is to list the most frequent:
Bleeding during pregnancy

  • which began miscarriage. The reasons for this are many - ranging from stressand ending with developmental disabilities. Most often, the main symptoms are cramping recurrent abdominal pain, spotting. With timely recourse is possible to maintain the pregnancy. Better to threats of extinction abortion be in the hospital under medical supervision. Prescribed bed rest, lack of stress, calm, friendly atmosphere, adherence of the day, herbal teas. In some cases, muscle relaxants are used for removing the slack of increased uterine tone.

It should be noted that even after improvementstate and removing the threat of termination of pregnancy, there is a risk of premature birth and even re-start of a miscarriage. Therefore, treatment and advice of a doctor should be followed throughout the pregnancy;

  • chromosomal abnormalities and other vices that are incompatible with anyintrauterine or Self fetal life. In such cases, the onset of bleeding ends miscarriage. The threat to the woman's life and health in this case is minimal. The only thing - in the case of bleeding after the abortion occurred, seek medical help to avoid developed posthemorrhagic shock. In such cases, as a rule, produce diagnostic and therapeutic curettage of the uterus in order to detect the remnants of fetal eggs, placenta, ruptured blood vessels. Vessels perevyazhut, residues and scrape at the request of the woman sent for diagnosis to determine the true cause of miscarriage.
  • If this situation does not arise for the first time, a woman should conduct a thorough examination to determine the true cause of miscarriage;

  • incomplete miscarriage. There are cases when a woman can notnotice or simply do not pay attention to the miscarriage occurred. And understand this only when open profuse bleeding associated with the presence of residues of the ovum in the uterine cavity. To act in such a case you need to quickly - consult a physician immediately and make scraping. A further actions are the same as above;
  • ectopic pregnancy. In most cases, it is permitted to 6-8weeks of gestation, and there are cases when a woman only after she learns about the operation of his "former" of pregnancy. The name speaks for itself - a pregnancy that develops outside the uterus. This can be an ovary, fallopian tube may be. The main reason for the development of ectopic pregnancy - obstruction or partial obstruction of the fallopian tubes. That is, the tube lumen is sufficient for fertilization, but it is not sufficient for the passage of the fertilized egg into the uterus for further development. And the causes obstruction of the fallopian tubes are so many, starting from chlamydia and ending with a variety of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs and appendages, which are increasingly complaining about teenage girls.
  • The risk of repeated ectopic pregnancy different experts estimate between 5 and 15%.

    Treatment in this case the operative - removaltube (or organ, which began to develop a pregnancy), rehabilitation (washing) of the abdominal cavity. The danger of this disease for a woman in this case is obvious - in the case of delayed seeking medical help developing peritonitis.

    Sometimes an ectopic pregnancy becomes the whole problem: the woman, especially one that is long I could not get pregnantUntil recently will endure the pain, wishingkeep the baby and did not want to be aware of all the danger to himself. A young woman, knowing the way to treat this condition, justifiably worried about the future possibilities conceiving a child one of the fallopian tubes. Teenage girl wishing to hide the pregnancy and do in the near future a medical abortion, is in a desperate situation - to hide the operation will not succeed. In all cases, women's behavior is driven by emotions, but one thing remains unchanged - in this case you should seriously start to worry about their own health.

  • not developing or "non-viable" pregnancy found in recent times. A week after the fetal death begins spontaneous miscarriage. There are different tactics - after a miscarriage produce ultrasound control, and if abnormality is detected, making the expansion of the cervical canal and uterine cavity curettage. Many obstetricians are also advised to carry out a detailed examination of the woman to determine the cause of missed abortion and to minimize such opportunities in future pregnancies;
  • molar pregnancy. This is a condition in which thereproliferation of placental tissue. When such massive bleeding pathology develops often without pain. You should immediately seek medical attention, in which uterine evacuation performed (curettage), and then control the hormonal status within 6 months.
  • Thus, the above listed most oftenoccurring causes, symptoms and treatment of bleeding in early pregnancy. But even in the second half of pregnancy do not lose vigilance. This does not mean that all of 9 months need to be in suspense any malfunction in the body. But to the end of pregnancy you have on hand it was a healthy baby should be very attentive to all the details.

    Bleeding in late pregnancy

    The development of medicine is by leaps and bounds, andthanks to the opportunity to save babies born weighing 500 grams. It is about 22-24 weeks of gestation. We call it "nursing resulted." Everyone understands that it is difficult. Highly. And sometimes it is simply impossible. In this regard, today the focus is on the preservation of fetal development to the maximum possible term, for example, the threat of premature birth. But beyond that, there are many other causes and factors in which it is impossible to extend the pregnancy because of the threat to the mother's life. As an indicator of pathology, the same threats, acts bleeding. In contrast to the early period of pregnancy, at this stage, the woman and the fetus are related more closely to the placenta vessels made them virtually one body. So, unfortunately, in some cases doctors have to solve a very difficult question of how to save someone's life. Of course, saving the mother's life.

    Therefore, it is important to suspect the "wrong" time and ask for help. So, in late pregnancy bleeding causes may serve as:
    Bleeding during pregnancy with placental abruption

    • mazolysis. The risk of this condition is increased: multiple pregnancy, gestosis and arterial hypertension, Abdominal trauma, polyhydramnios, eatingtoxic substances (tobacco, alcohol, amphetamines, cocaine). When placental abruption is the main symptom is pain. Bleeding happens in most cases. It is also possible uterine contractions, pain around the abdomen. In observing the fruit - his condition will also deteriorate rapidly.

    In this situation, the problem is solved urgently onoperative delivery may amniocentesis to determine the level of surfactant (a substance needed for normal breathing child). If the condition is stable, then to reduce uterine contractions using tocolytic agents (magnesium sulfate), and be sure to monitor the condition of the fetus using CTG (cardiotocography);

  • placenta previa uncommon. Placenta predlezhit in the internal os of the cervical canal. Bleeding occurs due to rupture blood vessels at the site of attachment of the placenta during thinning of the uterine wall. Blood bright scarlet (the parent). In this case, violations of the fetus does not occur, only the maternal organism suffers. Self diagnosis previa is placed on the ultrasound. In such cases, shows a bed rest, intravenous infusion of "magnesia" in fetuses stimulate lung maturation and surfactant production. Prompt delivery only after fetal lung maturation.
  • The above reasons were listed directlyrelated to pregnancy and fetal condition. In addition, there are reasons related largely to the health of the mother herself. For example, polyps of the cervical canal, cervical erosion, uterine fibroids or trauma of the genital organs. Cervical polyp in its development can be complicated by bleeding, and the risk increases with pregnancy. Cervical erosion rarely complicated by heavy bleeding, and when passing through the birth vaginal delivery can cause cervical fractures and external bleeding postpartum. When combined uterine fibroids and pregnancy can occur as a torsion leg tumor and subsequent to her death, and the direct damage of the tumor itself during labor.

    So, ladies, in an attempt to have a baby should not neglect their own health. Otherwise, you may get the opposite. After all, the baby must have a healthy and fun mom.

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