What can I eat after six

For quite a long timeDietitians argue that the view that you can not eat after 6 pm is not only wrong, but also can be detrimental to your health. As in any other case, it is important to adhere to the measures and certain special rules, but you can not starve in any case.

The idea is that after six in the evening there can not be,I came up with some nutritionists and women on a completely equitable basis. As you know, our body uses energy only in the morning, and in the second he was preparing to sleep, the energy does not consume, digest food bad. Food eaten in the evening, not only postponed in fat, but also badly affect the gastrointestinal tract. And in order to avoid all this, just invented a rule prohibiting any meal in the evening.

A little bit about nutrition

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In fact, many women whoonce again promised a "do not eat after six," did not feel any relief, the result in the balance as no. But instead of all this comes the feeling of hunger, anxiety and nervousness.

The cause of such conditions is thatthe body can not starve a long period of time. After a break between meals is up to 14 hours! And our body is quite alarming, of course, he is afraid that you absolutely starved him to death, because the body is trying to postpone the fat reserve.

Studies show that the body begins"Give" only when it begins to "get." Because there are some very important rules of food throughout the day, which will help not to feel hunger, and to quickly and effectively reduce weight:

  • eat 5-6 times a day;
  • greater consumption of calories and food should fall on the first half of the day;
  • portion must not exceed 200 g food dry;
  • the interval between meals should not be longer than 3-4 hours;
  • dinner is no less important than breakfastBut the last meal should be light.

Thus, it can be concluded thatright thing hearty breakfast, make a snack, followed by a slightly less dense lunch and afternoon tea. But the dinner does not have to be at 18.00, nutritionists and completely admit later, but for the fact that it does not harm the figure, it should be allowed to use only products and comply with certain rules.

Rules perfect dinner

diet, eating after six, diet, dinner,

Remember that hunger satisfaction firstall takes place in our brains. Because your dinner should consist of those foods that you love and that you seem to be hearty. If you yearning is spinach or celery if you are not a fan of dairy products or, for example, is not very fond of fish, it is best to choose a different menu for dinner. Fortunately, it is quite diverse.

  1. Baked or boiled vegetables. You can buy a ready-made frozen mixture into a store, and you can choose from what is available in your refrigerator. The main thing is not to overdo it when cooking with salt, it has the property to retain water, so that you risk the morning to see the "plus" on their scales.
  2. Raw vegetables. They are, of course, you can eat, for example, in the form of salad or separately, but abuse them still not worth it. The fact that the use of only raw vegetables can lead to heartburn or any problems with the digestive tract. It would be better if you eat, for example, raw and cooked carrots.
  3. Fruit. From bananas and grapes at night it is best to give up completely, they are very high in calories and contain high levels of sugar. Apples are also not ideal for dinner, as contained in the acid itself, irritating the intestinal mucosa. Citrus fruits are low in calories and very healthy, but it is not necessary to use them in the case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially during their exacerbations. But the pear, persimmon and kiwi - this is what you need for a wholesome, useful dinner.
  4. Protein products. They occupy the first place among the allowed foods for dinner. Egg whites, chicken breast, fish, eggs - all this is possible, the main thing to cook properly. They can be boiled, cook in a double boiler or bake in the oven. They can be combined with baked or raw vegetables. One serving for dinner should not exceed 200 g
  5. Dairy. They can be attributed to a number of protein, but they occupy a separate category. The main thing is that they are free from grease, then there will not be any danger to the figures or the digestive system. A glass of low-fat yogurt and vegetable salad with yogurt or boiled chicken breast - that's the best for the dinner menu.
  6. Complex carbohydrates. Their use is quite permissible in the evening menu, especially as some of these products are just to complex carbohydrates (such as vegetables). In this case, we mean that you can eat for dinner pasta from durum wheat, a portion of cereals, especially if it is brown rice. If none of these quite fit and buckwheat, the main thing that it was prepared on the water. Keep an eye on portion size, food should not be much.
  7. Cheese will help you feel full faster. It is quite high-calorie, because you can’t eat a lot of it, you can grate a small piece on a fine grater and season them with a cooked dish.

Food is strictly prohibited for dinner

diet, eating after six, diet, dinner,

If you watch your figure and health care, then you need to give up dinner from:

  • fried and greasy;
  • products containing a sugar (cakes, cookies, candies, baked goods and so forth..);
  • a large amount of seasonings to dishes (chicken breast, seasoned with garlic and hot pepper is able to excite the appetite and harm the digestive system);
  • salty foods, which can cause swelling and fluid retention.

As we can see, eat at night is possible and necessary, but if you know about the list of authorized products, and dinner can be delicious and satisfying, and useful. And your figure will always be perfect.

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