Which products contain zinc

Our health and appearance is largely determinedproducts that are most likely to have on their plates. No pharmacy multivitamin supplements can not replace the nutrients that a person receives from natural food. In order to "periodic table", which is present in our body almost at full strength, regularly replenished, you need to properly and eat consciously.

One of the most important elements for a personIt is zinc, which we have today and we'll talk. Without this trace element bones and muscle tissue will never become full-fledged systems of the body: zinc stimulates cell growth and improves metabolism. Zinc in varying quantities are full of red blood cells, white blood cells, the male sperm, liver and kidney tissue. In the body in adults, it contains up to 3 g trace elements.

The value of zinc for the body

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Deficiency of useful substances degrades the overallhealth, undermines the immune system and prevents the normal human life as a whole. Regular zinc saturation of all body systems makes possible such useful processes, such as:

  • strengthening the optic nerve;
  • enhanced regeneration of wounds;
  • the rapid growth and development of bone tissue;
  • Revitalization of the work of the cerebral cortex;
  • improving thought processes;
  • the normal functioning of reproductive organs and genital system;
  • epiphylaxis colds;
  • stimulation of the nervous system;
  • development of prevention allergies;
  • source of energy in severe poisoning;
  • prevent the development of fibrosis;
  • augmentation of sexual energy and potency;
  • Hair rejuvenation, skin and nails.

Zinc deficiency in the body

vitamins, minerals, useful products, zinc

In order to replenish stocks of zinc in the body, you need to know in what products the content of valuable trace elements maximum:

  1. Oranges, lemons, grapefruit, apples, green vegetables, figs - in these foods of plant origin zinc concentration was 0.25 mg per 1 kg of body weight.
  2. 1 kg of honey contains 0.31 mg of mineral trace elements.
  3. 1 kg of raspberries, black currants or dates can be found 2-8 mg of zinc.
  4. Up to 8 mg of valuable substances contain products such as meat, purified rice, sugar beet and normal milk, asparagus, celery, tomatoes, potatoes, breads.
  5. From 8 to 20 mg of zinc per 1 kg weight is present in garlic, onions, yeast, brown rice, cereals eggs.
  6. Fairly high content of zinc (20-50 mg) was found in the composition of molasses, rabbit meat, squid, barley and oat flour, lentils, peas and green tea leaves.
  7. 30-85 mg - so many important trace element contains beef liver.
  8. The record for the largest number of zinc content beaten sunflower seeds, wheat germ and wheat bran - from 130 to 202 mg!

Note that the body metabolizes zinc not completely, but only 20-30% of the total weight.

The daily requirement for zinc

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The body of each of us individual requirements for daily amount of zinc, which is primarily determined by gender and age:

  • boys up to six months - 3 mg of zinc per day;
  • girls up to six months - 2 mg / day;
  • Children under 3 years - 3 mg / day;
  • children up to 8 years - 5 mg / day;
  • Teenagers from 13 years - 8 mg / day;
  • boys 17 - 18 - 11 mg / day;
  • Girls - to 17-18 years - 9 mg / day;
  • males and 50 - 15 mg / day;
  • women up to 50 years - 12 mg / day;
  • pregnant women up to 18 years - 15 mg / day;
  • pregnant women from 19 years - 14 mg / day;
  • Women's Under-18 during lactation - 20 mg / day;
  • girl of 19 years lactation - 17 mg / day.

Features of assimilation by the body of zinc

Speaking about the need for daily replenishment of stocks of zinc in the body, it would be wrong to keep silent about the factors that somehow affect the quality of the assimilation of trace elements.

For example, reception diuretic tablets abruptlyIt increases a person's need for zinc, and dairy products and drinks containing caffeine, salt and sugar and does interfere with the body to fully absorb minerals.

Foods rich in natural protein, on the contrary, contribute to a better absorption of zinc, so do not forget often eat nuts and beans.

For the assimilation of zinc process is a catalyst for other trace elements - copper.

What causes excess beneficial agent

vitamins, minerals, useful products, zinc

Excessive concern about his health sometimes givesresult, opposite to expectations: the excess zinc in the body sometimes just as dangerous as its deficit. Nutritionists warn that the daily rate of trace elements should not exceed 150 mg, otherwise the body will poisoning. This means that dietary supplements and vitamins and zinc should be taken with great caution.

If you show carelessness, zinc oxide of useful trace element immediately turns into a real poison. Remember the symptoms that occur when the body's intoxication with zinc:

  • sweet taste in the mouth;
  • poor appetite;
  • constant thirst;
  • fatigue;
  • cough and pain in the chest when breathing deeply;
  • nasal congestion;
  • vomiting;
  • diarrhea.

In addition, the causes of excessive accumulation of zinc in the body can be a disorder of zinc metabolism, as well as professional activities related to chemical production.

When it comes to nutrition, do not sayOnly the composition and caloric content of products, but also on the establishment of proper diet, taking into account the health status of the individual. Ideally, dietary habits should be discussed with your doctor. The specialist will tell you that how much and how to eat to people getting nutrients it as much as he needs to feel good.

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