First aid for fainting

Syncope (translated from Latin means "weaken", "drain") - brief loss of consciousness, followed by a fall.

dizziness, fainting, first aid, loss of consciousness, weakness

Fainting may be a sudden - was walking and fell, and accompanied by specific symptoms:

  • feeling dizzy;
  • tinnitus;
  • nausea;
  • cold sweat;
  • numbness;
  • pallor.

Then comes a complete loss of consciousness.

Causes of loss of consciousness

dizziness, fainting, first aid, loss of consciousness, weakness

If you see that when you have people lostconsciousness is not inactivity. Pick up his feet to normalize the blood flow to the brain, let the air hit - loosen his belt and unbutton the collar. Allow to inhale ammonia, if any, or spray the person with cool water.

our website is strongly recommended immediately to make sure that there is no heartbeat and no breathing, pulse count - later this information can help your doctor Ambulance identify the causes of syncope. Check the patient's reaction of pupils to light is very important - if the pupils constrict, so his condition is not so bad.

If you are convinced of the absence of the patient's heartbeat and breathing, you must immediately begin chest compressions and artificial respiration.

It is also very dangerous for fainting ceasing language. If you experience severe wheezing or breathing does not, make sure first of all that there was no sticking of.

Alcohol fainting due to intoxicationbody alcohol is also a common case, especially on the street. In this case, it is necessary to turn the unconscious on his side so that vomit does not lead to blockage of the respiratory tract and suffocation. Let the ammonia smell and sprinkle with water, then immediately call an ambulance.

In no case do not raise human vertically! It can worsen his condition and increase the oxygen starvation, which occurs due to the outflow of blood from the brain.

When a person wakes up, it is necessaryto measure blood pressure and drink sweet tea. And also you need to calm him down, so as syncope can occur due to nervous stress, and the feeling of nausea at least unpleasant.

Causes of syncope in children

dizziness, fainting, first aid, loss of consciousness, weakness

Especially scary when in front of an adult withoutconsciousness falls child. It is important not to panic, but first of all to identify a possible cause. Often this is overheating and stuffiness, which can cause excessive wrapping. Long standing at attention can lead to fainting, especially with the knees brought together. Also, if the child has been sick for several days and observed bed rest, loss of consciousness may occur during the first attempt to get out of bed.

Also causes of syncope can servethe disease carried by the child: low blood pressure (if the child is raised and he takes medication, then perhaps he fainted under the influence of medications) arrhythmia, Low blood sugar, many infectious diseases can cause not only dizziness and weakness, but also a complete loss of consciousness.

Starting menstruation can also cause a similar condition in adolescent girls.

Child emotional adults, because any stress or sharp pain (by injection, for example) can cause fainting. Although this is the reason for adults is also not excluded.

First aid for fainting in children

First of all we see the presence of the child's breathing and heartbeat. If they are not, do chest compressions and artificial respiration.

If this is all right, you need to put the babyso that the body was higher than the head, legs to lift it. Open a window or move the child into the shadows, thus providing an additional fresh air into the body. For the same purpose, loosen the belt and unbutton the collar. Spray the person with cool water and allow to smell a substance with a pungent odor - it may be as essential oils, and ammonia. However, it must be remembered that prolonged inhalation of these substances can burn the delicate mucosal surface in the nose of the child.

Calculate the pulse and measure blood pressure also remains a very important step after first aid for fainting.

Once the above steps have been completed,immediately call the emergency doctor to determine the cause of loss of consciousness. You may have to go to the hospital and to carry out further examination.

The most important rule when you see that theyou people, whether adult or child, falls unconscious - are not idle and not to panic. Our irrational actions sometimes can cost human life or health.

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