Natural antibiotics

In nature, there are many products and plant with which to treat various diseases. Successfully replace harmful to human health pharmacy drugs help natural antibiotics.

Among the many plants there are manythose which are able to save people from various diseases. Many plants are successfully fighting with microbes. Remember, as a child of our grandmother often treated cold linden tea and raspberry jam? And this is not only a natural antibiotic. our site will tell you which plants will help to cope with colds and other diseases, and help strengthen the immune system.

Pharmaceutical drugs have never been useful. In particular, antibiotics kills useful bacteria in the human gut. After this illness the person for a long time recovering. With the success of cure many diseases, colds and viral diseases may be natural products and herbs.

The most popular natural cures

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They are found in almost every home, and many we use almost every day.

Bow. He is considered the most useful and helps the bodyget rid of the bacteria. Natural antiseptic. It strengthens the immune system. In ancient times, people just suck raw onion. So they got rid of the disease, considering that the bow is able to "suck" the bad from the body.

To disinfect the room, get rid of harmful bacteria and microbes is sufficient to cut the onion into several pieces and put it on the table on a silver platter.

Another unique recipe for getting rid of the bacteria Escherichia coli. We need to take onion juice and lime juice in equal proportions. Mix. Take half a teaspoon.

Cabbage. It kills germs. It is believed that the cabbage is particularly useful when it kvass. Sauerkraut (a carrot) need to eat every day, especially during the autumn-winter period.

Honey. "Natural antibiotic" - so said our grandmothers and were treated to a sweet treat. Scientists conducting experiments, found that honey contains a special substance of protein origin.

eating honeyCan be cured stomach ulcer. Also bee products successfully treat wounds and burns. This once again proves that honey is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic.

Honey can cure colds, sore throat. But it must be borne in mind that bee products are not for everyone approach, and in some cases cause allergic reactions.

Cinnamon. She, like onion, used as a natural antibioticancient times. Cinnamon, in addition to its medicinal properties, it is considered an excellent natural antioxidant and stimulator of the human immune system. Net cinnamon grown in Ceylon can stop the reproduction of the most stubborn bacteria E. coli, which causes many serious diseases.

Astragalus. It has a tonic effect on the bodyhuman. It has for many decades been successfully used in Chinese medicine to strengthen the immune system, to relieve stress, improve health and mental activity. Astragalus successfully treats colds, protects the liver.

In addition to these natural herbs and products, there are many natural antibiotics.

antibiotics, medicinal products, traditional medicine, wholesome foods, natural antibiotics

If every day to use the products, which will continue the conversation, the body will acquire protective immunity, and you avoid colds and other diseases.

  1. Horseradish. The horseradish root, which has a number ofantimicrobial properties, contains enzymes and mustard oil. When the horseradish root is crushed or rubbed, these two substances are activated and form a strong natural antibiotic (allyl oil), which treats diseases of the nasopharynx.

    The recipe for getting rid of coughing, and tracheitis bronchitis. Grind horseradish root, and take one tablespoonspoon, mix three tablespoons of honey and leave for a day. Every day, eat a teaspoon of medicine up to five times a day. This should be done as follows: take the medicine and hold it in the mouth until completely dissolved. at cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system tablespoon chopped grated horseradish pour 250 ml of hot water. Infuse for five minutes every day to drink a warm infusion of the morning, afternoon and evening.

  2. Cranberry. Very powerful antibiotic and powerful shredderviruses. It cleanses bacteria from the urinary tract and the genitourinary system as a whole. Natural antioxidant cranberries and lingonberries treat colds, have a slight diuretic effect and anti-inflammatory effect. We should not forget that the excessive consumption of cranberry may lead to lower blood pressure.

    To prepare the cranberry juice, you need to takecranberries and grind it with sugar, in the proportions of 3: 1. Take two tablespoons of ready mix and pour half a liter of boiling water. You can drink the drink useful to health.

  3. antibiotics, medicinal products, traditional medicine, wholesome foods, natural antibiotics

  4. Garlic. It displays the body of harmful bacteria, andas intestinal parasites, and viruses from the body, particularly the respiratory system, the circulatory. Garlic is also a means of protecting the body against the development of cancer cells. It cleans the blood. Eating just one clove of garlic, the human body gets just about 400 nutrients that cleanse the walls of blood vessels from the "bad" cholesterol, help to get rid of even tuberculosis, diphtheria sticks and kills worms.

    To prepare the garlic elixir, you need to take12 teeth, and each cut into four pieces. Cloves pour red wine (three glasses). Leave on the windowsill, in a well-lit place to got to the infusion sunlight. Infuse the mixture should fortnight. Periodically, preferably every two to three days, the mixture was gently stirred and mixed. After elixir is ready, it is filtered and poured into a container made of dark glass. Take this medicine for a hundred diseases one teaspoon three times a day for a month. Elixir brings salt, increases the activity, strengthens the immune system, the heart muscle. It treats diseases of the female reproductive organs and cleanses the body from toxins.

  5. Basil It has antibacterial properties and successfully treats sore throat. To prepare the medicine, it is necessary to grindbasil leaves (4 tablespoons) and pour them a glass of boiling water, leave for 15-20 minutes on low heat warms the mixture then is cooled and filtered. This solution is necessary to gargle several times a day.

    When conjunctivitis two tablespoons of crushed leavespour 500 ml of hot water and insist until until the water is cool, filter. This solution was washed eyes and use the inside of a 125 ml several times a day before meals.

    antibiotics, medicinal products, traditional medicine, wholesome foods, natural antibiotics

    From headache prepare tea from the herb lemon balm, basil and sage. All herbs are ground and mixed, and take a teaspoon of boiled water. Insist 20 minutes, strain and drink slowly with honey. Within half an hour the headache goes away. Also, this tea can be drunk, to get rid of anxiety and overstimulation.

  6. Blueberry It considered a natural aspirin. Berry relieves headaches, muscle pain and helps restore the body after suffering a chronic illness. Blueberries use with a view to clear the genitourinary system from bacteria and prevent infection.

All natural antibiotics in varying degrees,help a person feel better. Do not forget that before using any natural antibiotic is advisable to consult with your doctor.

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