Phosphates in urine, causes and treatment

Some diseases man bears for years,not even knowing about their existence. However, careful attention to your health and well-being helps to recognize the danger in time. For example, a turbid urine color indicates the presence of phosphates in its composition and, consequently, the development of the disease called phosphaturia.

It's time to get confused and panicked becausenot every one of us is clear, that such phosphates and how these substances affect the body. But as you know, the enemy needs to know in person: to successfully treat the disease you need to collect about her as much information as possible.

Phosphates in the urine - it is dangerous or not?

Analysis of urine tests, urine, OAM, kidney, phosphates

Called phosphates salts, which are formed inphosphoric acid by reaction with bases. With these substances we encounter every day: just look at the information that the package contains a particular food product. E339 - encrypted name sodium phosphate E341 - calcium phosphate, E450 - pyrophosphate ... Penetrating into the body, phosphates are split into several constituent elements, chief among which is phosphorus.

Like other minerals, phosphorusIt is for man a certain value. Thus, a sufficient amount of this element provides a healthy muscle activity (and including heart) and brain. Phosphorus is a fundamental structural element of the cell phospholipid, as well as taking part in all the processes of multilevel metabolism and in the synthesis of molecules of certain enzymes.

Fear of phosphorus deficiency in the body is not necessary -in the course of research it has been reliably established that together with food, every day we get this material in abundance. Many of us can not always resist a sandwich with salami, sausages, canned food and sugary soda. Meanwhile, all this food is rich in phosphates. Harm coming excessive phosphate is obvious - on this basis in the body disrupts the assimilation of important substances for health, such as calcium, magnesium and iron.

In addition to eating food rich in phosphates, MipSovetov listed and other causes of phosphaturia:

  • a sharp change in eating habits (prolonged strict diet, vegetarianism);
  • regular consumption of foods with a high level of phosphorus;
  • Disorder exchange of inorganic elements;
  • pregnancy.

Isolated cases of oversaturation of the organismphosphates should not be a cause for concern, because not yet indicate the presence of disease. Phosphates in the urine of pregnant women is generally considered the norm, writing off all of the change in hormonal levels in the situation of the patient. However, if the urine becomes cloudy very often (ie frequent presence in its composition of phosphates), for an explanation of the situation need to see a doctor.

The diagnosis phosphaturia

To confirm or refute suspicionsconcerning phosphate salts in the urine, making urinalysis. If the study shows that the acidity of the urine has a value of less than 7 units, it indicates the presence of a specific substance in its composition. Also, the patient may be given daily Analysis of urine the presence of salt, which will allow the physician to evaluateurinary system performance as a whole. For the reliability of the results for 1-2 days prior to the intended analysis can not be actively train, eat food with pronounced taste (salty, spicy food), drinking alcohol and a lot of smoke.

Phosphaturia as a symptom

Analysis of urine tests, urine, OAM, kidney, phosphates

The appearance of salts in the urine of a pregnant woman is due to herposition, and therefore considered acceptable. Saturation of the future mother's urine with phosphates occurs due to an increase in the concentration of progesterone in the blood. This means that the woman’s body is too relaxed at this time to filter, remove urine and prevent the formation of salt sediment in it. To ensure a more productive outflow of urine, the expectant mother needs to walk regularly and drink more water.

Phosphaturia children

This phenomenon is quite rare, and is manifested inKids generally up to 5 years. The presence of phosphate in the children's urine indicates its low acidity, which is formed, if the child uses a lot of fish, eggs, buckwheat, milk and other foods high in phosphorus. In children, failure is due to the imperfection of the regulatory processes which depend on the exchange of inorganic substances. The emergence of phosphates in the urine of a baby can also be caused by vomiting, fever and gastric lavage.

The development of symptoms phosphaturia

At the initial stage of development of pathology guessthat the body is something wrong, it is possible for suspicious urine turbidity. If time does not ask for an explanation of the hospital, there are other signs of the disorder. A person may experience discomfort from frequent urination, aching pain in the lumbar region, which increases at times when power load, vomiting, nausea, Colic, false desires in a toilet "in a little."

How to solve a problem

Analysis of urine tests, urine, OAM, kidney, phosphates

As already noted, the presence of salts in the urine evenIt does not indicate a serious disease for sure, but consultation with a competent expert is needed in any case. The main task of the patient now - immediately respond to this signal the body, without having to wait until the salt crystals are transformed into the problem in the form of phosphate kidney stones.

Drug therapy at an early stagethe disease is not yet justified. By the means of recourse in the case of tablets for kidney stones. The first thing to change in this situation - to review and adjust your diet. It is best to discuss the features of the new way of eating with your doctor, because the diet for each patient is an individual. For example, a child who phosphates found in urine is likely to designate regular reception vitamin D and continuous monitoring of salt content in urine.

Absolutely all the people who are faced withphenomenon, it is necessary to enrich their daily ration of cereals and legumes, cereals of all kinds of cereals, lean meat and fish. This is not to get involved in vegetables and sour berries. Drinking should be plentiful, but water reserves in the body need to fill at the expense of ordinary water, having forgotten for a while about coffee and strong tea.

The list of banned products in phosphaturiaget drinks, candy and other sweets, baked, smoked or salted food, "milk" with a high percentage of fat. Meals should be divided into 5-6 small servings per day, and the total caloric content should be about 2500 kcal.

Preventing the appearance of salts in urine

Analysis of urine tests, urine, OAM, kidney, phosphates

So, summing up what has been said above, it is possible toconfidence that prevent the development of diseases associated with an increase in the concentration of phosphates in the urine, to help correct way of life. To protect yourself from problems:

  • eat right and balanced, giving preference to natural products;
  • Try to drink about 2.5 liters of water per day. Hot summer need to drink more;
  • take care of hypothermia;
  • from time to time turn in a urine sample as part of a general examination of the body;
  • do not neglect the back pains, if do not know the cause of their origin. Immediately go to the doctor;
  • abstain from alcohol and cigarettes.

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