Stimulants are to the body

We are trying to be in several places,engage in multiple activities. The young body is able to cope with the chronic lack of sleep and lack of proper nutrition. We just need a bit of his "whip." In fact, what are the stimulants and "energy" is used everywhere achievers modern people to understand and offer.

Around not cease to talk about a busylife, "planted" the health and constant lack of time. We are trying to be in several places, to engage in multiple, often polar, activities ...

In recent years, many employerswary of such 'universal', believing that such a race for everyone and immediately goes by without a loss of quality of the work and impact on the achievement of results. Workers also discourage filing: "Work while you can." Indeed, why not? The young body is able to cope with a cold, transferred "on foot", a chronic lack of sleep and lack of proper nutrition. We just need a bit of his "whip." In fact, what are the stimulants and "energy" is used everywhere achievers modern people, our website offers understanding.

Coffee and caffeinated products

Stimulants are to the body
Coffee is probably the most loved notOnly the Russians. For many people, the use of invigorating drink in the morning turned into a ritual. Someone adds a cinnamon frosty morning, some prefer "lite" version - a latte or cappuccino. The essence remains the same: coffee helps us to wake up and tune into a working harmony.

Normally, the human bodyIt generates a set of hormones in different proportions. If any emotional or physical stress balance is disturbed: the blood ejected a record amount of cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Adrenaline spazmiruet vessels, increased blood pressure, the heart begins to contract rapidly, increasing blood circulation organs, including the brain ...

This happens whenever the caffeineingested. Keenly aware that every time you use caffeine every cell in the body is in a stressful situation, we can not give up the drink.

Scientists of many countries were performed at least once, andWe published a study on the effect of caffeine and other caffeine-containing drinks (which we used to call energy). And every time the results are surprising. For example, Harvard scientists say that caffeine detrimental effect on the mental activity of men, while women have a multiple increase efficiency.

German doctors have also studied the effect of caffeine onprocesses of regeneration (recovery) and rejuvenation. The results have pleased fans of an invigorating drink: they were promised an increase in life expectancy by an average of 15% in the use of 350 ml of coffee at knock.

No matter how many tried to understand the true nature ofthe interaction of hormones with caffeine, the results are often published very contradictory. Therefore, rightly noted that much is not harmful if used in moderation.

herbal stimulants

Stimulants are to the body
Many pharmaceutical companies from year to yearoften "bet" on the extraction of vegetable raw materials, sponsoring various studies extract of influence on the human body. And these plants have different points of application and operating in different ways, we already know a great many. We are not going to retell the directories and specialist agronomists and consider the most well-known additives, positioned as "natural stimulants":

  • gotu kola extract pharmacists and doctors loved fora very interesting effect on the body of people suffering from the classic chronic fatigue syndrome. Toning effect of this plant is not mediated, and acts on the nervous system, speeding up the passage of pulses, improving blood flow to the brain, stimulating mental activity;
  • It has a similar effect and Ginkgo Biloba which is a part of almost every BADRecommended for people with mental and physical overload, in the period of recovery and rehabilitation. However, despite the similar effect, Ginkgo Biloba has a point of application in the immune system;
  • Echinacea, which we have high hopesin an attempt to defend against the next flu epidemic, also provides indirect stimulating effect on the body by the immune system. Thus a useful plant extract that stimulates the protective properties of the body, but it does not contribute anything. Depleted reserves, which need to replenish. Not the best option, but in combination with stronger extracts it is quite an active aide;
  • Ginseng is good for its unique combination ofvitamins, peptides (amino acids), and minerals. Due to this, the body literally gets energy boost. But directly on the brain ginseng does not work;
  • Chinese magnolia vine - a recognized stimulant,which, along with the improvement brain activity, stimulates the production of lymphocytes, our defenders against infectious agents. His action, as opposed to gotu kola, is directed in one direction: to stimulate and increase efficiency. Therefore, people with chronic fatigue syndrome and sleep disorders are advised not to use lemongrass.

If you plan to adopt anyplant component, be sure to check its exact composition. The importance of the case and raw material acquisition time. Become customers only proven companies with good reputation. And remember that you should not wait for the effect on the second day - most of the plants have a tendency to accumulate in the body and only at a certain concentration begin to act.

True stimulants - nootropics

Medications This group can not be attributed to the category of lightor acting selectively. They not only stimulate the activity of the brain, but also enhance endurance during physical and mental stress. The main disadvantage of this group of promoters is that anything outside the body does not receive them. EXPENSES all the same resources, depleted stocks.

We will not be going to include the namesdrugs because the possibility and necessity of their application must be assessed specialist. No, they are not prohibited and are sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Uncontrolled use of any drug can cause significant harm to health.

Vitamins - no stimulants, and helpers

Stimulants are to the body
Since the main "agent", depleting ourenergy, stress is in any manifestation, then you can deal with it by any means. Some doctors are very productive bet on a balance of essential vitamins and trace elements. Not enough of one, the other stocks are also beginning to dry out. For the nervous system are important vitamins The groups that enhance neuronal connections stimulating pulse transmission from the cerebral cortex to protect the peripheral nerve endings.

Because any disease of internal organs,fractures or trauma, poor diet, bad habits are stress, and prevent the devastating effect it should be rapidly and reliably. We treat diseases, vitamins A, C, E is used to enhance immunity,rehabilitate after injuries and fractures of vitamin D and calcium (one without the other is not absorbed by the intestine, so get involved in people's favorite absorption eggshells do not recommend), we get rid of bad habits or trying to neutralize their effects with antioxidants ...

In general, all these nuances and you do notjust heard. What is important is not always true stimulants solve all the problems. They often lie deeper, and the use of stimulants temporarily bring the desired effect. People used to live in the desert, and at the north pole ... And we are also stimulants soon get used.

And the conclusion MirSovetov reiterates thatstimulants knowingly got its name. They are pushing the body rather than direct use internal resources, and do not give. If we compare them with the people, the stimulants - it is parents who do everything quickly, instead of the child as it is necessary, and it will not be to educate, to teach, to instruct and guide. It's easier, but not better ...

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