Causes of shortness of breath

Today we will talk about impaired depth and respiratory frequency, in which a person has a sensation of lack of air. In such cases, people say that they have a shortness of breath. And doctors such a condition called the word «DISPENE». This is a complex symptom, which is a satellite of various pathological processes.

Most often, shortness of breath is stated in cardiovascular ailments and diseases of the respiratory system. There are other reasons. So how to appreciate your condition in such cases what to do?

What is likeness?

Breath, difficulty breathing, lungs, shortness of breath, reasons for shortness of breath

Dyspnea can be described as a sense of air shortness, stuening in the chest, difficulty in inhalation or exhale. It may appear during exercise, and then at rest, when a person is in a horizontal position. As a manifestation of cardiac asthma, it occurs at night. Usually in such cases there is difficulty inhalation, the so-called inspiratory shortness of breath. But the difficulty of exhalation (or expiratory shortness of breath) happens when the lumen of the bronchiole, small bronchi. This phenomenon is characteristic of the emphysemic lungs, Bronchial asthma. Brain dryness occurs with tumors, hemorrhages, direct irritation of vitality for the human respiratory center. What can the shortness of breath?

  1. If you drown a little after a long or intensive load, it is quite a normal phenomenon that does not represent a threat to health. Just at the moment you have increased oxygen.
  2. If you feel that they are choking when they climb the stairs, it shows that you are clearly not in shape or have some kind of disease.
  3. Breath disorders lead the pathology of the respiratory system, for example, pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis.
  4. DISNEE, whistling breathing sometimes indicate chronic bronchitis, emphysema or bronchial asthma.
  5. With a light collapse, the painful sensations in the affected side of the chest are joined to the shortness of breath.
  6. With muscle weakness (malignant miasthenia, scarmed sclerosis) there is a gradual increase in respiratory disorder.
  7. There are also hazardous conditions for life, in which the bouts of the dispatch are suddenly arising, for example, with botulism, then the victim does not work deeply breathe.

Types of shortness of breath

Breath, difficulty breathing, lungs, shortness of breath, reasons for shortness of breath

Can the shortness of being a sign of an impending infarction?

Sometimes a person who has a heart pathology, suddenly begins to choke, breathes hard, feels the pressure behind the sternum and pain. If a person stops even a small load, then breathing is gradually restored. But if you again do movements, then the shortness of the day returns, bringing fatigue. Some bind it with age. But such a shortness of breath may be a precursor of heart attack. Especially need to be alert if pain in the chest area is added, pressure drops, the heart rate is disturbed. If the state does not improve within a few minutes, then you need to call the dispatcher in «Ambulance». And while waiting for the arrival of doctors, resort to Nitroglycerin.

Shortness of breath in old age associated with Pneumonia.

Quite often it happens that people have an advanced shortness of breath may be a clear sign of the inflammation of the lungs. Indeed, immunity is reduced by weakened people, so they can remain normal. With age, the risk of the development of pneumonia is slightly increasing. Older people move less, some are even chained to bed, so the lungs when inhaling cannot fully dealt. Weak ventilation lungs leads to a deterioration in their blood supply, reproduction of different microbes in them. This is how the pneumonia is developing. Oxygen in the blood is not enough, a person is quickly tired, it pulls him into sleep. Therefore, when sanging for an elderly person, you will definitely call him a district doctor to the house.

So, let's sum up - when you need to contact the doctor for help?

  1. If a person has a feeling that he lacks air, which is not able to eliminate, resorting to rapid breathing.
  2. If, in addition to shortness of breath, the pain in the chest is noticeably swelling the foot either.
  3. With hoarse and frequent breathing, cough with wet.
  4. In case of difficulties.

How to facilitate your life?

Breath, difficulty breathing, lungs, shortness of breath, reasons for shortness of breath

If you have a shortness of breath, you have a very hard, associated with chronic diseases, interferes with calm and measured life, try to use such recommendations from the MirSoveto:

  1. Important medications for you keep in the same place, for example, in a box or a small handbag, so as not to look for them if necessary, do not worry about.
  2. Lift the headboard, if shortness of breath bothers at night.
  3. Pick the clothes free, not shy breathing.
  4. Shoes buy such that easy to wear.
  5. Drink in small portions, increasing the multiplicity of food receptions up to 5-6 per day.
  6. Do not do everything in a hurry, if possible, sitting.
  7. It will be necessary to prefer the elevator, not a staircase.
  8. In chronic diseases, take the preparations assigned to the doctor.
  9. Try learning to breathe a belly, that is, with the participation of the diaphragm.
  10. You can resort when you breathe to the method of slow exhalation of air not through the nose, but through the lips elongated.
  11. Slide the respiratory techniques of Strelnoye, Buteyko.
  12. If you smoke, get rid of this destructive habit provoking shortness of breath.
  13. Walk in the fresh air, especially outside the city, in the village, in a pine forest.
  14. If it allows a physical condition, then wage in reservoirs or in the pool.
  15. Do not neglect hardening, strengthen the immune system, take care of infections.

What People's Medicine offers?

Breath, difficulty breathing, lungs, shortness of breath, reasons for shortness of breath

With cardiac short, positive results give:

  1. Eating infusion from the flowers of the hawthorn or bravery from his refriges.
  2. Infusion of leaves and flowers Melissa. For its cooking, a glass of boiling water and a tablespoon of grass, which must be pre-crushed. Two hours a fragrant infusion strain. You need to drink it 3 tablespoons before eating from three to five times a day.
  3. Oatmeal can also help. Take half of the big glass of oatmeal, fill with two liters of milk. Put in the oven, speech one and a half hours on a small fire. It is necessary to eat such a porridge for an hour or a half to sleep. Course must continue two weeks.
  4. Grapeotherapy. In the morning, an empty stomach should eat 100 grams of dark grapes, then breakfast only in two hours. Next 30 minutes before lunch, take 100 ml of good quality red wine. Two hours before the waste to sleep, drink another 50 ml of this wine.

In healthy people, respiratory disruption occurs with increased physical exertion, overeating, overheating, the organism, emotional voltage. But when the negative impact of these factors ends, the shortness of breath disappears.

But a person who is constantly tormented by attacks of shortness of breath, it is difficult to understand why they arise. To understand all can help the doctor and surveys.

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