sinusitis treatment during pregnancy

During childbearing infectiousno one is immune diseases. Women are often in a position to complain about the incessant runny nose, discharge from the sinuses, accompanied by severe headaches. At first glance, a slight cold flow into a serious disease - sinusitis.

Those who at least once in their lives had a chance to heal genyantritisThey know how it is unpleasant and painful. During an illness a person is constantly suffers not only from common coldBut from strong headaches. It seems that the sinuses are about to burst. This is due to the fact that within the thick mucus accumulates many - a purulent discharge. They accumulate in the nasal passages and the inflammatory process is amplified. It is a vicious circle. Man thinks that inside everything is so sore as from a strong injury. If you omit head down, in the forehead pain, eye and nose is only strengthened. This is the main symptom of sinusitis. Ordinary person tolerate such a test is very difficult, and if sinusitis has developed in a pregnant woman, then there will have to be patient and to fight the disease.

What is sinusitis and why it appears

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If you are diagnosed with "sinusitis" - isIt means that in the paranasal, maxillary or maxillary sinuses (with one or two sides) is developing a strong inflammatory process, accompanied by the accumulation of pus.

Sinusitis is most often one-sided, that is,- Inflammation of the attack only one of the sinuses. It happens both sides when both inflamed sinuses. In addition, the disease may be chronic or acute. In the first case, the disease spills over into the chronic form, in the absence of treatment or non-compliance with the schedule of appointments. You can say that the illness does not recede for several months (up to six months). The acute form of the disease usually occurs the first time, the disease is difficult.

The causes of unpleasant symptoms can bedifferent. First - this ingestion infections that attack the upper respiratory tract. In addition, pathological processes in the nasopharynx can also trigger the development of sinusitis.

Since the common causes of sinusitis - an infection it(Viruses, staphylococcus, streptococcus, fungi and so on. D.), For a pregnant woman is the condition can be very dangerous. Another fault of sinusitis can be infectious diseases (SARS or banal ARI).

It is sad, but the list of reasons,contributing to the development of sinusitis, the third place is occupied by the time untreated teeth. If the mouth has bad teeth and carious, inflamed tonsils, these factors also directly influence the development and course of the disease.

Less sinusitis may develop duedeviated septum, if a person suffers from allergic reactions, with a decrease in immunity, supercooling, hit in the nose foreign objects and conjunctivitis.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

pregnancy, illness, ear nose throat, sinusitis, sinusitis in pregnancy, runny nose

Primarily for the treatment of sinusitis withpregnancy should facilitate nasal breathing and remove swelling. For this, even during pregnancy may be used with vasoconstrictor drugs. Without a doctor's prescription to buy their own drops in the pharmacy are not necessary. If you can not come to the consultation, then it is necessary to prepare a solution for rinsing the nasal cavity. This herb broth may be supplemented with antiseptics ( "Miramistin") or saline.

If no antibiotics can not do, then it is very important to find a happymiddle. For example, in 1 trimester of pregnancy is prohibited antibiotics (in order to avoid anomalies of the internal organs of the baby), so the only way of treatment - a puncture.

Puncture - a needle puncture of the sinus wall (nasal)for the purpose of breeding and drainage of pus from the sinus. Always after pumping pus, is injected into the cavity antiseptic. Already after the first procedure, the patient will feel better, the temperature is gradually reduced, headaches and gradually disappear.

If the disease does not progress and the beginning therechance to avoid antibiotics and puncture during pregnancy are allowed to take medicinal herbal preparations. Good help to cope with inflammation drug "Sinupret". Composed of plant extracts that help to remove the inflammation and strengthen the local immunity.

Take the medicine three times a day is necessary to 2 tablets immediately with water. The course of treatment - from 1 to 2 weeks. The drug is safe for pregnant women, but it has to be taken by a physician.

Rinsing sinuses or "cuckoo" is wellIt helps to remove inflammation and wash the pus. The procedure is absolutely painless and even a little funny. Lying on the couch woman is introduced into the nose tip, in which the reservoir is supplied antiseptic solution into the nasal cavity. At this point you need to say "cuckoo" to pour the liquid into one nostril, it is sucked through the next special device. It turns out a lot of liquid with mucus and pus.

To create the negative pressure andprevent fluid ingress (antiseptic) into (throat, lungs), you need to constantly pronounce the word "cuckoo" non-stop until until the end of the drug and the sinuses are not washed. To fully cure sinusitis, will need to undergo a course of 10-15 procedures (1 or 2 times a day).

Traditional methods of treatment of sinusitis

pregnancy, illness, ear nose throat, sinusitis, sinusitis in pregnancy, runny nose

When the diagnosis has not been confirmed or is not possible to start treatment, start the fight against disease folk remedies:

  1. If you have frequent colds andalready treated sinusitis, it is necessary with the appearance of a cold start treatment immediately. Here is a simple, but effective method: Take 1 tbsp. l. chopped rosemary and pour 100 grams of warm olive oil. The mixture should be left in a warm place for 21 days. Every day you need to shake the medicine. When the host 3 weeks, grass wring well, and the resulting drug was instilled into the nose (3 drops on the first day, followed by 1 drop four times a day). The course of treatment a week maximum, to prevent the body's addictive.
  2. Tincture of propolis on alcohol: 1 tsp..Floral honey - half a teaspoon, and 75 g of fresh juice of carrots. All components mix, honey must be liquid. Cotton pads impregnated with drug and inserted into the nasal passages. We hold 15 minutes.
  3. 3 tbsp. l. onion juice to pour 50 g of warm water (just boiled!), add half a teaspoon of liquid honey. The components mix and leave for 30 minutes, then filter and bury the nose of 2-3 drops of up to 5 times a day;
  4. Fresh Beet juice is also a good help in the fightwith sinusitis. It is necessary to squeeze the juice from fresh beets, do the swab of cotton wool, soaked it with beet juice and inserted in each nostril. Duration of procedure - 10 minutes;
  5. After any necessary procedures through timeto clear the nose of mucus and pus. Irrigate the nose can be yourself warm herbal extract (mother-and-stepmother, celandine, calendula, chamomile, succession). Take 10 grams of raw materials (any choice) and 1 cup of boiling water;
  6. Here is another simple way to get rid ofsinusitis: it is necessary to take the bay leaf (ground 30 g), pour vegetable oil (1 cup), stir and put in a closet or other dark place for 14 days. Every day, the bank needs to open and mix the contents. After 2 weeks of medication need to strain, instilled into each nostril three times a day. After 7 days, we are changing the treatment strategy: eyedrops based on vegetable oils and kidney poplar (1 of the kidney, 10 parts of oil, to insist 3 weeks). Such improvised drops help relieve swelling and inflammation.

Regardless of the severity of the disease, it is necessaryimprove the body's resistance: more than a walk in the fresh air, enough sleep, take a decoction of rose hips and avoid crowded places. And if you have a toothache, it is better not to postpone the visit to the dentist for later (after childbirth), and cure it immediately to stop the spread of infection. The kid needs a healthy mom. Good luck to you!

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