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In the overall picture of pathological conditions of dairyglands hold a special place benign nodular tumors. The most common disease, due to which women go to the doctor, experts called nodal mastopathy, fibroadenoma and cyst. On peculiarities of treatment of fibroadenomas we describe in detail in our article today.

The specifics of the disease

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First of all, focus on the concepts of "fibroadenoma" and "fibroadenomatosis", which are often confused. Under fibroanematozom usually involve fibrocystic disease or mastopathy. When the breast appear denseLots overgrown tissue (glandular and connective), and the patient suffers from pain in the seal - the doctor will likely diagnose "fibroadenomatosis".

Fibroadenoma "behaves" quietly and painlessly. It is kind of a nodal mastopathy, benign tumor that forms in the breast as a result of problems with the hormonal background of the female body. Another, more clear and reasonable cause fibroadenoma, is, unfortunately, not found.

Touch the seal is tight mobilenode rounded, non-leather (0.2 mm to 6.7 cm in diameter). Fibroadenoma detected usually by the patient. The probability of disease is high among women from 15 to 35-40 years, and the most "favorable" for fibroadenoma age statistics considers the period from 20 to 22 years old.

Diagnosis of the disease

breast, women's health, mammalogy, breast, fibroadenoma

There are two different approaches to the removal of seals from the breast.

at sectoral resection the glandular tissue that formed the tumor,removed from the chest along with the surrounding tissues. The surgeon makes a choice in favor of sectoral resection if a malignant tumor is suspected.

the method of enucleation Doctors resort, if breast cancer is not a reliable diagnosis. In this case, immediately remove the seal itself.

The operation usually takes much time- A maximum of 1 hour. Apply local anesthesia or intravenous anesthesia. After surgery, the patient remains under the supervision of doctors from 2-3 hours up to one day. The stitches can be removed one week after surgery. The postoperative period was mainly transferred easily.

Even in such a difficult situation, women are notno longer worry about their appearance, asking the doctor a reasonable question on the eve of the operation: "Will the scars?". Cosmetic result of the operation carried out by a competent and experienced surgeon, surpasses all expectations. If the doctor removing fibroadenomas, it comply with all the principles of plastic surgery to remain barely visible marks on the skin. At the end of surgery, he imposes intradermal cosmetic seams, which after removal of the appearance of her breasts owner does not disappoint.

After the tumor is removed, its cells are subject to mandatory histological procedure, the results of which excludes specialist breast cancer or sarcoma.

Keep in mind that the prognosis doesnot associated with the operation. This means that surgery may not trigger the appearance of new seals and at the same time does not prevent re-formation of fibroadenomas on another portion of the same or other breast. no cause was removed on the operating table, as a consequence of hormonal failure in organism.

Fibroadenoma treatment using traditional medicine

breast, women's health, mammalogy, breast, fibroadenoma

... This is nonsense, nonsense and the unconscious desire of women to delay visit to the doctor and the "moment of truth" for as long as possible.

How would eloquently painted advertising media miraculous properties of various BUD in the fight against fibroadenoma, know that this is just commerce, and nothing more. The same can be said for the treatment of breast fibroadenoma "grass" - it is useless.

The result of this self-medication can be (and inmost cases, unfortunately, becomes) launched a cancer with metastases, going beyond the breast deep into the body. And then it terrible consequences can not be avoided - at this stage it is no longer on the complete removal of the breast, and the preservation of the patient's life.

Dear readers of our website, enjoy and take carethemselves. With fibroadenoma should do the same as with any other disease: sooner see a doctor, the less scared and more quickly get rid of this foreign education.

When should you seek help?

breast, women's health, mammalogy, breast, fibroadenoma

The following symptoms - 100% reason to make an appointment with a physician, surgeon or mammologist immediately:

  • sharp chest painHaving a clear localization;
  • a feeling of heaviness, bloating, breast tenderness;
  • the allocation of clear or turbid fluid from the nipple;
  • painful cracks on the nipple;
  • "Subsidence" of a certain area of ​​the skin on the breast or nipple retraction;
  • swollen lymph nodes under the armpits;
  • seal (painful and painless), hardening and swelling in the breasts.

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