The use of Imodium

It's a shame when, during a trip on the train tothe sea, in the days of vacation on tours or on an interesting outing with friends the pain appears totally out of place, rumbling in the abdomen and diarrhea ... It happens in the days of exams, at a party, and even after visiting the cafe during the lunch break at work.

It's a shame when, during a trip on the train tothe sea, in the days of vacation on tours or on an interesting outing with friends the pain appears totally out of place, rumbling in the abdomen and diarrhea ... It happens in the days of exams, at a party, and even after visiting the cafe during the lunch break at work. And the culprit may be purchased on a pie pan, pizza, cake, stale salad, or even excitement. I think many have experienced the familiar symptoms immediately spoil the mood and Rushan plans. What can I say? It is very unfortunate, embarrassing, unpleasant. What can be done to quickly get rid of the distressing symptoms? Some resorted to emergency widely advertised drugs such as Imodium popular. To the drug has brought benefits to the body and the desired outcome, rather than harmed, it is necessary to know when and how it can be used. Therefore, our site will tell the details of this medication.

Briefly about food poisoning and intestinal infections

To begin with let's understand what isbanal food poisoning and what are its differences to a more serious process - an intestinal infection. What provokes the poisoning? Spoiled and contaminated product, which contains pathogens and emissions of dangerous toxins, eats an adult or a child. In the stomach, under the action of hydrochloric acid and microbes can be killed, but the toxins are not neutralized, unfortunately. Therefore, harmful substances are absorbed into the bloodstream. Here and there are unpleasant symptoms of diarrhea. The more aggressive harmful substances, the greater their concentration in the blood, the faster will manifest symptoms of poisoning. Sometimes poor quality product will give itself felt in an hour, but it happens that after 12 hours. Now for intestinal infections. These bacteria are very resistant, they are comfortably placed in the new "safe haven" - the human body to adapt to the mucosa bowel and multiply in it. And the most nimble fall into the lymph nodes. And it is not the disease can occur at once, there are also long incubation period. And without antibiotics (antimicrobial agents or other groups) to deal with the infection virtually impossible.

The composition of Imodium and provide them with action

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The pharmaceutical industry for over 30 yearsHe engaged in production of Imodium. It happens in capsules that must be swallowed and drink. Another more convenient form, especially on the road - it's round pills white and mint flavor, they must dissolve.

The main substance in the tablet is loperamide hydrochloride, and as auxiliaries are: sodium carbonate, mannitol, gelatin, aspartame and mint flavoring.

Capsule addition to the active substance loperamidehydrochloride contains lactose, talc, corn starch, magnesium stearate. The capsule shell comprises gelatin, sodium erythrosine, sodium indigotindisulfonata, yellow iron oxide, titanium dioxide, black iron oxide. In the capsule gelatin shell, and inside - white poroshochek.

Loperamide has the ability to influence the opiatereceptors located in the intestinal walls, resulting in reduced or even suppressed release of acetylcholine and prostaglandin. All this leads to the inhibition of intestinal peristalsis. A period of promotion of contents, intestinal canal elongates. Urging the act of defecation reduced. Reduces the enhanced production of mucus secretory glands, the drug selectively acts only on the intestines. Brakes dehydration process, the case of diarrhea. The drug relieves pain associated with spasms in the intestines. Acting medicine starts in half an hour. Having done their job, the drug is excreted from the body. No effects on pathogenic bacteria Imodium does not have.

Indications for use:

diarrhea, stomach, Imodium, food poisoning, the use of Imodium, indigestion

  1. Disorders chair not only acute forms of diarrhea, chronic and regardless of origin (origin).
  2. Eliminating frequent urge to void, it happens when the stretched intestine.
  3. Sometimes you need the appointment of the drug to patients withstoma, ie gut, whose clearance is necessary to bring to the front wall of the peritoneum. This surgery is done to patients who are impassable lower intestine, most often because of the presence of tumor diseases. And if the frequency of evacuations of the patient is not sufficient to release the stoma, they recommend the drug.

How to use the drug?

Of course, it should be decided by the physician, taking into accountthe diagnosis, the patient's condition and individual characteristics, it has not turned so that instead of diarrhea then there is one more trouble - a multi-day constipation. But it does not always have the opportunity to consult a doctor. On average, the initial dose - 2 capsules or tablets (for an adult it) and one capsule (this is for children age 5 years already exceeded). I remind you that the tablet dissolve in your mouth, and swallowed capsules and drink. What happens next depends on the result. Everything is very individual. If the condition improves, you may need only one more capsule (or tablet). But allowed reception 6 capsules per day, if the trips to the bathroom are continuing. Children are usually given for one tablet after every loose stool, taking into account body weight, but not more than 3 per day. Since the symptoms of acute diarrhea are removed. The dosage and number of techniques for chronic diarrhea require a special approach. It is necessary to achieve the result that the number of bowel movements should not exceed two per day. But more than 6 tablets (or capsules) of adults should not be used.

What else is important to know and remember

Situations that our site described at the outsetArticle suggests that most people who have diarrhea occurred during outdoor activities or travel days, likely got food poisoning, and various intestinal infections caused by pathogenic bacteria and their waste products - dangerous toxins. It was then that many of her purse and pulled out in advance pripasёnnye Imodium pills or other drugs, its analogues. But in such situations, use Imodium is still undesirable. Now I try to explain - why. Diarrhea in the intestines are microbes and their toxic products. In fact, diarrhea - A kind of defensive reaction,so he tries to get rid of bad "aliens" and their toxins. What makes a person too carried away Imodium? It "locks" all harmful and negative inside his body. But toxins are then absorbed into the bloodstream and increase the intoxication that is experienced as fever, nausea, weakness, lethargy, headache. And the bacteria will continue to violationsenterocytes (intestinal cells) and migrating to lymph nodes. Sometimes a man has for many years these bacteria pests in themselves, become unwitting potential source of infection for the people around them. Here is a sad picture.

More is not necessary to catch at Imodium if diarrhea occurred due receiving antibiotics - Then complications can arise on the background of dysbiosis.

Contraindications and side effects

diarrhea, stomach, Imodium, food poisoning, the use of Imodium, indigestion

Undesirable effects that still wants to warn our website, the following: dryness of the mouth, constipation, headache, excessive flatulence, allergic reactions, nausea, Lethargy, drowsiness. With the right approach to the treatment of such phenomena are rare.

But the cases where you can not use Imodium:

  • dysentery, bacterial enterocolitis;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • constipation, Intestinal obstruction, a condition in which it is impossible to reduce intestinal peristalsis;
  • lactose intolerance and hypersensitivity to the constituent components of Imodium;
  • children under five, as for them it is a high dose;
  • women exercising breastfeeding;
  • people whose work requires more attention and fast reactions.

During pregnancy it is better to avoid taking the medicine, as there is little evidence of the impact on the health of the fetus.

Imodium loperamide or its synonym, standingcheaper, often found in the home or ambulance box. They are used by many, as easy to use. People think that these drugs can have recourse in all cases of diarrhea, do not fear anything. And yet, dear readers of our site, remember the precautions listed in this article, because sometimes the use of Imodium is impractical, undesirable and may cause complications in the future.

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