The causes and treatment of male infertility

Somewhat earlier, our website is already talking aboutfemale infertility. Male infertility is a situation in which violations of fertility have been found in men, and for this reason the conception does not occur more than a year. Again, this year the pair sexually active and do not use any contraception.

Somewhat earlier, our website is already talking about female infertility, Its causes, treatments and prevention. The turn to tell about a similar problem in the male half of humanity - of male infertility, because its share in the total number of cases is about 40%.

Male infertility is a situation whenwhich impaired fertility observed in men, and for this reason the conception does not occur more than a year. Again, this year the pair sexually active and do not use any contraception.

Causes of male infertility

Male infertility is a situation in which violations of fertility have been found in men, and for this reason the conception does not occur more than a year
Factors that lead to male infertility, a little less than the causes of female infertility. I dwell on them in detail.

  • Inflammatory processes. They are the main cause of violationsspermatogenesis - the process of sperm production. Due to various inflammation (prostatitis, urethritis and other), significantly reduced sperm motility, sperm quality decreases. And this, as you know, inevitably leads if not immediately to infertility, it really ensures a low probability conceive.
  • infectionSexually transmitted infections (STIs). These infections most often provoke the development of various inflammations of the male genitalia. Microorganisms are able to influence the composition of the sperm. A gonorrhea chlamydia even can cause loss of male sexual organs!

It is proved that chlamydia at times impair the quality ofsperm. Studies have been conducted, which involved men diagnosed with chlamydia. Not one of them for a long time could not conceive a child. So after a course of antibiotic treatment of sperm quality has improved by 40%, and the majority of participants in the experiment were soon happy dads.

  • Hormonal imbalance. As in women and in men it is thisthe reason becomes a cause of infertility. As a result of endocrine disorders (or age) there is a lack of testosterone - the male hormone important. As a consequence - a violation of erection failures in the development of sperm.
  • Trauma, tumor and disease. Yes, trauma, and testicular tumors significantly reduce male reproductive function. And some disease (Eg, mumps) are able to make it infertile. Incidentally, osteochondrosis can even be the cause of impotence and infertility. One practitioner chiropractor noticed such dependence and successfully treated the men from this ailment! Who would have thought…
  • Congenital malformations of genital organs. This underdevelopment of the penis, and the wrong structure of the urethra, and even phimosisIn which it becomes impossible to outcrophead. As a result, a man can not take a full sexual intercourse, and accordingly, it becomes impossible and conception. Sounds, of course, awesome. But modern medicine is able to administer the wonders and minor surgery will help to end the vice.
  • High temperatures. Yes, it's not old wives' tale! Doctors say that the temperature is above 35 ° C adversely affects the testicular tissue. Therefore, men who abuse sauna or hot baths, almost 100% of cases, there are problems with sperm quality. Moreover, close underwear is able to increase the temperature of the scrotum tissue, so take care of your genitals against high temperatures youth!
  • Bad habits. Ministry of Health warns not in vain - alcohol,drugs and smoking have a negative impact on fertility. Alcohol often leads to testicular atrophy, and smoking - "glues" the sperm. Therefore rasstantes addictions until it's too late!
  • Some peoples of the world there is even a ban on drinking alcoholic beverages well before and during conception.

  • Chemical substances. Particularly unlucky men working onchemical plants. Bad ecology recorded in the causes of infertility, and only constant contact with chemicals even more ... But, and the rest of the men should not relax, as well as adversely affect the quality of sperm and the usual antibiotics, and especially steroids, which are addicted to many members of the stronger sex in a the pursuit of "cubes" press and biceps-triceps.
  • stress. Though this point and the last in the list of causesmale infertility, but it should not be underestimated. The modern pace of life, stress, insomnia, affect the body's overall health and reproductive function in particular. Therefore more rest, learn to relax and try not to be nervous.
  • Types of infertility

    male infertility
    There are several kinds of infertility.

    secretory infertility - The most common form in whichdue to disorders of the testicles, reduced quality, quantity and / or sperm motility. Treatment consists in determining the causes of infertility. Next trick - drug therapy or hormone therapy.

    obstructive infertility occurs if sperm exit paththere is an obstacle - a cyst, tumor or postoperative scar. surgery assigned most cases, which in most cases solve the problem.

    Immunological infertility - In the body due to some reasons (for example, after an injury) begins to produce antibodies to testicular tissue or sperm. comprehensive treatment is given after the test.

    Well, the last one - relative infertility, Implying the absence of visible abnormalities. Most often this is the action of the stresses of infertility and treatment has been a psychotherapist.

    our site has to say that now are treated virtually all forms of male infertility. Yes, and the treatment itself, and diagnosis of male infertility is much easier and less expensive than female.

    Methods for the treatment of male infertility

    Before treatment, you need to know what. Therefore, an important step in the treatment of male infertility - diagnosis. First, you pass several tests, which are based on the results, you either appoint treatment, or continue diagnosis. In the course of the survey shall be blood, urine and hormones, semen analysis, ultrasound of the prostate and urinary tract. After the doctor identify the cause of infertility, he will appoint the necessary treatment.
    Treatment of male infertility

    • medication. If you find an STI havebe treated with antibiotics. When hormonal failure (lack or excess of certain hormones) treatment involves taking hormones. And if the results showed low sperm quality sperm - you will be treated with vitamins, homeopathic remedies and immunocorrectors.
      For decades, we know thatSperm quality is a positive effect of vitamin D found in fish and seafood, in all known fish oils, as well as eye-catching in our skin when exposed to sunlight, this vitamin improves sperm quality indicators. So, dear man, eat fish and sunbathe!
    • Surgical intervention necessary in cases where the diagnosis has shown that sperm in the path encounters obstacles. This may be inguinal herniaAnd varicocele. As you know, medicine is virtually powerless. But, unfortunately, and the surgeon's scalpel does not always help, especially if operated by an adult. More favorable outlook for teens operated. So when choosing a surgeon to give preference to highly qualified specialists.
      My friend on a normal physical examinationWe discovered an inguinal hernia. The guy was married, but the kid is not even thought about it. Doctors insisted on the operation and removed after a hernia. Four months later, the operated I learned that will soon become a dad. And they say, the medicine is powerless.
    • ICSI method. There are times when sperm can notyourself merge with the egg (sperm inactive or have other abnormalities). So in such cases made and microinjection - sperm in the laboratory is introduced into the egg, then the egg is placed in the mother's womb, which bears a child. fertilization by this method is 60% Probability.
    • sperm donation. This method is used in cases where semenPartner does not have sperm or in the family from generation to generation is passed any serious disease. As well as desires to become pregnant single woman. Then doctors use the services of a sperm bank. Do not be afraid, because every donor is undergoing tests, including genetic. You can even "choose" the Pope eye color or hair, so that the neighbors do not then someone went gossip in your, for example, red-haired toddler.
    • Nontraditional methods of treatment. Now not only treat infertility doctors. Our ancestors treated all diseases with herbs, so you can try and you. Add, and oriental treatments - chiropractic, acupuncture. As you can see, the choice is great.

    Our website would like to emphasize that any methodand treatment involves the correct way of life, proper rest and nutrition. So do not rely on miracle pills. As they say, God helps those who help themselves.

    Prevention of infertility in men

    In the prevention of male infertility is important a healthy lifestyle, regular check-ups at the urologist and regular sexual life
    Male infertility prevention shouldcarried out at an early age. This includes regular visits to the urologist or surgeon to identify diseases, pathologies and their timely treatment. Also important a healthy lifestyle, eight hours of sleep, moderate exercise (without fanaticism, much less receiving anabolics), walking outdoors. Watch your diet. It must be present meat, fish, eggs, nuts, herbs. But vegetarians receive less protein, are at risk. In addition, do not get involved in saunas and baths, wearing tight underwear, nervous, smoking and alcohol abuse. Another good recommendation from doctors - live a regular sex with a regular partner. Kill two birds at once - reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections, "pick" and relieves stress (and sex is the best tool for this).

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