Myalgia, Symptoms and Treatment

Virtually every adult at least once inlife encountered such a problem, as the pain in the muscles. In medicine, this phenomenon was given the name "Valium". For what reasons may have painful symptoms, what are the symptoms and characteristics of their treatment, see this article.

Background to the emergence of myalgia

muscle pain, myalgia, muscle, joints

The main cause of painfulsensations is hypertonus of muscle tissue, which can manifest itself in a tense and relaxed body. Note that the described phenomenon is observed not only in mature people, but also among teenagers. MirSovetov identified several causes of myalgia:

  • body hypothermia;
  • strong overexertion of muscles as a result of intense physical activity;
  • the presence of injuries and bruises;
  • Infectious diseases: acute respiratory infections, flu etc.;
  • diabetes;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • arthritis, Sciatica;
  • experienced stressful situations;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

Variety of symptoms and myalgia

muscle pain, myalgia, muscle, joints

To eliminate this condition, or alleviating the symptoms, there are a range of activities. It includes the following:

  1. Drug therapy. The patient was prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and special analgesic effect. These tools include the following:. "Analgin", "Diclofenac" "Indomethacin", etc. For topical ointments can be used with a warming and anti-inflammatory effect, "Finalgon", "Fastum gel." The patient may also be carried rubbing the sore points of pepper tincture or a solution "Menovazin" drug.
  2. Therapeutic exercise. The exercises are designed for patient doctor of their regular performance directly depends on the effectiveness of treatment.
  3. Physical therapy exercise. These procedures include electrophoresis and irradiating ultraviolet lamp affected zones.
  4. Manualnye procedure. This type of therapy is performed profile specialist. Massage helps relieve swelling and improve circulation.
  5. A variety of traditional methods.

Traditional recipes treatment of muscle pain

muscle pain, myalgia, muscle, joints

Many people along with traditional medicine and prefer to use some proven folk remedies. Let's look at a few of these recipes:

  1. dry heat treatment. It is quite common and popular method that helps to relieve pain in the muscles. If you suffer from myalgia, sew a small bag made of natural fabric and fill it with salt. Tie or sew the edge, and then heat the salt in the oven. Then attach the bag to the affected area and secure with a warm scarf. When the contents to cool, remove the envelope. To conduct this event should be twice a day. After such warm the affected area can be rubbed pepper extract or anti-inflammatory ointment.
  2. Treatment of potatoes. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case, but instead of the salt used to warm muscles boiled potatoes. Several tubers should be washed and without clearing, cook. In the affected area should impose a layer of dense tissue, put the potatoes and tightly primotat its warm scarf or handkerchief. Once cooled, remove the wrap.
  3. For the treatment of myalgia sometimes use burdock. Its leaves pour over boiling water, applied to the affected area and not fixed while a woolen scarf.
  4. The use of chamomile oil. Make a similar tool is simple enough. Buy package chamomile, chop it well. Melt butter and mix it with the grass in a ratio of 1: 4. This mixture was used as an ointment, rubbing it into the affected areas in the morning and evening. Remnants of oil stored in the refrigerator and before each application of a little heated on the steam bath.
  5. Badyaga also won public confidence inas a treatment for muscle pain. Ointment concoctions can be made as follows: Take 1 tsp.. melted butter, 1/4 hr. l. concoctions and thoroughly mix the ingredients. In the evening before going to bed rub the affected area with the resulting mixture, wrap something warm and lie down in bed. This procedure must be repeated every evening as long as the pain does not go away.
  6. The compress of marshmallow will help you reduce the painsensation of muscle inflammation. To prepare the agents used the roots of plants, ground using a grater or grinder. 3 tbsp. l. this mass to pour a glass of water and leave to infuse for 8 hours. The mixture was filtered and compresses it is made from three times a day.
  7. Another popular method of treatment of myalgia -the use of bay leaf. It is ground, measure out 3 tablespoons. l., mixed with a glass of vegetable oil, and left for 10 days. After the mixture was rubbed into the affected areas of the morning and evening every day.
  8. One of the plants, which is used infolk medicine for the treatment of muscle pain is horsetail. 1 h. L. minced plants mixed with 2 tbsp. l. softened butter. The resulting mixture is applied to the affected area, cover with plastic wrap on top and fixed with a woolen scarf. After a few days these symptoms procedures virtually disappear. Instead, the oil can also be used lard.

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