Synovitis, Symptoms and Treatment

There is no joint in the human body, the value ofwhich could be underestimated. Each of them is irreplaceable "cog" complex and coherent system, which provides individual motor activity. It is necessary to break down at least one "cog" and we immediately understand what is happiness - to live and move without pain.

Synovitis - fairly commondisease, which can largely decrease the quality of life. It consists in inflammation of the synovial membrane, which is coated with an inner portion of each joint.

The synovium provides food andjoint regeneration. It is riddled with lots of blood vessels, which receives the necessary elements for its normal life in the joint. Valuable nutrients replenish the energy that is consumed daily by our knuckles on the active physical activity.

Factors causing disease

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Degeneration of the synovial membrane may occur due to:

  • injury from strenuous exercise or injury accident;
  • chronic damage caused byFeatures of professional activity or specificity of lifestyle. A person can daily expose themselves to the same load, which sooner or later will affect his state of the joints (for example, a permanent fixation of the hand on a computer mouse or a musical instrument);
  • for degenerative diseases of the joints - arthritis and arthrosis;
  • endocrine diseases and hereditary origin that increase the risk of joint tissues (or hemophilia diabetes);
  • the age of "40";
  • individual innate characteristics fixing joints that trigger their low-quality lock.

Features of the disease: the scope of destruction

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When neglect their own healthsynovitis turns severe complications: inflammation becomes chronic, and joint tissue is deprived of full saturation of nutrients. As a result, after a while they undergo degeneration, and the joint loses its motor properties.

In acute synovitis requires strong fixation of the joint, which eliminates friction joint bodies to painful symptoms of inflammation and effusion, joint fluid does not increase.

The basis of the treatment of synovitis is anti-inflammatory and regenerative therapy.

Treatment with drugs.

In order to stop the pain and reduce inflammation,patients prescribed non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs:. Diclofenac, Panoksen, Ibufen, etc. In some cases, severe inflammation physician considers it appropriate to write the patient corticosteroids by mouth or in the form of compresses on the affected joint.

Furthermore, in the diseased joint injections styptic (Ascorutin and analogs thereof) to stop blood effusion into the joint cavity.

Antibiotics come to the rescue when the joint fluiddetect an infection of bacterial origin. Antibacterial drug doctor selects, depending on the type of pathogen that caused the inflammation. Practice has proved that more efficient use of antibiotics is not for oral administration, and as washings. In the joint cavity of the patient is administered a syringe needle is removed and thus accumulated there "extra" liquid. Then, through the same hole in the glenoid cavity of the antibacterial solution was administered.

In the complex treatment of synovitis certainlydrugs include vitamins B, ascorbic acid and rutin. With their help, strengthens the capillaries are prone to breakage and improve the process of exchange of nutrients in the synovial membrane of the joint of the patient.

Treatment by surgery.

If the course of medical treatment of synovitis has not brought the desired results (or the signs of the disease have increased), go to extreme measures of correction of the joint of the patient.

During the operation, using local or generalanesthesia. The joint is opened, its internal cavity is purified, and then treated with a drying antibacterial solution. If present in the joint cavity complicating his education movement (bony growths or cartilage fragments from injury), they are also disposed of, ensuring uniformity of the inner surface of the joint cavity.

Physiotherapy treatments.

Significant improvement of the patient's condition can be achieved by physical therapy in combination with basic medication. Used for this purpose:

  • electrophoresis and medical applications;
  • phonophoresis;
  • UHF-therapy;
  • mud.

Do not do without the therapeutic and prophylacticGymnastics for rehabilitation treatment. With the help of physical exercise strengthens ligaments and eliminate excessive movement of the joint, which is why in some cases, synovitis develops.

Traditional methods of treatment

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There is no one recipe for the treatment of inflammationjoints that offer traditional healers, but recommends the use of pre-consultation with a competent specialist. Here are a few simple and at the same time effective ways to overcome the pain and reduce inflammation:

Dry bay leaves (1 tbsp.) Need to grind into powder and poured into a thermos, fill it with boiling water (150 ml). Infuse means 10-12 hours and then to pour 100 g of vegetable oil. Healing the solution is rubbed into the affected joint, 2 times a day, then rest for half an hour (the joint must be fixed).

The skin over the sore spot painted iodinegrid placed on top and folded in several layers of cheesecloth. Then the gauze is applied with a brush previously melted paraffin - they need to thoroughly "seal" compress. The joint is wrapped with plastic film and wrapped a woolen cloth. Keep a wrap up until the paraffin has cooled crust. The course of treatment - 10-12 daily sessions.

Depending on the place of origin of the inflammatoryprocess, the impact of heat on the affected joint can hurt yourself, so the safety of a "national" procedures must necessarily ask the doctor.

Prevention synovitis

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To joints always feel good, theyWe need regular moderate exercise. It is important not to "linger" in one place, and to choose the most comfortable sport: hiking, biking, swimming. When heavy loads need to protect the joints tight fixing bandage.

Carefully need to refer to the state of the jointsduring the acute infectious diseases, which are accompanied by high fever. At the slightest suspicious changes and pain in the joints need to immediately contact a doctor.

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