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The eyes, of course, is an important organfeelings. After all, it was thanks to sight a person gets most of the information. But there is such a nasty pattern - age vision weakens. And the eyes become more sensitive to external stimuli.

When there are problems with the eyes, the mandiscovers that not only can bring suffering conjunctivitis that there are many different ophthalmic diseases, leading to a drop in visual acuity. In this article, we will go on keratitis. It affects not only the elderly, but even children and middle-aged people.

What is keratitis?

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The inflammatory process arising in the cornea,located in the anterior chamber of the eye, leading to a significant reduction in visual function, called keratitis. It is noted the appearance of edema and infiltrates in the cornea. The structure consists of lymphoid infiltration, plasma cells, polynuclear leukocytes and part of the changing cells of the cornea itself. Located on infiltrates the epithelium often exfoliate, exfoliate, leading to ulcerations, erosions. His cornea gradually loses its luster, and smooth too. If small infiltrates, only the surface, they have every chance to gradually disappear, leaving no trace. But deep often lead to clouding of varying degrees, and therefore deteriorating eyesight. If a deep lesion, it may remain a thorn and scars. If keratitis caused by external factors, they are called exogenous, and if the internal, then endogenous. Inflammation can go on in the center or the periphery of the cornea.

Types of keratitis and their causes

eye, eye diseases, vision, keratitis, ophthalmology

The sooner a sick turn to an ophthalmologist, the more favorable the prognosis.

Ambulatory treat those patients whokeratitis superficial, passing without complications. If the process is acute, comes a deep, accompanied by purulent discharge, the patient optometrist gives direction to the hospital. If keratitis endogenous nature, first looking for the disease, which caused keratitis, requiring consultation and treatment at the allergist, gynecologist-venereologist, phthisiatrician or rheumatologist.

Bacterial keratitis is carried out antibiotic treatment (Eye ointment - eritromitsinovaya, tetracycline, dibiomitsinovaya

In severe cases, injected under the conjunctiva, kanamycin, neomycin, monomitsin).

When local products in order to achieverecovery is insufficient, appointed antibiotics inside or intramuscularly. For other causes of disease are issued antifungal or antiviral drugs.

Patients received disinfectants,anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial agents in the form of drops, including sulfacetamide, gentamicin sulfate, Tobrex, Floksal, Tsiploks, Oftakviks, Naklof, Indokollir. In the early days of instillation is carried out frequently (every two hours), and then it will be enough four instillation per day.

When epithelial integrity shown gormonosoderzhaschie drops - Dexamethasone (Maksideks) scheme and the multiplicity instillation determined by the physician.

Viral keratitis treated drops Oftan Coming, Okoferon. These drugs are also at the beginning of treatment drips frequently, sometimes every hour, and then gradually move on to three times a day administration of the drug.

To avoid the formation of adhesions, administered drops from mydriatics group, expanding the pupil, such as Mezaton, Tropikamid, atropine sulfate.

eye, eye diseases, vision, keratitis, ophthalmology

To learn how to use a few eye drops, our site recommends that you read the article "The use of eye drops".

In the hospital sometimes make or subconjunctival injection parabulbarno. There you spend washing the lacrimal pathways solutions antibiotics furatsilina Miramistin or, if they have an infection.

To accelerate epithelialization, healing of the cornea is shown Korneregel. Healing, resorption scars contribute physiotherapy - phonophoresis, Magnetic therapy, electrophoresis. Resorption haze contribute Lidaza, Vitreous, extract aloe and other biogenic stimulators.

Herpetic keratitis types often treated with ointment Zovirax. And inside the recommended Acyclovir tablets.

In some cases, cryotherapy is shown,diathermocoagulation, laser coagulation of affected areas pathology. If there is evidence, then ophthalmologists resort in severe cases, to operations - keratoplasty, optical iridectomy.

Do not forget about complex vitamins - Duovit, Alphabet, Centrum, Oligovit, Dekamevit, Kvadevit, Undevit.

Recovery diet contributes to adherence, which includes foods rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins. But fatty foods and carbohydrates should be consumed during the treatment period is less.

During the course of treatment refuse to wear contact lenses.

Treatment should be complex, intense, in order to prevent serious complications such as secondary glaucoma, Iridocyclitis (so-called vascular inflammationshell), endophthalmitis (pus in the vitreous), perforation of the cornea, sclera. These effects can lead to severe corneal opacity, or even loss of the eye, blindness.

Promptly contact your ophthalmologist ifyou experience eye inflammation, persistence of vision depends on the diagnosis and proper treatment. To observe carefully all the instructions your doctor. And it is better to prevent disease than to treat it after a long time. Therefore, follow simple rules of hygiene, properly take care of contact lenses, wear them properly. Protect your eyesight from getting into foreign bodies. Representatives of some professions certainly at work must wear safety goggles. Protect your delicate eyes from the bright sun! In time treat disease that can cause inflammation of the cornea. Let your eyes are healthy, beautiful and clean!

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