Application chimes in pregnancy

Planning for pregnancy - a very responsibleperiod in the life of the future mother, and all possible problems, doctors try to warn in advance. For example, women often prescribe hormone therapy not only vitamins but also chimes, medication to reduce the risk of blood clots.

Effect of the drug before conception

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To receive future embryo qualitynutrition and enough oxygen Curantil prescribed in advance. The tool fills with blood tissue, tones the walls of placental vessels and protects them against the formation of blood clots.

The main advantage lies in its preparationability to improve blood circulation, which determines how comfortable are the conditions for the development of the ovum. If the expectant mother is broken blood clotting, slimy layer of the uterus (the endometrium) is not developed so that there was a reliable implantation of the embryo. This usually sinking or pregnancy ends infertility. Curantil helps to prevent such troubles.

Furthermore, it is known for its Curantilimmunomodulatory properties: it helps the body fight infections. When planning a pregnancy prevention of various diseases is of paramount importance, and the reception of this preparation the expectant mother will only benefit.

Effect of the drug during pregnancy

pregnancy, prenatal vitamins, oxygen, chimes, planning to become pregnant

Take Curantil for any other purpose of the attending physician, who determines the dosage and duration of treatment on an individual basis.

The maximum daily dose (75 to225 mg) was divided into 3-5 doses. If a woman takes Curantil not a cure, but as a preventive medicine daily amount is 25-50 mg. Overall, more than 600 mg Courant never prescribe: high doses of the drug used to treat blood clotting obvious pathologies. Taking the drug during pregnancy can be a long time, up until the last weeks of "interesting" position.

Tablets are taken before meals or one hour after the meal, washed down with water.

Most often prescribed during pregnancy Curantil 25. Jelly beans take on an empty stomach: Tablets should be swallowed without chewing. 25 mg of the drug use after waking up during the day and before going to bed - it is the most common treatment regimen.

In Curantylum 75 active substance dipyridamole50 mg more the dosage used for correcting existing abnormalities in the body. Under pathologies involve signs of heart failure, circulatory disorders of the brain, increased platelet aggregation.

It is important to know

pregnancy, prenatal vitamins, oxygen, chimes, planning to become pregnant

our site draws the attention of its readers tofeatures of taking Courantil. Tea, juice, coffee are not the best drinks to drink the drug, as they can reduce its effectiveness. Aspirin, blood pressure suppressants, and blood thinners, under the influence of Curantil, enhance their effect.

Side effects of the drug during pregnancy

The risk of Courant is associated with the presence of certain side effects:

  • the appearance of palpitations, heart rate failure, low blood pressure, feeling of heat;
  • stomach pain, disorders associated with the work of the gastrointestinal tract (dyspepsia);
  • bruises on the body, deterioration of blood clotting;
  • appearance migraine and tinnitus;
  • allergy, Skin rash;
  • feeling of general weakness, pain in muscles and joints.

All side effects are reversible, that is completely disappearing after the abolition of the Courant.

Features reception chimes in early pregnancy

pregnancy, prenatal vitamins, oxygen, chimes, planning to become pregnant

In preparation for use trimester Inormalization of blood supply to the placental tissue. Especially needed Curantil women who are too viscous blood. The fruit in this case, does not receive the nutrients for the development and lacks oxygen.

If Curantil acts as an immunomodulator,the likelihood of side effects, of course, is preserved, but the expectant mother should be aware that the damage done to her child by a viral infection, can be disproportionately greater than the effects of taking this drug.

Practice shows that Curantil established itself as a reliable protection against SARS, Influenza and acute respiratory disease. In the early days after conception, the embryo has no placental membranes that protect it from pathogens, so the virus will not be difficult to break the intrauterine development of a new life or "push" to a spontaneous pregnancy interruption.

A pregnant woman should discard all doubtabout Courant and trust the doctor, because a person with this medication is preparing a strong foundation on which to base all 9 months of pregnancy. The main thing is to adhere strictly to the dosage and dosage regimen to comply with medication. The appearance of discomfort after taking the medication immediately inform your doctor.

Features reception chimes in late pregnancy

Late toxicosis - a frequent complication of the finishing stage of pregnancy. Preeclampsia can have serious consequences for the woman and her baby. This condition overshadows last week gestation baby.

Speaking about the development of the factors of late toxicosis,doctors refer, first of all, to circulatory disorders and blood circulation processes in the expectant mother. The smaller capillaries have problems with microcirculation blood flow, causing the blood becomes more viscous, while the vessels are subject to frequent cramps. In addition, a woman's body begins to feel the lack of oxygen. Because of this, there are serious edema, fluid accumulates in the tissues, and the situation is further aggravated.

Fortunately, this situation can be corrected with the help of the Courant. In addition, timely medication prevents the development of preeclampsia: Thins the blood and reduces spasms, while toning the walls of blood vessels.

Specificity of action of drugs in the later stages of gestation

pregnancy, prenatal vitamins, oxygen, chimes, planning to become pregnant

34 weeks of pregnancy.

At this time the baby comes the finalbrain formation, thereby entering a full volume of oxygen and nutrients is vital child. By improving the quality of blood flow, Curantil provides little man the most comfortable conditions for its development.

35 weeks of pregnancy.

Finishing the development stage are the lungschild is fully formed its fat layer. By this time the baby grows considerably, but still can not resist hypoxia. Starting with 35 weeks, a woman can feel, as "hiccups" her baby, and this, incidentally, confirmed by a sign of oxygen starvation of the fetus. In order to facilitate the child's condition, your doctor expectant mother Glockenspiel.

36 weeks of pregnancy.

The kid has grown up enough to ownexist outside the mother's body. Finishing All development processes are gaining rapid momentum. During this period the "interesting" position Curantil administered, mainly to avoid unnecessary delays in the formation of the child's mental abilities.

37 weeks of pregnancy.

Labor may begin at any time- This is the most exciting period for the "five minutes" mom. Curantil now has a special significance not for the child, and for pregnant women: the drug reduces swelling, regulates tissue nutrition and authorities that in this period the maximum load test.

38 weeks of pregnancy.

With the help of the drug to prevent preeclampsia expectant mothers, reduce swelling, maintain a normal diet of the placenta, to prevent her premature to peel off.

So Curantil safely be called universaldrug, because it is used for the prevention of disease, and to facilitate conditions that threaten the health of the pregnant woman. If the expectant mother is afraid to take the medicine, in this regard it can not consult with a physician, but several. Independently cancel the drug is strictly prohibited.

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