Cystitis Treatment in Pregnancy

Cystitis - serious urological disease, withfaced by both children and adults. In most cases of this disease affects women, who are in the "interesting situation." Cystitis is not only overshadows a pleasant period in a woman's life, but also can significantly harm the health of unborn baby.

When the first symptoms of the disease should contact a qualified expert who will tell you how to cure cystitis in pregnancy.


pregnancy, urinary bladder, urology, cystitis

Cystitis - An inflammation of the bladder membrane. In addition to being inflamed mucous body, its functioning is also impaired. The disease can be caused by microorganisms, as a result of treatment and other factors.

Those women who periodically suffercystitis, wondering if it is possible to become pregnant. Experts say that in cystitis can become pregnant, but to do so not worth it. If a woman knows about the disease, then it is necessary to think not about how to conceive a child, and how to get rid of cystitis, and not to deal with the disease while staying in "an interesting situation."

But it often happens that the disease is hidden and its first symptoms may appear it is during pregnancy.


Not always women who are in a special position, cystitis accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

The manifestations of cystitis are:

  • often I want to go to the bathroom "in the small", but stands out in this small amount of urine;
  • when urinating woman feels strong burning, heaviness and discomfort in the urethra;
  • urine may be present in blood in small amounts;
  • released during urination fluid may be cloudy and have an unpleasant, pungent smell;
  • a woman may feel pulling and aching pain in the lower back;
  • abdomen ache there, flows into a pressure;
  • rises temperature.

If you read through this list and find yourselfsymptoms of cystitis, you need to go to the clinic for the qualified help. Remember to self-medicate is strictly contraindicated during pregnancy, as this may endanger the child's life.


pregnancy, urinary bladder, urology, cystitis

If a healthy person causes diseasediscomfort, that a pregnant woman may be doubled. Firstly, frequent desires in a toilet and cutting pain when urinating added problems because a woman should enjoy every minute of an interesting situation. And it turns out that she has to worry about the baby's health.

If you ignore the disease or self-medicate, it can lead to serious consequences and even to the development of infection in the kidney. Furthermore, cystitis can cause miscarriage and the birth of a baby with low birth weight. If in time to see a doctor, then it can be avoided.

Diagnosis of the disease

The doctor will give direction to the holding urine analysisWhich will show whether there is in her blood, pus, or microorganisms.

Also, a diagnostic method for detection of cystitis -tsitoskopicheskoe study. The procedure is performed by a special device - cystoscopy, which is inserted into the urethra. Cystoscopy - a thin tube, at the end of which there is a chamber. When administered can consider a channel whether or not there is inflammation.

Ultrasound and X-ray method allows to exclude the presence of other, similar to the symptoms of diseases (tumor and other organs disorders).


pregnancy, urinary bladder, urology, cystitis

Treatment of pregnancy cystitis depends on its cause. When the causative agent of the disease is an infection, the patient is prescribed a course antibioticsThat are safe for the fetus.

When noncommunicable cystitis doctor may prescribe such forms of treatment:

  • taking pain medications;
  • drugs aimed at relaxing the bladder muscles.

Also, no matter what form of cystitis suffer a pregnant patient, our site encourages comply with bed rest and drink plenty of fluids.

preventive measures

pregnancy, urinary bladder, urology, cystitis

As doctors say, cystitis is easier to prevent than to cure. That is why, in order not to stuff your body with drugs and other treatments are not very pleasant, it is better to comply with the following rules:

  1. Every day to clean their private parts warm water. The water jet and hand movements should be directed from front to back.
  2. Use tools for personal hygiene with a neutral pH.
  3. Instead, shared baths often better to take a warm shower to detergents not irritated genitals.
  4. Pay attention to your underwear: it is necessary to choose only cotton panties and during pregnancy to give up products made of synthetics.
  5. Declare thong taboo, because they can contribute to the development of cystitis in pregnant women.
  6. Avoid hypothermia. In cold weather, wear warm clothes.
  7. Most walk in the fresh air and to engage in physical activity for pregnant women - it will strengthen the immune system.
  8. If you really want "is small" - nohold back and tolerate, because it, too, can cause an active bacterial growth. The toilet is desirable to go every two or three hours, even if you do not want.
  9. After the sexual intercourse necessary to empty the bladder.
  10. Eat right! Because the diet is necessary to eliminate the sharp, spicy, smoked, fried and greasy. Prohibited drinks for pregnant women - coffee, all drinks with caffeine and alcohol. The caution should be used, and citrus juices.
  11. To drink a lot of water.
  12. If you drink cranberry or cranberry juice, it is possible to prevent or cure the disease. Also, to help broth hips and watermelons.
  13. Provoke inflammation of the bladder and maylong exposure of a pregnant woman in a sitting position. If you do this work - try to move more, and every twenty minutes to do a warm-up.

If you comply with doctor's advice and these rules,you can easily get rid of cystitis. Just remember that life-threatening toddler may be traditional methods, so you need to strictly adhere to the treatment, which is prescribed by a doctor.

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