How do douching

Even some 10 years ago was a douchenormal and accepted procedure aimed at the prevention and treatment of certain diseases of female genital mutilation. Today, this manipulation with syringe loses its popularity, because, according to multiple laboratory tests, douching can cause serious breeding of bacteria and even cause complications.

What is a douche

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Regarding the method and its impact onfemale body Gynecologists opinion diverge. Some are opposed to such a procedure, while others believe its implementation is quite feasible, but only as part of an integrated treatment of certain diseases of the pelvic organs.

Douching - is, in fact, vaginal lavagevarious drugs and solutions. Most importantly, what every woman should know, douching can be used strictly under doctor's orders. Just as it is impossible to do irrigation and here's why: medical solution after douching promotes disruption of vaginal flora, damage to the epithelial layer of the cervix, and later leads to vaginosis. One of the causes of thrush They are without regular irrigationsignificant occasion. You should know that exercising washing the vagina, you washed out healthy microflora, which is why modern gynecologists do not recommend to their patients douching or prescribed therapeutic irrigation strictly permissible doses.

Indications for irrigation are symptoms such as:

  • erosive manifestations;
  • chronic inflammation of the vagina and cervix;
  • the need to restore the acid-base balance of the vaginal environment;
  • thrush, staph.


  • monthly;
  • inflammation, acute Andechs;
  • endometritis;
  • during pregnancy;
  • within one month after abortion or delivery.

Technique of the procedure

gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health, douching

Councils to the beginning when the douche:

  • not hold medicinal liquid inside, and therefore do not take lying down position. Washing should be done only in a sitting or standing position;
  • You do not need to enter too deeply into the vagina plastic tip device. You should not experience pain while;
  • Use fresh solution, and the remnants of the drug should be poured;
  • water for dilution make a warm, but not hot or cold;
  • treatment time is about 15 minutes, and its periodicity - twice a day, morning and evening. After the relief of symptoms occurs, douching is performed only in the evening;
  • it is important not to create a strong pressure of the liquid, so that she did not get beyond the cervix, because you can provoke an inflammatory process;
  • before use of the syringe tip is better to boil in water for 2 minutes, and the very pear or a mug Esmarch rinse thoroughly;
  • Do not use the device for irrigation as an enema;
  • conduct a cleansing procedure must be slowly and carefully. Remember, you do not have to feel the pain of this, you need to relax and perform douching;
  • Observe the exact proportions in the preparation of the drug solution, especially if you need to use potassium permanganate, soda, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide. Decoction of medicinal herbs should be used immediately after cooling.

Useful recipes

gynecology, gynecological diseases, women's health, douching

Medicinal solutions for irrigation:

  1. Manganese. Use this component is quite dangerous, so say doctors. The slightest overdose of manganese crystals and can be harmful to your health. Not only that, a solution of potassium permanganate with frequent use destroys useful microflora of the vagina, so it also burns a thin mucosa. Wrong considered opinion of some women that potassium permanganate can be used to prevent pregnancy.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide. This solution was diluted in a ratio of 30 g per 1 liter of warm water. This procedure is able to restore a healthy acidic environment of the vagina.
  3. Chamomile. A decoction of the plant is easy to do, you just boil in a saucepan 1 tbsp. l. dried flowers with 0.5 liters of water. Cool it down to about 40 degrees temperature, and can be used.
  4. Soda. You should know that soda is able to change the acid-alkaline balance of the vagina, which is a very favorable environment for sperm. That is why soda douching so many women use to successfullyconception. Perform lavage should be approximately 30 minutes prior to sexual intercourse, but do not forget about the bacteria, which can very easily penetrate and lead to the development of candidiasis. The solution is prepared in proportions of 1 hour. L. soda 500 g of water.
  5. Chlorophillipt. Very often prescribe their patients some gynecologists is this pharmaceutical drug because it is effective in fighting pathogenic bacteria and staphylococci. These same properties and means of broad-spectrum hlorgeksin. One tablespoon of alcohol solution is diluted with 1 liter of water. Chlorophillipt is an allergen, so before using the need to test for sensitivity and to study the instructions for use.
  6. Vagothyl. He Effective in eliminating erosion diseases of the pelvic organs, thrush and other bacterial infections. To 5 ml of irrigation solution of the drug is dissolved in 0.5 liters of water.

our website warns that without a reasondouche can not. Often women use syringe just for cleansing the vagina. Alone and without a gynecologist appointment is not necessary to begin douching as self-harm, and may worsen the condition.

On the eve of prenatal visits andbetter not to wash the vagina, because of the lack of natural lubrication doctor can take a swab. Otherwise, the results of clinical studies will be invalid and will not be able to make an accurate diagnosis.

Frequent douching help washoutnatural pH environment, and disruption of microflora promote proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. Uncontrolled douching in strength damaging effects on health compared with overdose antibiotics. Constant use syringe capableincrease the risk of allergies, as well as injury to the cervix and bladder. The walls of the vagina and get irritated, causing an inflammation inevitable.

According to numerous studies conducted by gynecologists, frequent washing can cause some inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. This endometriosis, Endometritis, vaginitis, Salpingitis and so on. Such cleaning procedures are dissolved and washed away the protective tube in the cervix, facilitating penetration into the uterus various infections. Studies show that more than 50% of women who have problems with the reproductive system, have a habit of doing douching at least 1 time per week.

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