How to keep a shape during pregnancy

Every woman wonders: "Did I raspolneyu during pregnancy, if I can keep the figure within the normal range?". Sometimes these fears arise on the example of friends and acquaintances, but is held back, that become pregnant, they began diligently to feed themselves and baby supposedly essential vitamins and minerals, guided by a false sense of hunger.

Every woman wonders: "Did I raspolneyu during pregnancy, if I can keep the figure within the normal range?". Sometimes these fears arise on the example of friends and acquaintances, but is held back, that become pregnant, they began diligently to feed themselves and baby supposedly essential vitamins and minerals, guided by a false sense of hunger.

mental attitude

Pregnant belly measure
Tune in to the fact that the pregnancy - isinevitably overweight and it will be so. Our mental attitude determines the appetite and hunger. It is the realization that a lot of eating, that pregnant women need increased power is needed for normal growth and development, leading to almost constant feeling of hunger and desire something a "push." Otherwise it will not name.

So tune in to the fact that:

  • pregnant women do not need to gain a proper balanced diet;
  • not all that I want, you need to eat;
  • the statement, "If I want to - eat at least a bucket" is fundamentally wrong.

If you eat as usual, then the child is normal to grow and develop. On the need to introduce additional products in the diet, vitamins and minerals will tell the attending physician. If the relevant recommendations is not received, there is no reason to worry and to enter their own.

Charges positive articles, books,communicate with other women who know how to enjoy life and to your children. Do not try on all the myths and horror stories that go around the world. Look for the reinforcement of positive emotions in action, but do not turn it into a cult. Live a normal life, not to make any sudden changes, you come around 9 months of waiting beauty.

Think about pregnancy each of us, with a few exceptions, already know at time of 6-8 weeks. So why are these the first weeks of pregnancy life goes on as usual usual, but as soon as weget the confirmation, the problems begin: moods, increased appetite, and so on. Only your attitude towards the situation of 90% determines the success of pregnancy.

Myths and Reality

Pregnant on scales
Some people believe that, depending on the age and the body's natural store excess weight gain during pregnancy can not be avoided. The reality is: this belief to justify themselves, women are beginning to increase in 2-3 times the amount of food consumed. The result, of course, once rapidly growing weight.

Pregnancy - is stressful for the body and the reconfiguration of the hormonal balance. But this does not mean that every pregnant woman will be a problem.

The growing fetus draws from the mother's bodyvitamins and minerals, which leads to tooth decay and loss of hair. Normal hygiene, routine check-ups and medical tests just need to maintain your body's normal. If the expectant mother is healthy, tests are normal, there is no reason to expect a sharp deterioration in the state of hair or teeth.

Toxemia is inevitable! And lie again. Not all women suffer from toxemia. If the body is sufficiently secured vitamins and minerals, there is no reason for the toxicity. The rest can and should deal with it, and for that there are time-tested and not just their methods.

And a number of statements about the appearance of stretch marks, sagging breasts and others have an explanation, they threaten not for every woman.

Feeding pregnant

Feeding pregnant
Let's start with the food. Abrupt change of diet because of pregnancy, at best, cause you a subconscious feeling of hunger, based on the absence of prohibition and the products to which you are accustomed.

During pregnancy it is recommended to approximately1/3 reduce the usual portion of food, but to increase the number of meals per day. Eating slowly, you can avoid such unpleasant consequences as a heaviness in the stomach and heartburn.

Adjust your diet is only in favor of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, reducing the consumption of fat, flour, sweet.

With respect to sweets, give preference toproducts with the natural sucrose: sun-dried fruits, such as pears - very sweet, are cheaper chocolates, but it is much more useful for you and for your baby.

Citrus, especially grapefruit, wellpromote lipolysis and decreased weight. But do not abuse them, especially if you avoid them before pregnancy, so as not to trigger allergies in the child.

Note that toxicosis usuallyIt occurs in the morning, when the body is "hungry" for the night. Recommended before getting out of bed, drink a cup of tea or coffee, with well-being - with cookies or a sandwich. From toxicity and no trace remains.

I was at one time a great help for the milk powderFemilak pregnant, there is a similar mixture. Drinking them it is recommended in the early stages to prevent toxicity. In the third trimester, it can cause unwanted weight gain.

General hygiene

Pregnant in the shower
Pregnancy - is not a disease, and certainly no more thanreason to abandon the usual body care products, which, sometimes, are beginning to neglect, citing poor health. Find other ways to feel sorry for yourself. It is better to give up some of affairs at home, they may be able to do for your loved ones.

If you usually wash in the shower, then extend thisprocedure for 1-2 minutes to the end to make a contrast dousing. Change the water in the cooler several times. Pay attention douche legs and chest. Douches contribute to the preparation of breast feeding, and for the feet - will prevent the development of varices. MirSovetov readers who love to take a bath, it's time to reconsider their attitude and go on showering.

Cosmetics, and other procedures that promotebeauty, it is appropriate and even necessary for the maintenance of calm and confidence. All the warnings in this area are largely justified and do not represent a real threat to the health of mother or baby.

From the list, it is desirable to exclude only visittanning, especially for those who have a tendency to pigmentation. The rest use sparing, soft money. Fortunately, today they are more than enough to choose from.

Particular attention skin care should be given toowners of dry skin and for those who are constantly engaged in sports (in particular shook the press). Start using moisturizers and special creams for stretch marks in the areas of the chest, abdomen and buttocks.

The cause of stretch marks on the buttocks may be swelling, so when rapid weight set in the first place to find out whether it is connected with them, control the amount of fluid consumption.

Physical Education

It is unlikely that those who did not bother to exercisepregnancy, will carry out regular exercises for pregnant women. However, try to instill a love for the sport will be very useful. To do this you need to control from the outside.

Sign up for aerobics or yoga coursespregnant and in the pool. The latter can replace any exercise, when you visit at least twice a week. In addition, swimming in the pool will provide you hardening, strengthening muscles, immune system, cardiovascular activity. This bathing - always fun and does not require any additional effort on yourself.

Clothing for the expectant mother

Clothing for the expectant mother
An integral part of our good mooda walk-in closet. Treat yourself to new clothes. Pick up items that will feel comfortable and convenient. Recommended to wear a bra made from natural fabrics, tailoring support. Also, do not neglect wearing a bandage, through which first load is removed from the spine, which greatly facilitates gait, making it more graceful and easy. After all, the severity of many confused gait.

I draw the attention of readers that any worn during pregnancy clothes should be supporting, but not tight, especially in the abdominal area. There are several lines of fashion, designed specifically for pregnant women, for example, «SWEET MAMA», «Kangaroo". In these clothes make you look beautiful and attractive, and most importantly, keep your confidence.

A woman can maintain the excellent form duringpregnancy, it is enough of this and want to tune in to a positive result. Remember, beauty is in the interior of each expectant mother, you just need to emphasize it and not hide behind a mask of anxiety and emotions.

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