How not to gain weight during pregnancy

Many women fear for their figure at the thoughtabout a possible pregnancy. Indeed, pregnancy weight partly recruited from the peculiar to that state of hormonal background. But the fact is that this weight is insignificant - 2-3 kg. Nevertheless, the period of gestation - is a very important time in terms of nutrition. It is important first of all for the baby.

Pregnant at the weigh
Many women now fear for their figureat the thought of a possible pregnancy. A set of extra kilos are concerned also because many of those who think that they are more difficult to lose than typed in the usual way. Indeed, pregnancy weight partly recruited from the peculiar to that state of hormonal background. But the fact is that this weight is insignificant - 2-3 kg, not more. And some women and is not gaining. All the rest gain weight (About ten kg) - a child's weight, the placenta,amniotic fluid, uterus, which has grown from a small muscular sac in this, which is now able to accommodate all of the above. Furthermore, the volume of blood from a pregnant increases almost a half liters.

The last thing women usually get better averageweight. Slender gain more as the baby mother's little fat is needed - for cushioning while in the stomach, and then for the successful initiation of breastfeeding. But it is about a small Zhirkov. Thick women or women who gain too much weight during gestation are at risk not only their health but also the health of the unborn child.

Thus, it can be concluded thatPregnancy - is not a reason to eat from the belly, not to look after themselves and what and how we eat. On the contrary, the period of gestation - is a very important time in terms of nutrition. Important, first of all, of course, for the baby. But it also determines the state of health of the expectant mother in many ways.

It is common knowledge that during the first 2-3 months of pregnancy in women it is morning sickness, accompanied bynausea, and even vomiting. So, there are cases when there is no such thing. The reason - especially in nutrition. Toxicosis occurs when the body has too much - namely, slag. Here nature and is designed so that once the woman before pregnancy do not clean your body, then it will have to do it now.

Water, Drink

Pregnant woman drinking water
The first natural remedy to help get rid of nausea - it water (Still of good quality). As it is impossible, for instance, floor wash water without and cleanse the body without water did not work. Dry mouth - this is the last sign of thirst. First - this is weakness, dizziness, nausea. If the water is not enough, the feeling of hunger is stronger because the body tends to get the missing fuel through food, and begins the consumption of products such as sweets, tea, coffee, a fatty high-calorie food. You do not want to gain too much weight during pregnancy? Readers recommend our site to comply with the correct drinking regime. 3 liters of water per day is necessarily need to drink, it is a necessity. Appetite is not to be wild, and nausea, and weakness are also reduced. Of course, do not forget the salt. Her need to consume 3-5 grams / day. Salt and water to help cleanse the body, improve digestion and your overall condition.

Remember, we are two-thirds consists of water, and the unborn baby - almost 100%! Therefore, it makes sense to give the matter more attention.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet during pregnancy
If you can eliminate from your diet harmful productsSuch as sweets, sausages and other things, andwill only eat as and when feeling hungry, you will not only save yourself from toxemia in the first trimester, but may even lose weight a little bit. It's not scary. Of course, we are not talking about how to torture yourself diets or fasting. Such experiments may contribute to premature birth. Meals should be balanced. Best of all, if you provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals with the help of fruit, vegetables and high-grade proteins. Kashi is also very desirable, especially from whole grains. They will help the bowel, prevent constipation. They are particularly harmful during pregnancy and can also cause a couple of extra kilos.

Exercise stress

Exercise during pregnancy
Superfluous kgs expectant mothers can alsogain due to a lack of physical activity. However, the pregnancy - is not a disease but a physiological condition of the woman. So if you do not interrupt the threat safely give yourself regular physical activity. Of course, it should be in a calm and reasonable pace. Overwork dangerous. There are special complexes of exercises, and for the different trimesters of pregnancy.

At any time, it will be useful swimming. It will be necessary to train the muscles and make you feel better than you have, giving rest your spine. In general, any water treatment during pregnancy will fall very handy, because the water is perfectly relieves muscle tension (unusual for stomach and back) and helps to harmonize the general condition, eliminating the desire to still eat something before going to bed.


Another reason for weight gain duringPregnancy - is the transition of women, so to speak, in idleness mode. It is known that there is nothing that arouses the appetite, as doing nothing. Joking aside, however, there is in this, and truth. The fact that the implementation of the case (because it's time for creativity!) Brings a satisfaction. And again you have to nothing to improve the mood of chocolate or chips for TV viewing. Do not leave yourself time for boredom, which can turn into melancholy or restless waiting for permission from the burden. Better tune in to a positive, good thoughts attract good things in our lives.

Thus, there is nothing supernatural into stay slim and pregnant at the same time. Let your baby grows and you will not only tune to become a mother, but remain beautiful woman.

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