Gynecologic massage

In recent years, special interest notmedical methods of treatment. A simple and yet very effective treatment of many diseases, including gynecological, a massage.

The effectiveness of massage is generally accomplishedaccount complex effect on the body. This is particularly important for the treatment of many diseases of female genital sphere. Gynecological disorders are not seldom provoked by an unhealthy state of other organs and body systems. Often, violations of women's sexual functions cause hereditary factors, abortion, Inflammatory diseases, sedentarylife. Properly conducted by pelvic massage can influence not only on the woman's genitals, but also on the entire body. Gynecological massage is a physiological method of treatment. In contrast, pharmacological agents, does not cause allergic reactions.

pelvic massage, gynecology, infertility treatment, therapy

Through gynecologic massage is achieved by:

  • improvement of blood circulation in the organs and tissues;
  • strengthening muscle tone;
  • normal position of internal genitals of the woman;
  • improved bowel function;
  • liquidated swelling and adhesions in the uterus and appendages.

our website notes that gynecologic massage is notnew and proven long-term medical practice means. As the treatment method, this type of massage was described in 1861. Until the 60s of the 20th century and is often successfully used in the treatment. Then for a while the interest in this method waned. This is due to the rapid development of new medical technologies and pharmacology. Today, however, many obstetricians have successfully practiced this method of treatment, finding a lot of positive effects in such a simple and natural way of treatment.


pelvic massage, gynecology, infertility treatment, therapy

Gynecologic massage can be appointed as afor therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. With the purpose of treatment is a massage performed with anomaly or hypoplasia of the uterus, chronic inflammatory processes in the pipes, painful menstruation, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), in treatment of infertility in the treatment of menopausal syndrome, acquired frigidity. From prevention to most gynecologic massage is used after surgical procedures including laparoscopy and abortion, as massage is an excellent way to eliminate edema and adhesions. Especially effective pelvic massage in combination with physiotherapy.


Gynecological massage is not satisfied with themenses. In the postpartum and post-abortion massage can not be applied within 2-3 months. Naturally, such a procedure is not suitable for high temperature.

In addition, including strict contraindications:

  • thrombophlebitis of pelvic veins;
  • acute inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • oncological diseases;
  • infectious diseases (trihomonos, gonorrhea, etc...);
  • cervical erosion;
  • colitis.

In pregnancy, pelvic massage is not assigned. When breastfeeding a child held a special massage of the breast, in order to prevent mastitis. Massage of the breast is used in treatment of mastitis lactation.

Technology implementation

pelvic massage, gynecology, infertility treatment, therapy

Gynecologic massage includes,mostly 3 Admission: rubbing, stroking jerky pressure and soft tissues. The impact of manual methods is strictly dosed taking into account the individual patient's sensitivity. Running massage with both hands. One hand is inserted into the vagina and the other hand produces action on the part of the abdominal wall. It is very important to the abdominal wall muscles are most relaxed.

Duration gynecological massagetypically less than 10 minutes. The duration of the first procedures - from 3 to 5 minutes. The massage is performed in mezhmenstualny period, daily or every other day. The average rate is 20 treatments. In the year of the course 2-3 is recommended.

In these pathologies as uterine hypoplasia,hypovarianism and congenital and acquired character, with amenorrhea and scanty menstruation, experts recommend to increase the massage course - 40-60 procedures without interruption. That is, one course may take 2-3 months.

In the complex infertility treatment often used acupressure and reflex-segmental massage, acting on the paravertebral and reflex zones.

Disorders that occur in women due to theclimacteric syndrome, and also in connection with gynecological operations, such as removal of the ovaries, often lead to disturbances of the central nervous system. This is indicated by symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, sudden pressure surges, and sleep disorders. The technique of massage in this case aimed at normalization of mental and emotional condition of the woman? improving metabolism, blood and lymph circulation, normalization of sleep. To the same end, a back massage, gluteal muscles, intercostal muscles, and foot massage. This massage is particularly effective in combination with physical therapy and hydrotherapy.

What you need to know the patient

Go to the procedure after 1-2 hours after eating. It is important to advance to empty the bladder and bowels.

The massage is performed on the gynecological chair. Try to relax as much as possible and follow the recommendations of the expert. As a rule, a competent therapist is able to create the right psychological environment in which the patient may feel quite unfettered. This is a very important point for the effectiveness of such procedures.

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