Sage for conception

Since ancient times, people have believed sage storagephytohormones, but how these elements affect the body, until the end of science is not known. It is believed that they play the role of catalysts. In structure plant hormones similar to the female hormone estrogen and may replace them, if not completely, then at least in part. Therefore the sage is often used to treat infertility.

Salvia as a drug

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The ancient people did not have such a wide selectionMedicines like modern humans, so they turned for help to the gifts of nature. How long have noticed that if you take sage for women who have trouble conceiving, the pregnancy will come faster. In some diseases, and sage helps men.

Even the ancient Egyptians brewed from Salviainfertility. After endless wars had to be a way to increase the term of the population. And the priestess gave sage young women to conceive come soon. Modern medicine has identified the beneficial properties of sage to homeopathy. This herb can be used in different ways: You can drink the juice of the plant, lightly salted it, you can use the infusion of the seeds, it should be done before ovulation occurs in women, that is, in the first half of the menstrual cycle. When infertility drink this decoction twice a day, for the first time in the morning, before eating, and the second time - before going to bed. But before you start treatment, MirSovetov recommends be examined by a doctor, because the sage helps only in one case - if the body lacks estrogen, while all other causes of infertility, this plant will be useless and sometimes dangerous.

The sage leaves contain tannin and flavonoid substances, but because they have medicinal properties such as the removal of inflammations and can disinfect the wound. In women, they eliminate the symptoms PMSAnd menstruation will be less painful. Naturopaths believe that all women who have crossed the barrier of 30 years, it is useful to pass rejuvenating courses, which are well affect the reproductive system. We must every morning before a meal drink a glass of the infusion of sage, a course of treatment - one month to carry out such a treatment should be three times a year. Infusion traditionally prepared: in a glass of boiling water to take one teaspoon of ground sage, and insist to drink. If you do not like the taste, then to kill him, you can add a slice of lemon, or to put a spoonful of honey. Then it will have a medicinal tea.

To help in sage infertility treatment, It is necessary to brew properly. To do this, take a tablespoon of tincture of hops and mixed with the same amount of tincture of sage, here also add a teaspoon of tincture of calendula and as much of the roots of cyanosis, hawthorn. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. This mixture should take 30 drops, but not in pure form and mixed with water. Drink this drug takes a long time, six months to a year. Usually pregnancy after taking the sage comes in six months.

Planning for pregnancy and sage

pregnancy, infertility, conception, ovulation, herbs, herbal medicine, sage

The composition of the sage is that it provokesuterine contractions, so take it at any stage of pregnancy is very dangerous. If you do not obey this recommendation is likely pregnant woman waits miscarriage. Sage affects the hormones, it lowers the level of progesterone and exactly the opposite effect on estradiol. If you manage to keep the baby in early pregnancy, taking the sage, in the second and third semesters disturbed blood flow in the placenta, and the fetus will experience a lack of oxygen. In addition, the plant affects the pressure, lowering it, which also affects the state of child and maternal health. But these warnings apply only to the internal administration, that is, decoctions and infusions.

During pregnancy, you can use the leavessage for outdoor use. For example, they can gargle with disease because sage also has antibacterial properties. A bath with a decoction of healing not only soothe the nerves, but also facilitate the state in such diseases as varicose veins, which often affects pregnant women.

In the event of colds can make inhalation with sage, they help relieve nasal congestion and will act favorably on the inflamed mucosa of the nose and throat.


pregnancy, infertility, conception, ovulation, herbs, herbal medicine, sage

There are several categories of people who are not receiving recommended sage as a medicine. You can not drink the broth and sage tea:

  1. People who have low blood pressure.
  2. When thyroid diseases.
  3. When kidney problems.
  4. During pregnancy and lactation.
  5. When the menstrual cycle and uterine bleeding.

Sage helps with lack of female hormones,but when their overabundance, it on the contrary, increase the risk of endometriosis, resulting in disturbed menstrual cycle. Therefore, before taking need to be tested for hormones. If estrogens have increased in quantity, but you can not get pregnant, you need to look for a different reason, because the lack of ovulation - This is only one embodiment of a large numbercauses of infertility. A large number of these hormones - it is also bad for the body, as well as the lack of them, the woman becomes irritable, she appeared swelling, pain in the chest. If you let the disease take its course, or even worse, to supplement the amount of hormones by receiving sage, this surplus may even lead to breast cancer.

If you took the sage as a medicine andeffect from it no no, it may indicate that you have any inflammation in the body and internal organs of the disease. Therefore, to be safe, consult your doctor, do ultrasound and get rid of all female troubles that plague to become a mother.

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