Terzhinan during pregnancy

Pregnancy - is not only the first nine monthsreverent expectation of the child, but also a period of treatment of various diseases that have emerged against the backdrop of a weakened immune system. During this period a woman is particularly scary to take any medication, it is experiencing, will not harm the baby if they are to health. But doctors prescribe only proven tools, such as Terzhinan.


pregnancy, fungal infection, candidiasis, thrush, terzhinan

During pregnancy, the immune system oftenWomen weakened, and against the background of the manifest disease, which were latent. And the appearance of many of them due to the fact that the change of vaginal microflora. Such diseases include candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis. When pregnancy is important not only how effective drug treatment, but also its security. Inside medications taken very carefully because of possible side effects, most of all drugs have a local effect. Treatment is prescribed on the basis of what kind of infection it is accompanied by, and what degree of disease. The physician should choose a treatment regimen that will reduce the frequency of relapses, and at the same time increase the immunity of the pregnant woman.

Most often, women are prescribed drugs in the form ofcandles, they are combined nature of the action and are quite effective. Such preparation is Terzhinan, its therapeutic properties depend on the composition:

  1. Nystatin - antibiotic, Whose main purpose - to suppress the growth of fungi that trigger the appearance of thrush.
  2. Ternidazol - antiseptic, it is used to get rid of bacterial vaginosis, its action is to suppress anaerobic infections, including Trichomonas.
  3. Neomycin sulfate - antibacterial drug,having a broad spectrum of activity. He destroys all forms, and latent, and vegetative in many species of anaerobic infections. Among these bacteria can distinguish staphylococci, E. coli, Klebsiella and enterobacteria.
  4. Prednisolone - a corticosteroid hormonewhich is an analogue of the natural hormone human. Its purpose in the body - to stop the inflammation of the vagina. It removes redness, pain, swellingItching.
  5. magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and starch - are auxiliary components which serve to maintain the desired level of acidity in the vagina mucosa and shield it from damage.

Due to its composition, Terzhinan has a wide range of impact and its feature is that it can be treated, even for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


pregnancy, fungal infection, candidiasis, thrush, terzhinan

Our website recommends taking only Terzhinanafter a doctor's appointment, he will assign the same dosage and explain the features of its reception. Drug treatment can be started from the second trimester of pregnancy. In the first week, he was appointed rarely, and only in those cases where the use of it many times outweigh the risk of adverse effects for the child.

Before the introduction of the candle in the vagina, it should bemoisten with water. Making the procedure preferably overnight. After administration to lie at least half an hour to spark components penetrated into the mucosa. at thrush during pregnancy Terzhinan taken once a day.

The fact that the drug must be administered just beforesleep - only a recommendation, if the disease is pronounced, the treatment should be started at any time of the day, but then be in a horizontal position, it is necessary.

Treatments - doctor sets tend to cope with the bacterial infection and inflammation, it takes about 10 days. For the treatment of thrush - not less than 20 days.

For prevention can take Terzhinan candles,but not more than twice a week. Sometimes this means is treated with the birth canal to avoid infecting the baby at birth. And rarely, but is prescribed for planning pregnancy, unless the patient often have a vaginal infection.

Absolute unique Terzhinan not yetinvented. But drugs are similar in their effect on the body, there are: it is Neo-Penotran and Polizhaks. The latter is most often used as an analogue Terzhinan. As part Polizhaksa are two antibiotics: neomycin, and polymyxin. These two components neutralize pathogens bacterial infection. Also in the preparation includes nystatin, so it is prescribed during pregnancy to combat thrush.

Terzhinan can be replaced only when Polizhaksombacterial and fungal infections, as well eg coleitis it does not help when Trichomonas if the disease will go together with the fungal infection. In such a case, treatment may require complex and not just local. This means that the body of a pregnant woman will come toxic substances.

Terzhinan before birth

pregnancy, fungal infection, candidiasis, thrush, terzhinan

Very often pregnant do not treat seriousdrugs against infections in the vagina. Usually given drugs that inhibit the growth of pathogens, but not completely heal. If you leave the treated yeast is not, at the time of birth, it can lead to unpleasant consequences:

  • vaginal tissues become loose and inelastic and during delivery under heavy load, gaps may appear;
  • with tears during delivery, if there is an infection, the wound will be a very long time to heal. A drug can not be taken if the child is breast-fed;
  • after the baby is born, the uterus is like an open wound, and the infection may go up through the birth canal, then it is possible the development of endometritis;
  • in the amniotic fluid and the baby is 9 monthsin a sterile environment, the first and the microorganisms that it faces are those who live in the vagina in the mother. Getting on the skin of the child, the germs can trigger the disease.

Considering all these factors, doctors generally fora few weeks before the expected date of confinement prescribed candles Terzhinan. And after them, a woman takes lactobacilli that in the genital tract flora appeared useful. But sanitation is not prescribed for all women, but strictly on the testimony. For a period of 34 weeks pregnant hands over smears and on the basis of test results, the doctor prescribes treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

pregnancy, fungal infection, candidiasis, thrush, terzhinan

Admission Terzhinan not cause any sideeffects. The thing is that the composition of the formulation ingredients are in such low dosages that they practically do not reach the circulatory system of a pregnant woman. But the drug has only local impact. And therefore no danger to the mother's body and the child he is not responsible. The nature of the action Terzhinan - complex. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. And because it is often used as a monotherapy, which does not require the use of other, often expensive drugs. The product can be applied at any stage of pregnancy, but most often it is used in the second and third trimesters. Despite the fact that the side effects are not detected in the first trimester is the inception of all the vital organs of the child and the doctors do not recommend the use of any medications, if you can do without them or delay treatment.

Sometimes the body responds to treatment with candlesitching and burning. Generally, these symptoms occur in the first few minutes after injection of the drug into the vagina. This reaction is characterized by the body for increased sensitivity and vulnerability of the mucous membrane. A few days later the inflammatory process to subside, and with it the pain, so you should not stop taking Terzhinan.

The only contraindication to receiving the drug is an idiosyncrasy of the drug and its components, as well as allergic reactions.

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