Diet Menu №10

Today, there are several therapeutic diets,which were developed by Professor I. Pevzner. Each of these power supply systems intended for the treatment of a disease. With regard to diet is №10, then this diet is widely used for the treatment of various diseases of the cardiovascular system, nervous system abnormalities, as well as for the treatment of circulatory insufficiency.

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The purpose of this diet is to facilitate statea patient who has a heart rhythm disturbances and problems with blood vessels. It also allows you to unload the digestive organs and not to burden the kidneys strongly. This in turn helps to increase the daily volume of urine.

Subject to this diet the amount consumedday limited free liquid 1-1.2 liters. Thus for liquid soups and jellies are considered. In addition, the limited number of table salt to about 6-8 grams per day, subject to this diet. Half of this amount is added to the food during cooking, and the other half is given to the patient.

The daily caloric intake for this dietIt is about 2300-2600 calories. As part of the diet, there are about 350-400 grams of carbohydrates, 90 grams of protein and 70 grams of fat, of which about 20 grams are vegetable fats.

The food is usually taken five or six times a dayin small portions. It is important that the dinner was three hours before bedtime. Dishes with a diet №10, usually prepared without salt and fray. Fish and meat are often boiled. After decoction dish can be a little fry or bake.

General recommendations

diet, diet 10, weight loss, nutrition, diet

During this diet is recommended to include in foodmore alkaline foods and dishes. For example, milk is allowed in its portability and dairy products, as well as vegetables, fruits and juices from them. Allowed to include in the diet of dried patients. In addition, in the course of this diet is recommended to eat food that is rich in substances that reduce fatty infiltration. In particular, these foods include cheese, cod and porridge.

In addition, the products to authorized duringthis diet include wheat bread made from flour of first and second grade. You can also include in the diet nesdobnoe cookies and biscuits. Regarding eggs, their consumption is limited to an egg a day. Eggs can be prepared in the form of protein omelets and boiled brew. Eggs can also be added to the dish.

Allowed to eat vegetable ghee andbutter. Of the meat products can be included in the diet of low-fat beef variety, lean pork, veal, rabbit meat, chicken and turkey. The meat is usually boiled, then it is possible, if desired, fry or bake. You can also include in the diet of the filler and boiled fish, boiled sausages and here is better to use a minimum. Of the first dishes are usually prepared a variety of vegetarian soups with vegetables and cereals. In particular, soup, beetroot and cabbage soup. For authorized products also include dairy products and cheese. You can cook casseroles, cereals and boiled pasta.

Allowed to eat well and vegetables thatcan be included in the diet, as in the crude form and in a baked. However, the vegetable is as little as possible to eat cabbage and peas.

Prohibited products

diet, diet 10, weight loss, nutrition, diet

When a diet is also necessary to exclude from your diet foods that contain substances stimulating the cardiovascular system, and nervous system. In particular, they should be excluded from the diet -coffee, strong tea, chocolate, alcohol, spicy food, cocoa, various rich broth, smoked products, which contain a lot of cholesterol. Thus the use of products that trigger must be limited flatulence. It should also be excluded from the diet of fresh breadand products made of pastry. It is not necessary to eat fatty meat, oily fish, liver, kidneys and brain. It should also exclude canned food, eggs, fatty and salty cheeses. Do not eat hard-boiled or fried eggs. Do not include in the diet of beans and mushrooms. It is also not recommended to consume salty, marinated and pickled vegetables. Fruits with coarse fiber also better to exclude. Also excluded from the diet of patients sorrel, radishes, spinach, onions and garlic.

Diet Menu №10

diet, diet 10, weight loss, nutrition, diet

Sample menu at №10 diet may be as follows. The first breakfast, eat boiled egg, a slice of salted cheese, two slices of wheat bread with 10 grams of butter. At the end of drinking a glass of tea with honey. As a second breakfast, you can eat any fruit. For lunch, you can cook potato soup with hen and a piece of fried fish. To this we add two slices of rye bread and a glass compote. As a snack will milk soup with noodles, a couple of slices of white bread and a cup of green tea. At dinner - baked fish and fruit pilaf. We wash down with green tea. At night, we drink low-fat yogurt.

diet Species would like to note that the author of the diet Some diets №10 varieties have been developed. We'll talk about this in more detail.

Diet 10a.

This version of the diet is usually prescribed forheart disease with circulatory insufficiency stage II-III. In addition, this diet is indicated for essential hypertension with existing ischemic attack or circulatory failure. The indications for the use of this diet is also a heart attack in the subacute or acute period. The purpose of this diet is a maximum discharge of the cardiovascular system. With this diet food is taken in small portions at least six times a day.

Diet 10b.

Indications for the use of this diet isrheumatism with a small degree of activity of the process. At the same time patients must not be present poor circulation. Indications for №10b diet is also a rheumatic disease in non-acute phase.

Eating at this diet is usually notless than five or six times a day in small portions. In the daily diet of patients is necessary to increase the content of animal protein. Also it is necessary to reduce salt consumption. In addition, patients in the diet should be a sufficient amount of vitamins.

Diet 10c.

This diet is prescribed for atherosclerosisheart, brain in atherosclerosis, as well as the pressure increases. Indications for use №10s diet also is coronary heart disease. The purpose of this diet is to slow the progression of atherosclerosis and lipid recovery and exchange. The food at the same time is usually taken six times a day.

Diet 10g.

The indications for the use of this diet isprimary hypertension. It is a diet with no salt content. In the patients diet increases the content of thiamine, ascorbic acid, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine vitamin P, magnesium salts and potassium salts. Furthermore, in this diet diet should include organic iodine products, the products with cellular membranes, and products rich lipotropic agents.

Diet 10I.

This diet is prescribed for acute myocardialinfarction. The aim of the diet is to improve the work of the circulatory apparatus in general. In addition, this diet helps to normalize bowel motor function. Diet №10i - a reduced calorie diet and total exclusion of salt. In addition, during this limited use of diet foods that cause flatulence. After this diet the patient is usually transferred to a diet №10s.

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