Noises in the heart of a child

Cardiovascular system - the beginning of all beginnings inour body. The state of the powerful muscular organ called the heart depends on the health and quality of life in general. That's why when the doctor informs about the noise in the heart of the child, all mothers without exception panic.

Omniscient statistics says that everythe third little man from birth to three years old, the heart can "make noise". Noise in the heart - the vibration is varied, which differ from each other in volume, shape, frequency and nature of the cardiac cycle.

Where noise?

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The reasons for which a child's heart produces specific sounds alarming, very much. Here are the most common ones:

  1. The child suffers from a congenital heart defect.
  2. The little patient revealed stenosis - unnecessarily narrowed heart vessels.
  3. Heart valves for one reason or another can not be closed completely.
  4. The child found holes in the heart walls.
  5. "Noise" may be a heart artery and the aorta, which goes from the lungs. This happens if there is no partition between them.
  6. Tiny diagnosed "mitral valve prolapse" or "aortic valve prolapse."
  7. Noises are heard due pathological location of the left ventricle moves, so-called falshhordy.
  8. "Wrong" sounds of the heart are felt certain diseases: anemia. rickets, High fever, severe course of an infectious disease.

As you can see, the noise - not a disease, but rather a manifestation of any changes in the status or activities of the heart muscle.

Noise Noise - strife

heart disease, childhood diseases, cardiology, heart, heart murmurs

  1. In infants.
    • cyanotic hue of the skin;
    • inhaling and exhaling difficult;
    • dyspnea;
    • cardiopalmus.
    • In older children.
      • fast fatiguability;
      • asthma attacks at night;
      • pain in the chest.

      Noises in the heart of a teenager

      There is one age category of children,which often doctors detect heart murmurs. It teenagers from 12 to 18 years who have previously no suspicious sounds of the heart were observed.

      The most common cause ofheart murmurs at this age - the rapid physical maturation of the body, followed by heart simply does not have time. The noise in this case, being temporary, indicate an increased pace of work of the heart muscle. They disappear as soon as all of the system's growing body stabilize and come to a harmonious interaction. All you need to make parents - to calm down and wait until the child grows up.

      In some cases, heart murmursteenage girls are associated with the first menstruation and temporary anemia. This is not surprising, especially when critical days marked by heavy bleeding. Parents need to be sure to consult with your doctor whether you can take any steps for the normalization of the monthly cycle of women.

      There is also the emergence of a heart murmur teenager maybe involved in thyroid hormones, if released too many of them. In order to confirm or rule out this factor, the study of noise is one of the first areas of the doctor may prescribe an examination status and thyroid function.

      Excessive or insufficient weight will undoubtedly affectthe quality of the heart, and the appearance of the noise can be directly connected with the peculiarities of the child's weight. As extra and missing kilos badly affect the state of the heart muscle and its valves. For teen-powered parents should also carefully monitor how and when their child was very young.

      Many adolescents in this is not easy for them to suffer from the period vegetative-vascular dystoniaThat occurs on background of the endocrine system adjustment. The main symptoms of this condition: regular headache, Fainting, fatigue, constant fatigue, heart murmur. In such cases, remove the heart murmur in an integrated treatment of the remaining manifestations of ESP.

      Research Methods heart murmur

      heart disease, childhood diseases, cardiology, heart, heart murmurs

      If the baby heartbeat cause anysuspected a doctor will help clarify the situation painless and absolutely safe for the child's treatment echocardiography. With the help of a specialist will complete picture of all the noise characteristics of the heart.

      Sometimes they resort to magnetic resonance orcomputed tomography, though not very often. These methods are quite expensive. Moreover, to hold them, the child's state of anesthesia is immersed in order to completely immobilize it.

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