How to increase body temperature

A normal healthy human body temperatureIt amounts to 36,6 ° C. Depending on the time of day and individual characteristics of the organism, this figure may be slightly deflected in one direction or another. But an excessive fall or rise in temperature is considered to be a pathological condition that requires intervention.

Causes of hypothermia

hypothermia, low temperature, temperature

Let's consider in more detail the factors that may cause such a state:

  1. Malnutrition. If the human body receives little food, the metabolism slows down - this reaction is provided by nature. That is, when we consume few calories, our body, in turn, begins to save energy and decrease in temperature - a direct consequence of this process.
  2. Often Hypothermia is a symptom of thyroid disease. Hormones which produces the body, are directly involved in the metabolism. In the case of deterioration of the hormone metabolism It slows down and body temperature falls. The disease of the thyroid gland, called hypothyroidism, is also accompanied by general weakness, drowsiness, deterioration of skin and hair, apathy, impaired chair and unreasonable weight gain.
  3. Another reason may be hypothermia diabetes. In this disease in humans is no oxidation of glucose, and therefore there is lack of energy.
  4. Violations of the liver can alsoreduce body temperature. This body stores carbohydrates in order to consume them later to provide the body the necessary energy. When liver failure, this function is impaired, resulting in a shortage of energy resources.
  5. Anemia - One of the reasons for lowering the temperature. People suffering from anemia, blood can not sufficiently supply tissues with oxygen. This leads to the fact that the nutrients in the body cells are not fully oxidized. In this connection there is an energy deficit in the body and, as a consequence, hypothermia.
  6. Some types of cancer cancause a given state. For example, hypothermia causes a brain tumor, affecting as it does the hypothalamus - this is the department responsible for the regulation of body temperature.
  7. Various skin lesions, which are accompanied by the expansion of blood vessels, are also the cause of hypothermia. Among such conditions include strong burns. psoriasis, Inflammation in the large areas of the skin.
  8. The strong decrease in temperature always occurs during freezing or overcooling.
  9. Acceptance of certain medications can lead to hypothermia. These medicines include antipyretic drugs, sedatives and some drugs.
  10. Among the least dangerous setback reasons include:
    • overwork;
    • lack of vitamin C;
    • the recovery period after a long illness.

Signs of hypothermia

hypothermia, low temperature, temperature

The first thing, of course, you need to installthe cause of this condition. If hypothermia is the result of a serious illness, you should take his medication. MirSovetov lead some general recommendations to improve the body temperature depending on the cause of this phenomenon:

  1. Hypothermia, which arose as a result of overwork,It can be cured with the help of a good rest and relaxation. Set aside for a while all your works, select for themselves 1-2 days off, stay home and just a good night's sleep.
  2. In some cases, can increase the body temperature by means of special pyrogenic agents. But such therapy should only appoint a doctor.
  3. If the cause of hypothermia began to lowered immunity, enhance the body's defenses, you can use a good rest, and also by the use of immunostimulants, for example, Echinacea tincture.
  4. Overcome anemia and restore thermoregulationorganism can be by means of inclusion in the diet of certain foods: liver, pomegranate, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, red meat, etc. In particularly difficult cases, you should drink a course multivitamins or iron-containing preparations.
  5. In the event that you have been supercooling,you first need to warm up. It will help the traditional ways: hot tea with raspberries and honey, wrap in a blanket, taking a warm bath. fever contribute spices such as cloves and cinnamon, add a small amount of tea in and enjoy a drink. Here is another good way to quickly warm up:
    • type in the deep basin of warm water;
    • to drip a few drops of aromatic oils of eucalyptus and St. John's wort, can also dissolve in the water a little mustard powder;
    • wrapped in a warm blanket or a blanket, and lower the legs to the pelvis;
    • You can periodically refill the tank hot water;
    • 20-30 minutes wipe his feet dry with a towel and put on warm socks.
  6. If the cause is a lack of hypothermiafood, pay attention to your diet. The food should contain all the substances necessary for life: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. Eat enough food, so do not feel hunger.
  7. Stress and tension can be resolved with the help of soothing herbs, taking them in the form of tinctures or brewing as a tea.

Fictitious fever

hypothermia, low temperature, temperature

We have considered cases where as a result ofdifferent diseases or influence of any adverse factors a person has hypothermia. But sometimes in life there are times when it is required to raise the temperature above the normal values. By this trick often resorted students to skip classes. So, let's describe some ways to dummy fever:

  1. Break a pencil and remove thelead. Crumble the core into smaller pieces and swallow with a little water. Tip: do not chew the core of a pencil, or mouth and tongue will become darker shade.
  2. Take a piece of refined sugar and drip on him 4-5 drops of iodine. Swallow sugar and wash down with water. Say, this method makes it possible to increase the body temperature at least 1 ° C.
  3. Intense physical activity contribute toa large energy release and to some extent increase the body temperature. Before you use a thermometer, do some sit-ups, push-ups and jumping. Then hold your breath for 10 seconds and repeat 2-3 more times again. Thus, you can raise the temperature by about 1 ° C.
  4. Some people believe that if you rub the armpits onionsor pepper, and then measure the temperature - the thermometer indicators are slightly above normal. If for any reason you need to pretend to be sick, and you can use this tool. But keep in mind that rubbing onion has consequences in the form of unpleasant odor, which, moreover, can give your crafty intent.

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