How do inhalations with soda

For the treatment of colds sodaInhalation is used for many years and, despite the fact that this method of treatment relates more to the recipes of traditional medicine, the effectiveness is not inferior to many well-known pharmaceutical products.

Useful pairs of soda from all diseases

breathing, inhalation, cough, nebulizer, cold, soda

One of the oldest, but proven ways cold treatment are inhalations with soda. Most often these procedures are performed in the course of complex therapy in eliminating coughWhich, in turn, can be dry, moist and paroxysmal. you need to clear the airway to achieve a discharge of mucus from the bronchi and help with this it is inhaled.

The method of administering drugs byinhaled gases and vapors, called inhalation allows "deliver" drug substance directly on the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. For the implementation of the procedure usually used special devices - an inhaler or homemade devices.

Soda inhalation beneficial effect on cough of any etiology, relieves pain in the throat and cold. Getting to the affected areas, soda microcrystals reduce inflammation without touching the adjacent organs and tissues.

Inhalation exert local therapeutic effect, relieve not only inflammation, but also when hacking cough spasms. Hot steam softens the accumulation of mucus and sputum in the upper airways, thereby eliminating the principal symptoms of the illness.

Soda - a unique and versatilethe product, as well as an effective tool in the fight against certain viruses and microbes. The benefits of soda is known to many, but not everyone knows how to properly prepare and make inhalation with soda.

Indications soda inhalations

breathing, inhalation, cough, nebulizer, cold, soda

To carry out this medical procedure is simple inhome. You can use a special device (nebulizer), take a pan of hot water or tea. However, more effective and more practical to conduct inhalation in the inhaler. Generally, in all therapeutic uses soda solution with the same concentration of dry matter. Prepare it easy to 1 liter of hot water you need to add 1 tbsp. l. soda.

Before use, inhalation should be aware of the warnings. Use therapy is not recommended for people with high fever, fibrillation, Congestive heart failure, nasal problems or lung disease.

Also, after a hearty snack is better to wait an hour, and then proceed to conduct heating. It is important to note that the use of an inhaler may be no more than 2 times per week.

It used it for both adults and for childrenone year, liquid dosage should be determined on the basis of the indices of human body weight. Thus, the maximum amount of a single inhalation for an adult - 300 ml for children - 150 ml.

It is important to know that inhaling steam dangerous ifits temperature is more than 50 degrees, it can neutralize the beneficial properties of soda. In the treatment of children, the solution temperature should be at the level that does not exceed 30 degrees.

The optimal duration of soda inhalation - 10 minutes. Immediately after completion of the procedure can not go out and talk to the nearest hour.

If you do inhalation using tea, soda is better to put in, and attach the paper to the spout nozzle device.

In the case of the pot a bit more complicated. Performing warming in a way necessary to ensure that there was steam, and the water does not cool down. Of course, pour hot water is not prohibited.

Pediatricians say that children are best carried outprocedure using a nebulizer. So you can avoid injuries and mucous membrane burns. A special device is created to generate steam and to properly allocate its temperature for inhalation.

Regulations for inhalations with soda

breathing, inhalation, cough, nebulizer, cold, soda

Rules for execution:

  • if your goal - it is a cold treatment, then inhalesoda couples should be through the nose, in the treatment of lung and larynx - through the mouth. To achieve maximum effectiveness in the treatment of respiratory tract (bronchi, pharynx, trachea), performing inhalation need to hold your breath a few seconds to breathe;
  • such a procedure does not need to spend more than 2 times per day;
  • the optimum ratio of liquid and soda - 1 tsp.. dry mix 250 ml of water;
  • while warming nasal breathing should be easy, not straining. Breathing through the mouth into full breasts, clothes should not hamper your movements;
  • increase the effectiveness of the procedure can be silence,In the literal sense of the word. During inhalation, and after it is recommended not to open his mouth to medical evaporation longer lingered in the mouth;
  • finished inhalation, for an hour is necessary to refrain from smoking, eating and drinking;
  • follow the simple rules of hygiene: before each procedure yourself or your child wash your hands. Also disinfect all tools after each use;
  • if you have heard somewhere that it is useful to steam the face during inhalation, it is misleading, because through the skin the nutrients are not absorbed in any way.

Contraindications to steam inhalation:

  • adverse reaction of the body to ash;
  • allergies to components of the substance;
  • high body temperature;
  • heart failure, and vascular disease;
  • lung disease;
  • high blood pressure;
  • sinusitis, Sinusitis, purulent processes in the nasopharynx and respiratory tract.

Possible complications after inhalation

If after warming up with inhalationvapor soda you do not feel relief, but on the contrary, increased cough, quickened heartbeat and dizzy, then MipSovetov recommended to call the doctor immediately. Especially if these symptoms are accompanied by chest pain, dyspnea, and decreased consciousness.

The fact is that due to their incompetence, you can exceed the concentration of soda or pour into the inhaler too hot water.

In addition to the use of this drug method, you need to define yourself in the presence of contraindications.

Recipes inhalations with soda

breathing, inhalation, cough, nebulizer, cold, soda

The most useful recipes:

  1. Soda and garlic. The two cups of boiling water, add 2 or 3 heads of garlic sliced, boil a few seconds in the fire and then turn off the stove. The capacity for inhalation add 1 h. L. soda, should be formed foam. Warming up should be carried out in the heat, cover with a towel head. Breathe better nose, and after the procedure, it is better not to go out for an hour.
  2. The most favorable time for performing inhalation - before going to bed.
  3. Sea salt and soda. To 1 liter of water should be added for 1 hour. L. sea ​​salt and soda. The water is heated, stir and make inhalation. Especially useful to perform this procedure when you cough, it will contribute to the discharge of phlegm. Besides sea salt reduces swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, eliminates isolation.
  4. Iodine and soda. This therapeutic solution is prepared by dissolving soda in water (1 tsp) and tincture of iodine (2 drops). After boiling, the liquid can be warmed up, and the optimal time for inhalation is 8 minutes.
  5. This therapy is effective in eliminating the common cold, sinusitis, nasal congestion and sore throat.

Soda - one of the most effective ways to treatand prevention of diseases of the nose and throat, and sometimes the lower respiratory tract. Its advantages - it is the maximum security and the absence of chemical components, which allows a soda inhalation is hypoallergenic and an indispensable tool for eliminating cold.

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