What to do with sunburn

Outside, summer - time, when everyone wants tosoak up the warm rays of the sun and get a nice tan. Already many times been said about how to properly tan in the sun, but not everyone takes the rules seriously. Because often we confronted with the fact that the skin burns in the sun. This phenomenon is referred to as sunburn.

Outside, summer - time, when everyone wants tosoak up the warm rays of the sun and get a nice tan. Already many times been said about how to properly tan in the sun, but not everyone takes the rules seriously.

Causes and effects of sunburn

What to do with sunburn
As already mentioned, some people neglecttips on proper behavior in the summer heat, and therefore is often faced with the fact that their skin burns in the sun. This phenomenon is referred to as sunburn. Doctors distinguish degree burns in accordance with the level of damage to the skin.

So, first degree sunburn It appears in a light redness of the skin, in which there is an itch. These symptoms usually disappear in a few days and did not cause any complications.

The second degree sunburn It is a more serious condition,requiring treatment. It is characterized by the formation of blisters appearing within a few hours after the Sun (approximately 6-Th), tangible local pain.

If the blisters are small, they can be on their own to cope. If they are large, and also burned a man begins to feel unwell, nausea, Dizziness, he heatHence, it requires immediate medical intervention.

The result of sunburnviolated the protective layer of the skin, it is dehydrated, loses its elasticity, is covered with small wrinkles and bad starts to resist infections. After mild burns often develop photodermatosis and severe ulcers often formed after the erosion and other burns.

Strong obgorite in the sun, it is necessary to ensure that there was no swelling. If they appear on the face or neck (due to burn in these parts of the body), it may cause difficulty in breathing.

Also, with a significant erosion of large areas of the skin of hands and feet can sometimes disrupt blood circulation, which provokes a partial numbness or worse - blue skin.

This rarely happens and they require immediate medical attention.

What to do with sunburn?

What to do with sunburn
Having a sunburn, you need to immediately takemeasures to alleviate their condition. The best thing - to hide from the sun's burning rays of the room, if this is impossible - to go into the shade, to secure peace.

Then, it is desirable to take a cool shower, whichimmediately bring relief. However, swimming should be careful not to aggravate the condition so damaged skin. So, readers our site should be remembered that it is not recommended to use soap, shampoo and other means for the soul, because they have dried properties. You can use soap unless the child if necessary.

Also, when getting a sunburn is recommended to drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration.

To get started is to assess its condition. If the burn is easy, get ready to cope on their own, if a strong, think about where to find a doctor.

Skin, sunburn which can be treated differently. Someone prefers drugs, and someone is content with traditional methods. Consider both options.

Pharmacological treatment methods

What to do with sunburn
Depending on how badly damagedskin, may be offered various options of treatment. Thus, if it is only slightly burned perfectly help healing cream, which have a cooling effect, moisturizing and eliminating itch.

The most popular agents are those which contain Panthenol. It can be sold in the form of a gel, cream orspray. It is advised to apply a thick layer, and after soaking update. So repeated several times a day, making for one day, you can greatly facilitate their state.

However, severe burns better use solkoseril. He copes with significant lesions of the skin, accompanied by the appearance of blisters and cracks. Solkoseril accelerates skin regeneration and optimizes metabolism in tissues.

If the skin is burnt badly hurt, it is not prohibited painkillers reception. In this case, ibuprofen or suitable aspirin. However, they should not get involved.

Sometimes it makes sense to start Course admission antihistamines (Eg suprastin), as sunburn is regarded as an allergic reaction to exposure to UV sunlight. But it can be solved only by a doctor.

Burned skin is different from the normal increased dryness, so it can be salve containing calamine. This substance has bactericidalproperties, dries abscesses, relieves itching, increases the regenerative capacity of the skin and forms a protective layer, preventing the effects of stimuli.

Among other things, received a serious sunburn, you should pay attention to vitamin E. It may be present in the cream, and can be sold in a separate form for oral administration. Damaged skin than ever in need of an increased amount of vitamins.

Traditional methods

What to do with sunburn
Some people do not trust drugs andtherefore inclined to listen to the advice of the older men and herbalists who find a natural cure for any ailment. So here, popularly known means mass burns, though not all of them are quite so useful as they seem.

From the outset, I would like to draw your attention to the vinegar and sour cream. They are quite often used, however, do not always give the desired result.

Vinegar It dries the skin, and, as we have said, in charred condition and so it is dry. Therefore, when it burns it is better not to use or to apply only when mild redness.

Lubricate the skin sour cream - One of the most popular ways to eliminatesunburn. But there is a big BUT. Sour cream - fat product (as well as vegetable oil), but because it prevents the flow of oxygen to the cells. Of course, it can be used, but only with minimal damage, and better if it is low-fat. When large blisters cream is contraindicated!

The analogue cream acts low-fat yogurt. It is applied to the damaged area, and as soon as it starts to dry, wipe with a cotton swab dipped in clean water. After that, it is desirable to apply yogurt again.

It is also good to use potatoesAs raw and cooked. Oh, and you can buy potato starch.

Raw potatoes rubbed on a grater, cooled, spread on the gauze. The resulting compresses applied to burn for 15 minutes.

The second way - boiled potatoes in their skins,peel, mash. It add sour cream and stir well. For convenience, you can use a blender. The mixture was applied to the burnt areas for 30 minutes. Thereafter, rinsed with warm water.

Potato starch can simply sprinkle reddened skin areas several times a day. If you wish to make a poultice of it, slightly diluted with water, starch.

Cabbage. They say that cabbage leaves perfectly relieve itching, reduce pain and swelling. Before use, they must pour over boiling water (they will become more elastic), and attach to the sore spot, strapped bandage.

High efficiency have lotion made of green tea, chamomile, lavender and calendula.

For example, you can prepare a cold compress of green tea with the addition of aloe juice. Gauze soaked in this mixture for 5 minutes and applied to places charred.

aloe juice generally very good help in such cases. So what it is, the better.

As the main ingredient for a facial mask, you should use fresh cucumber. Previously it Grate and applied to the skin for 15 or even 20 minutes.

Of the products can still be used oat flakes. 4 tablespoons of the porridge steamed in 100 grams of boiling water, applied to the skin in a warm state. So stand 15 minutes, then wash off with water and liberally lubricate the skin moisturizer.

And finally, I would like to note that some people prefer to use against burns vodka or alcohol. They lubricate the itchy areas immediately after a shower, and the next day from the redness is not a trace remains.

As you can see ways to return your skin healthy state is really very much. You just need to intelligently approach the issue, and in serious cases, not to delay the campaign to the doctor.

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