Medical soda douching

Despite the fact that modern medicinethere are many effective drugs for treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system, douching soda solutions and holds a bar of popularity to this day. In addition, this easy manipulation available to perform at home.

Medical baking soda

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Having found the first signs thrushMany girls and women immediately run to the kitchenof soda, considering it an indispensable product in the fight against infections of the genitourinary system. Sodium bicarbonate is available in almost every home. One soda pack enough for a long time, spent it mainly for cooking baking dish detergent (soda is great washes grease stains and even scale). Use it in cosmetics to eliminate the problems on the skin, in medicine as an antacid to relieve symptoms heartburn peptic ulcer and digestive tract, in gynecology as well as an excellent antibacterial agent.

In the combined therapy of vaginal irrigation soda helps when worries vaginitis, Yeast or other symptoms appearinfectious diseases. Soda can increase the chances of getting pregnant and, on the contrary, make it so that the sperm will die trapped in the vagina immediately after sexual intercourse. To get pregnant, douching spend half an hour before sexual intercourse. The microflora in the vagina acquire an alkaline environment, which increases the vitality of sperm.

To avoid unpleasant consequences overtook regular douching soda, it is important to follow a few basic rules:

  • Preliminary consultation with a gynecologist. Your treating doctor should know that you sprintsuetes soda, because not all women shows how the infusion into the uterus of different liquids;
  • temperature control solution used. For this purpose a conventional thermometer handy, so you can properly do douching;
  • It recommended not to exceed the rate of irrigation by more than 7 days. Furthermore, the duration of irrigation should not exceed 10 minutes.

soda douching

gynecology, the treatment of soda, baking soda, baking soda, douche, douche soda

Contraindications to the use of baking soda for douching:

  • prohibited to do washing during menstruation, cervical erosion, Acute inflammatory processes, immediately after birth or abortion;
  • a woman should not smoke or drink alcohol on douching background for conception of the child;
  • desirable to take a hot bath and go to the sauna during irrigation;
  • it is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene, keep the genitals clean and always rinse syringe;
  • self is not allowed, since there isthe risk of entering another infection, which manage on their own will be much harder. Soda douching should be coordinated with the attending gynecologist;
  • before going to the antenatal clinic can not douche, because the results of smear on the flora will be distorted;
  • this manipulation is contraindicated during childbearing as alkaline liquid can disturb the natural microflora of the vagina;
  • soda douching should be carried out in conjunction with the primary antifungal therapy.

Useful tips when soda douching

gynecology, the treatment of soda, baking soda, baking soda, douche, douche soda

Useful tips:

  1. No need to make the solution too concentrated, it is important to adhere to the permissible dosage. The ideal ratio - 0.5 tsp.. 1 liter of soda water.
  2. Pre soda to repay a small amount of boiling water and use only boiled water.
  3. The main tool for irrigation - syringe. vaginal lavage can be done in any comfortable position, as long as the liquid is uniformly moved downward and flows out of the vagina. Press down on the bulb sharply impossible, manipulation should be carried out very smoothly.
  4. Syringe or mug douches must be for personal use, and after each operation of the plastic tip should be boiled in water.

Precautionary measures:

  • frequent douching help wash away the protective grease that has a vagina. Changing pH, disturbed microflora and create a favorable environment for the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms;
  • may develop an allergy;
  • It increases the risk of injury of the bladder, vagina or uterus;
  • in some cases, frequent douching became the cause of inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, such as endometriosis, as well as endometriosis. This is due to the fact that underthe influence of soda solution in the cervix is ​​washed protective tube. As shown by numerous medical studies, about 70% of women with chronic diseases of the genital organs have a habit of doing every week douching.

Before using soda for medicinal purposesMipSovetov recommends that you consult with a gynecologist and practice on yourself soda douching can only be achieved if you do not have contraindications to it.

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