Application Viprosal

Most people with apprehension and fear aresnakes, which they associate only with deadly bites. But the poison of snakes is able not only to kill, but also to treat some diseases. After a long study of snake venom pharmacologists created on its basis of several drugs. One of them - an ointment Viprosal.

Interesting about snake venom

pain Viprosal, snake cream, snake venom, ointment

Some representatives of the "serpent kingdom"behind the eyes there is a special gland. It is similar to salivary, but modified. This specific organ to the outside opens with peculiar excretory ducts, which end with the channels of poisonous teeth. Snake venom is a yellowish-green, clear liquid. It consists of a complex mixture of inorganic and organic compounds. Proteolytic enzymes that destroy proteins are present. There are protease and esterase involved in blood coagulation. Found many different proteins, amino acids, toxins. The poison is capable of preserving its unique properties for decades (even if it has been dried). More than 2500 species of snakes are known, about 400 are dangerous to humans. These include cobra, vipers, gyurza, efa, and muzzles. And yet, a long time ago, people learned how to use snake venom in medicine, benefiting from it. Known facts indicate that in ancient Rome, a snake product was used to make the drugs used to treat leprosy, smallpox, Fever. Soviet scientist EN Pawlowski was able to prove that the treatment of epilepsy can use poison rattlesnake. Then Academicians Engelhardt, YA Ovchinnikov, JH Turakulov expanded knowledge of the venom produced by snakes. The poisons used in medicine produce a snake, which are grown specifically for this at a snake farm. A small portion of these medicinal substances are removed once a month. Carrying out the procedure is possible in two ways:

  • with the use of electric shocks;
  • through the implementation of mechanical massage poisonous glands.

Cobra take from one to about 194 mg per month and inviper - 30 mg. This fact explains the high cost of the product. Then the poison is subjected to special treatment (in order to eliminate the deadly enzymes). With the help of snake venom create not only high serum and vaccines that save human life from snakebites. As it turned out, small doses of this valuable product show therapeutic effect in rheumatism. neuralgia. hypertension. asthma. The venom of snakes may be used in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular pathologies, strokeAlzheimer's disease. This product is very useful for stimulating the human immune system. Substances produced by the cobra, are able to take strong pain and spasms. The drugs that are based on venoms viper vipers and Indian, are able to help with severe hemophilia. A protein secreted by scientists from the venom of the black mamba, as it turned out, could well replace morphine, but there will be no side effects of drugs. Medicines, in which structure there is a snake venom can be used not as a self-treatment, and at the doctor's prescription. The best known such drugs: Vipratoks, Vipraksin, Viperalgin, Nayaksin, Viprosal. That is about the properties of a last resort, our site offers to talk.

Understanding Viprosale

pain Viprosal, snake cream, snake venom, ointment

Viprosal used to relieve inflammation and pain in the treatment of the following diseases:

  • arthritis, Arthralgias;
  • bursitis, Radiculitis;
  • myalgia, Neuralgia;
  • sprains, bruises and other injuries;
  • neuritis, lumbago;
  • tendovaginitis, sciatica.

How should I apply Viprosal?

Wash and pat dry with a towel or cloththe sore spot, and then squeeze it from a tube of 5 to 10 grams of ointment (such a number is placed in one or two teaspoons). Gently rub agent in skin. This procedure is carried out once or twice a day. Usually it is enough to ten days, the pain receded, it's a relief state. After all the manipulations do not forget to wash your hands right away with soap. This is necessary to make sure to avoid contact with eyes, ointment or the mucous membranes (otherwise there is a strong burning sensation). Keep Viprosal in places that are inaccessible to children.


The ointment may not be used when:

  • active forms tuberculosis lungs;
  • fevers;
  • cachexia (severe wasting);
  • insufficiency of cerebral or coronary (heart) blood flow;
  • opportunities vasoconstriction;
  • serious problems with the liver or kidneys;
  • open wounds, skin integrity damage;
  • skin diseases (allergic or purulent);
  • pregnancy and lactation.

It is not desirable to use the drug if you have sensitive skin. If there is increased susceptibility to components Viprosal application of funds for the skin should be canceled.

whether adverse effects are possible?

pain Viprosal, snake cream, snake venom, ointment

Sometimes when applied ointment on the skin soon appear allergic reactions (swelling, hives, Itching). If they are detected with skin ointment should be removed using a cotton pad first, and then wash with warm water. Tell your doctor about these reactions in your body, and the ointment is no longer used. The doctor will select you a tool that will not have these side effects. Similar medicinal properties have Finalgon, Kapsikam, Espoli, Revma gel, balms "Kim" and "gold star" Gevkamen ... These are different from ointments Viprosal active components.

If no Viprosal pharmacy, a pharmacist may provide the ointment having a composition similar to them. For example, Alvipsal, Salvisar, Nizhvisal B.

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