How to save the health of the spine

Spine - the foundation of our skeleton toto which are attached the muscles. In fact, the spine is the foundation of our entire body. Keeping it healthy positive impact on the state of the whole organism. However, unfortunately, we often begin to take care of the health of the spine even then, when they felt the first signs of the disease.

Spine - the foundation of our skeleton toto which are attached the muscles. In fact, the spine is the foundation of our entire body. Keeping it healthy positive impact on the state of the whole organism. However, unfortunately, we often begin to take care of the health of the spine even then, when they felt the first signs of the disease. our site offers simple tips, using which, you will prevent many diseases of the spine and keep it healthy for a longer period.

The impact of sedentary work

What is the reason such a large number ofspinal diseases today? Previously it was thought that only the hard physical work can cause damage to the spinal column, but now found that the ubiquitous fixed, "sedentary" work brings much more harm.

It is known that people who have a "sit-down" work,They have a much greater risk of developing diseases of the spine. And no wonder, because during many hours of sitting motionless there is stagnation of body fluids that besides an impending osteoarthritis leads to a number of other diseases, such as obesity, gynecological diseases in women, prostatitis in men and problems sight. Prolonged rest also leads to strain the back muscles, which exacerbates the problems with the spine.

Physical inactivity (lack of motoractivity), poor posture while sitting at the table lead to a huge number of diseases: osteochondrosis, sciatica, scoliosis. To avoid this all possible, actively engaging in sports: Taking a swimming pool, gym, eating right, and taking advantage of the massage service.

Factors spine health

Spine Health Factors include proper nutritionSufficient motor activity, exercises for the spine, and the observance of safety measures at high loads.

In the context of physical inactivity need to inventcurrently additional opportunities to move around. Train your muscles "in between times". Develop the habit of going out to the balcony or on the street every hour of the day. Forget the elevator, train, climbing the stairs. Take a mini-charge at least 5 minutes every hour.

Huge damage has circulated at highheels. Dear ladies, if you have a suspicion of deterioration in the health of your spine, forget about high heels. Beauty beauty, health and more.

Every day, be sure to start with a smallgymnastics. Especially beneficial effect on the exercise back muscles, but do not forget about the press. Pump up the press helps to "keep" the spine from the front.

Good acting on the spine hovering onhorizontal bar. Due to this the spine is stretched by its own weight, increasing the distance between the vertebrae. Nowadays there is a wide range of simulators, which help stretch the spine.

It has been observed that smokers usually more problems with the spine, than non-smokers. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, and this positive effect on your body.

How to sit

As has been said, "sedentary" work day is detrimental to our health. How to sit, to maximize ease the load on the spine?

Be sure to sit straight, no hump. Try not to stay long in one place. Do a little warm-up for 5-10 minutes every hour. Organize your work area so you had to get up out of necessity, for example, put the printer away from the table.

I recommend readers to pay attention to our websitethe fact, in what position sitting. Not to stay in one position for more than 15 minutes, constantly changing position of the feet, hands and body. Try to put a computer in front of you, rather than side to rid themselves of the need for unnatural turn his head to the side.

Get yourself the most comfortable chair,which will repeat all the natural curves of the body, such as a chair, similar to a car. Adjust the height of your chair or stool, it should be about knee level. Your seat should be as comfortable as possible, do not squeeze the muscles of the buttocks and legs. Make sure that your clothes, such as skinny jeans, also squeezed leg tissue, joints and spine.

If during your work you have to sit ona few hours behind the wheel of a car, then get yourself a special orthopedic pillows and pads to maintain the spine in the correct position.

Try a part of their daily workperform standing, for example, get up when you are talking on the phone. Even if you are at least 10 minutes of every working hour to walk or stand, this will have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

How to stand

Learning how to be as important as sitting, and lying. Most importantly, try to eliminate the tension in the spine, muscles and joints.

Do not wait until your feet zatekut, oftenChange your posture. If possible, it is better to look like a little, stretch and stretch your back muscles. If not, then in turn carry the weight on one leg, then the other, so as not to have time to feel tired.

The natural position of the spine, it is not whenyou stand, rolling his chest and pushing back his shoulders. This position promotes wicking back muscles. Much more favorable position for the spine, if you stand straight, chin slightly lower and retract the buttocks.

In order to stand properly, you must use the right shoes. We have already spoken about the dangers of high heels. It is best to choose a comfortable orthopedic shoes without a heel.

If you often have to be bent,for example, when washing floor mop or vacuuming, try to make the handle of a vacuum cleaner or mop longer to minimize slope. If you have "standing" work, during which you have to constantly bend over or bent, for example, you - masssazhist, you can stand in the correct posture: movement while performing the massage, vacuuming, etc. We should not be at the expense of flexion and extension of the spine, and mainly due to footwork. To do this, a little bend your knees and produce motion in the knee and hip joints.

How to lie

In order that your spine remains healthyfor many years, use during sleep orthopedic mattress and pillow. The mattress should be moderately hard, that is, not to allow unnecessary sagging of the spine, but not "as a board." Pad should not be too high, the head should be in a position as close as possible to the physiological curvature of the neck. If for some reason it is you can not - try using a pillow under your neck cushion. When using a roller head takes a comfortable natural position is not impeded blood flow in the neck and head, twist or pinch the vessels feeding the brain. If you suffer from headaches, the more likely that they will be held after using the roller.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach, head turned to the side. there is a great opportunity to pinch the arteries that bring blood to the brain in this position.

After the morning alarm clock rang, do not jump out of bed too quickly. Make a small gym, stretch, and only then gently stand.

How to lift and carry heavy loads

What is your most damaging effect on the spine is due to improper transport of loads:

  • you can not twist the spine while lifting weights - this is one of the most dangerous movements;
  • if you can not pick and choose between the severity of the "drag" and "push" definitely better to push it much safer for your back;
  • heavy lift does not need to "spine", and"Feet". That is, if you want to lift a heavy box, then you need to sit down with a straight spine, take the box and straightening legs, feet. If you bend with straight legs, take a box, and then try to pick it up, straightening the spine, it is fundamentally wrong, as the spine at that moment feels very heavy load. You can also use dropping to one knee, getting up very comfortable in this posture, as you will be able to help yourself a second leg;
  • do not carry gravity one hand, the bestmethod - arrange them in two, to carry the two hands. This advice is very often do not respect women, preferring to carry heavy bags on one shoulder, which adversely affects the health of the spine;
  • when carrying heavy weights, try to keep them as close as possible to your body, not to displace the center of gravity;
  • if you need to pick something up above his head, thenlook like weightlifters lift weights - they first tug raise the bar to the chest and simultaneously squat and then raise the bar by the leg extension.


To keep the spine in a healthy condition you must eat a balanced diet, which we have described in the article "How to maintain the health of bones and joints". In general terms, it is necessary to eliminate foods that are harmful to health, to add to the diet of vitamins and minerals needed to keep the spine in good condition. The main necessary elements - a calcium, Manganese, magnesium and phosphorus. It is essential that the food was rich in vitamins A, B complex, C, and D, as well as to use high-quality proteins and fats.

Particular attention mymedinform should be paid to the harm of excess weight on the health of the spine. It is important to normalize your weight, because all the extra weight have an additional burden on each vertebra. Do not try to lose all the excess weight in two weeks, experience shows that a gradual transition to proper nutrition, with a gradual decrease in weight is much more useful to the human body.

Pay attention to the appearance of the crunch in the musclesor spine. The crunch is not always a sign of disease, but often speaks of salt deposits in the muscles. Reduce your intake of salt, spicy and pickled foods. It is also possible to carry out purification of the salt bay leaf. To do this, take 5 grams of bay leaf, pour three cups of water, boil for 5 minutes and pour into a thermos. Insist at least one hour, and then during the day in small sips, drink a decoction of the whole. It is important to drink a decoction of it in small sips throughout the day, drink the whole volume of the liquid at once can be dangerous to health. Purification is repeated three days in a row. After a course of purification crunching usually becomes much smaller. Repeat the purification can be approximately one every six months.

Some exercises

Physical activity is very important for healthspine. Especially recommended swimming and yoga. Combine exercise with a contrast shower, rubdown, pouring, massages that activate the processes of energy metabolism in the muscles of the back.

Here is one of the most popular exercises for the spine, which can be done by yourself as a prevention and treatment of back pain. Take a plastic bottle, pour ithot water. The water should be warm enough to warm up the muscles, but not too hot, so as not to melt the bottle and do not burn the skin. Alternatively, the bottle can wrap a small towel. Then lie down on the floor (on the mat or carpet), and put the bottle under his feet. Now carefully try to ride back along the bottle for the whole body, especially lingering in the lumbar region. Bottle need a ride from the coccyx to the head several times the base. This exercise is advisable to do at least twice a week for a healthy spine, at an exacerbation can be done several times in addition.

Also, you can perform simple exerciseswhich many call "kitty" because of the similarity with this animal. To do this, stand on your knees, put your hands shoulder-width apart. Very slowly and carefully chamfer back up, pressing his chin to his chest. Hold so for a while, then gently and slowly bend the back on the contrary, with his head up. Do this exercise several times.

If you have any signs of incipientdiseases of the spine, it is advisable to consult your doctor and ask him to prescribe a specially selected set of exercises. Among the most popular complexes can note a set of exercises on Norbekovu by Paul Bregu at Bubnovsky etc.

One last tip is one of the most important. It is known that prolonged stress negatively affect the health of the spine, as in times of stress spazmiruyutsya muscles and the metabolism. So watch your emotions, think of the positive life, learning to relax in spite of everything, and then you will be able to maintain health for many years.

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