What if a sore throat during pregnancy

Get a runny nose and sore throat duringpregnancy worst of all - the common cold is a serious danger for the growing fetus. In addition, most drugs expectant mother can not be taken because of their teratogenic effect on the child's body. How to be treated in such a situation without harm to the health of the unborn baby?

Sore throat usually indicates the development ofinfectious-inflammatory process, which includes the tonsils. When upset health, our immune system launches a special protective mechanisms that help the body cope with a particular disease. Tonsils - a center of the peripheral immune system. In addition, the role of "bodyguard" Nature laid even to the lymph nodes, and they are also located in the throat area. It is up to the activities of the tonsils and lymph nodes depends on whether pathogens can penetrate further into the oral cavity of the body. Waiting baby reduces the immunity of women, so often the throat becomes easily vulnerable target to the real threat inflammation. Sore throat during pregnancy is often a harbinger of sore throat. tonsillitis or pharyngitis.

Causes of sore throat in pregnant women

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There are many factors that can cause pain in thea woman in her throat position, but the most common ones - is an inflammatory disease. Painful symptoms of tonsillitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis expectant mothers suffer extremely hard.

Pathogenic viruses and bacteria getting intothe oral cavity, are irritating to the mucosa it. In this case the expectant mother should be considered an important point: if with sore throat comes weakness, fatigue, fever and tension in the joints, these symptoms suggest infection of viral infection, and the restoration of his health should be left to professionals. On a visit to the doctor can not procrastinate, because only he can assign the expectant mother the correct and safe treatment, defining etiology of the disease. Self questionable methods and medicines are very dangerous!

If the pain in the throat - the only trouble that disturbs a pregnant woman, it is most likely a sign of normal colds. To catch such a "surprise" is simple: to dress for the weather, or make a few sips of cold water. Now the main thing - not to aggravate their condition: dress warmly and drink lots of heat is not strong tea with lemon.

However, a detailed study of the issue revealed that poor health due to a sore throat may attend pregnant not only in diseases:

  1. The cause of unpleasant sensations in the throat sometimesirritation of the esophagus becomes soft tissue. For example, too hot drink may have been significantly hurt not only the throat, but the entire oral cavity with the esophagus. In addition, a sore throat is sure to appear because of the strong surge of the vocal cords, which may be caused by a native professional activity of a pregnant woman (for example, work as a school teacher). And in general, if the expectant mother throat, but overall it does not feel simple, it is important to remember that it has recently done - so the cause of the discomfort is easier to install.
  2. Sore throat can cause mechanicaldamage to the throat, which most often occurs due to poor chewing food. Of course, from childhood we are told how important it is, slowly, to the pieces of the products can soak up saliva and easily slip through the esophagus into the stomach. However, the common habit of snacking on crackers future mothers often plays with them a bad joke. Such food for a long time do not want to chew, because the dry crumbs easily injure the throat when swallowing. In this case, the discomfort will disappear after 1-2 days - the mucous membranes are quickly restored, if a pregnant will prefer a soft and liquid foods.

How to treat the throat during pregnancy

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So, a woman in the "interesting" position felta sore throat. In this case it is absolutely certain that this symptom is not the result of mechanical trauma or strenuous work the vocal cords. Then, the reason is obvious - a viral infection or a cold. In both cases, a pleasant enough, as pregnancy can be complicated by fever or fatigue on the background of general weakness. Do not hurry up and open the home first aid kit with medical supplies - is the time to think about the safe and effective traditional treatments.

  1. Sore throat can help frequent rinsesdecoction of herbs. Suitable thyme, chamomile, mint, calendula. Natural remedies have a soothing, antimicrobial and analgesic properties. To prepare the broth will need 1 of the selected plant raw materials and 10 parts water. Decoction prepared means we extract from its leaves the needed substance. Place raw flooded with water at room temperature in a boiling water bath and wait for about half an hour, then infuse it for 10 minutes. Ready broth strain and do not forget to press the dry residue. The broth can be stored no more than 2 days. In order to achieve a positive effect rinse sore throat as often as possible.
  2. When the sore throat is complicated cough, Come to the rescue of a child known to alldrink - milk with honey. Fill the mug with milk and add to it 1 dessert spoon of honey, a little heat the "medicine". Remember that heat destroys the beneficial properties of honey, so much milk or heat. Also discard the already lukewarm milk with honey.
  3. Be sure to try compresses to the affectedthroat. Camomile - means №1 in matters of treatment with natural products. Proper preparation and the use of flowers of the plant has a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. From 2 tbsp. l. dry raw material and 2 cups of water, prepare the broth. Saturate the prepared warm means a small towel and wrap them neck. The wrap is removed when the towel cools. Warms the procedure to be performed at least 5 times a day.
  4. A positive effect can also be obtained frominhalations based on natural essential oils, so if you have a sore throat, please be striped, peppermint, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother. It is also possible to make potato-based inhalation. Deep mouth breathing over a container with a solution of water and a few drops of a selected essential oil for 5-8 minutes.

How to prevent a sore throat during pregnancy

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Advance exclude the possibility ofinfection or cold is much easier than to treat already existing disease. To stay healthy, the expectant mother must adhere to some of the recommendations, which MipSovetov willingly shares with his readers:

  1. Regularly ventilate your home orthe room in which working. In the cold season when airing a pregnant woman is better to stay in a different room to protect against drafts. Also, do not forget to regularly use the devices, moisturizing too dry air in the house.
  2. Make sure that the lack of mineral in your dietand vitamins for you and your baby. Well, if you are used to make up the deficit, regaling fruits and vegetables. Besides, you can always consult with your doctor about the most appropriate to your location multivitamin complex.
  3. In order not to get sick, future moms need eachday to eat onions and garlic. If you don’t like these fresh burning foods, go for the trick: put a saucer in the room with a chopped head of garlic or chopped onion in half. An unpleasant pungent smell can be interrupted by a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the aroma lamp. Phytoncides, which are part of onion and garlic juice, saturating the air, destroy dangerous microorganisms that can cause the development of diseases.
  4. Each day walk in the street. Let this be at least 20-minute stroll unhurried measured pace. In cold weather, breathe through your nose.
  5. Feel free to inspect the people with whom communicate. The last thing a pregnant woman needs contact with sick people!

Sore throat is very misleading: it may be a consequence of a common cold or dangerous infectious diseases. However, panic expectant mother can not in any case! Timely consultation with a doctor and a sensible approach to the problem will help to quickly regain good health.

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